October 2, 2017

Donna’s on-the-go beauty kit

These are miniature versions of roller lash mascara & Nars orgasm blush

I need an easy way to keep myself fresh with small amounts of products that I need at any given time

Donna Spangler Actress & Producer

As an actress, producer & business woman, I am often on the go.  Weather it is on a formal trip or just a day trip, I need to have my beauty items handy to look & feel my best.  When we are on the road or going places where we may need to primp or completely do our makeup or freshen up, it is great to be prepared with a little beauty kit with all the essentials needed to look your best. The problem is taking everything you need in normal size containers you may need a suitcase. I have come up with a solution for this!
Donna’s on-the-go beauty kit made with samples

Beauty kit


In today’s world, we want to look our best at all times with the least amount of effort. I have come up with essentials every girl should have on hand, so you will be able to look fresh whether you are on the go, staying overnight with your boyfriend or simply need a touch up. Stash these necessities in your purse, and you will always be prepared.

I love samples. It gives me a chance to try high-end products of all sorts. Since you receive ample amounts in small packaging, you can make a full-on beauty kit to haul along in your purse. This can be very effective, especially when you may be out somewhere away from your packed arsenal of at home products.

First, you need a case for your makeshift beauty kit. It should be something you can fit easily into your purse. I used a handy foldable holder that I had received from a business flight, but you can also get a makeup holder at the 99 cents store or any drugstore. Just make sure it is somewhat flat and can be comfortably stowed in your purse.

Next comes the fun part. You need to get the ingredients to put into your kit. Take a trip to the department store and get samples of makeup base that fits your color, creams, perfumes, liner, mascara, gloss or whatever useful items you can find. I like the samples that are in flat packets because they are easy to fit into the kit. The other alternative is to have the salesperson make samples for you. High-end lines usually have tiny plastic containers the size of a quarter with tightly sealed lids that will work for your kit as well. Gather all the essentials possible in one visit.

You can also gather the beauty freebies attained through larger makeup purchases. These items tend to be smaller and can be easily stored in your kit. Figure out when makeup lines are offering free gifts, and keep track any ‘points’ you’ve accumulated (Sephora’s point system gives spectacular yet small gifts). Sephora also sells small beauty items as you are standing in line which are great for your beauty kit as there is everything from small hairspray and mascara to pint size foundation.

Add a sample perfume of your choice. I recommend a black or brown eye pencil, earth tone shadow, sample mascara (I like ARMANI – and they are small!). If desired, throw in a couple of packages of Advil for those emergency days. Remember one feminine product (tampon), and put in a flat comb and hair band so that you can tie back your hair when you wash your face. A few Q tips and cotton balls are a must – store them in a tiny sealable baggy.

Pick up some shine eraser sheets (Elf Brand makes a great one). Get a pocket-sized toothpaste and
toothbrush. I have

Dental Floss

gotten these items in hotels as well as in airline kits, or you may already have a few saved. Also add a small dental floss or put two or three dental claws into the kit.

You can also add any samples or small packed products that you think you may need. Go to the section in the drug store where they have the samples. Other items to consider are razors, baby wipe samples, mouthwash, face wash, etc

I also like collecting hotel items because they can be used in your kit. When it is put together, it should supply you with what you need for one day or night out. It is great if you are spending the night at a friend’s house and want to appear fresh without bringing a suitcase.

You can keep your kit in your purse or car so you will be prepared to look, smell and feel your best at all times. This inexpensive condensed beauty kit is incredibly handy, and you will be glad you took the time to have it constantly within your reach. Knowing you are prepared to wow in any situation will give you a priceless piece of mind.


6 Q tips, 2 cotton balls, samples of eye makeup remover or cream to remove makeup, and tissues (there is nothing worse than running eyes at the end of a night. These essentials can fix this pesky problem)

Put the cotton balls, Q tips and tissues into a small sealable plastic baggie

One black liner to re-apply for later

One black or brown mascara

Brown or earth toned eye shadow

Blush in your favorite color (I like NARS orgasm), brush for application

Your favorite color lip liner

Lighter lip gloss to go over liner

Add a few samples of foundation in your color and bolting powder paper

Get some perfume samples perfect for your kit

Small tube toothpaste, toothbrush, floss and gargle (Remember, these should all be sample sizes)

1 feminine product, small comb, ponytail holder and package of Advil

With this kit, you will be ready for your on-the-go life and always look your best!

There are also mini flat irons & curling that are as tiny as a few inches long.

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May 28, 2017

Donna’s Beauty Check List

I am a mature woman and have dealt with many of the things that can make one appear less beautiful and older if they are not addressed. That being said, I put together a list of beauty items that can help a woman look both youthful and healthy, no matter her age.  In my next articles I will address how to achieve the below list in detail.

Donna Spangler actress/ Producer

  • Donna’s Beauty Checklist
    How is your skin? Examine it. Is it smooth? Acne? Hydrated? Evenly toned? Dry? Flaky? Sun damage? If your skin is heavily damaged, you might want to consider a light chemical peel.
    How are your eyes? Red? Clear? Puffy? Circles?
    How are your brows? Are they bushy or trimmed well? Coloring?
    Are your lips plump and even? Chapped?
    Any facial hair? A simple laser treatment will take care of this evil.  Also, plucking or buying an inexpensive facial hair remover is an option as there are many on the market today.
    Lashes – Are they lush and healthy or sparse and short?
    Makeup – wearing too much can be extremely off-putting. Learn the perfect amount to highlight your face. Enlist the help of a friend or professional if you need guidance. There are also some great makeup videos on YouTube.
    Is your hair healthy? Thick? Well-groomed?
    Is the color rich and flattering to your complexion? Do you have roots?
    Is the style up-to-date and becoming? Split ends? Frizz?
    Is it shiny or dull?

    Thick healthy hair or the appearance of is important

    This is my body at 54 years old! I am quite prod as I work out 3 to 4 days a week for about 1 hour in the morning!

Is your body fit? Too heavy or too thin?
Is your muscle tone lacking?
Is your body skin sagging?
Do you have discolorations on your body?
Are your fingernails and toe nails groomed?
Are you in proportion? Top and bottom?
Skin color – way too tan/pale?
Is your skin dry and flaky?
Body hair?

Are your teeth clean, brushed and smelling good?

Are your teeth yellow? Missing? Stained? In need of orthodontics? Teeth are crucial to a beautiful face.
Have you showered?
Is your hair clean, groomed well?
Are your clothes pressed, well thought out and appropriate for where you will be going?
Next take a look at your overall package. Look at yourself honestly and write down the things you like and the things that you would like to work on. This may be painful as no one wants to face their flaws, but in order to change something you don’t like, it is essential to address it first.

After your candid evaluation, you need to make a list of your goals and objectives both physically and mentally. Set realistic goals, and give yourself a timeframe. I like to make both short and long-term goals and reward myself for each accomplishment as I make it. Great satisfaction comes from achieving these goals and you will feel so much better about yourself as progress is made.

“I plan on being bikini ready even into my 80’s”  – Donna Spangler

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January 18, 2017

butter LONDON + Project Runway Jr. Winning Look | Episode 4, Day to Night

unnamed-3 (2)

Last week on Project Runway Junior®, Tim Gunn asked the designers to create looks that took their models from day to night using their own unique point of view. The butter LONDON makeup needed to be just as versatile. For the winning look, the show’s Key Makeup Artist, Scott Patric, drew a blended out cat eye for a smoky effect while keeping the rest of the look neutral.


Too intense for your regular daytime look? Skip the eyeliner and create a something more subtle, playing up cheeks, brows and lashes. When day turns to night, use butter LONDON’s Wink Eye Pencil in Union Jack Black to line the outer edge of your upper lashes and smudge it out by using a small eyeshadow brush to recreate this winning look.

unnamed-5 (1)


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February 18, 2016

Celebrity Makeup Artist Sarah Uslan creates Tori Kelly’s fresh look for the Grammys


Celebrity Makeup Artist, Sarah Uslan, created a fresh, flawless look for Tori Kelly this evening to accompany her beautiful, vibrant green dress.

First, Uslan started by prepping her skin with the Burt’s Bees Brightening Refining Tonic to cleanse the skin, followed by the Burt’s Bees Repair Serum to moisturize the skin and provide a natural, dewy glow. Then she applied the Burt’s Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream and Sensitive Eye Cream for an additional amount of hydration followed by the Burt’s Bees BB Cream in Medium to give the skin an illuminating finish.

As for lips, “The perfect color lips to go with her dress was a combination of Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon in Sedona Sands first to define the lips and then the Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Blush Basin,” says Uslan.

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February 8, 2016

Wake Up with am


You know I am all about those eyes and lips. I would like to share with you these two new products made by Advanced Mineral Makeup, Luxury Lash Mascara and Luxury Lip Gloss. Advanced Mineral has a progressive line of mineral makeup with a wide range of colors for all skin tones. Before I even tried the mascara and lip gloss I read up on the company and was pleased to learn that the products are free of Paraben Talc, fragrance and dyes, just what a natural girl loves to hear.

mascara jpeg

The lashes are where it’s at! If you are like me, when I am looking for a mascara I am looking for that mascara that can thicken my lashes give them volume and length all while nourishing them. Well, Luxury Lash Mascara is what we are looking for. Advanced Mineral Luxury Lash Mascara contains Vitamin E, Rosemary, Gold Seal, Chamomile and Sunflower Seed Oil which are all natural ingredients that will not only nourish our lashes but make them come to life. This mascara is not only good to your lashes but it is good to for the active woman. Let’s be honest, we want to look good while working out, playing tennis, or even running around the park after our kids, you will totally appreciate the fact that this mascara is water-resistant and smudge-proof.


Advanced Mineral Luxury Lip Gloss has my lips glistening just like I like it! My lips feel so voluptuous and fuller. The color I have is Candice and it looks so natural with my skin tone, my lips look shiny, juicy and kissable and since we are being honest, really our goal is to make our lips look kissable. Advanced Mineral Lip Gloss comes in different shades all so natural looking. Of course the gloss is full of nourishing ingredients to add moisture to your lips. Click here Advanced Mineral Makeup so you can bat those lashes and pucker up those lips for that special someone in your life.

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January 18, 2016

Get The Look: January Jones at the Critics’ Choice Awards



Avon Global Celebrity Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen worked with January Jones for last night’s Critics’ Choice Awards. Get the look from Lauren here:

Lauren’s Inspiration: Playful elegance.

Face: I prepped her skin by using La Mer Moisturizing Cream and Honest Everything Cream Foundation.

Eyes: I used the Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Metal Eyes, lined the eyes with Urban Decay Glide on Eye Pencil in Sabbath and finished with Avon Big & False Lash Volume Mascara in Blackest Black.

Lip: I applied Avon True Color Matte Lipstick in Marvelous Mocha – launching in February.

Avon products are available at avon.com. Follow Avon at:

Facebook: Facebook.com/Avon Twitter: @AvonInsider

Instagram: @AvonInsider

Learn more about Avon at BeautyForAPurpose.com

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December 24, 2015

Pura d’or, PrivateRX, Gerard Cosmetics & more Win it!

The National Examiner American MediaBuy it now! Issue #1 of 2016 turn to page 58 and enter to win your very own box of swag from It’s a Glam Thing with products like Gerard Cosmetics, Apothederm Skin Care, ROCKSTAR White Teeth Whitening, Pura d’or Pure and Organic Hair Care and Dr. Ronald D. Blatt’s PrivateRX products for women’s intimate skin care.

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October 7, 2015

From the editors, Sheen Magazine

Sheen magazine

SEVYN STREETER brings Edge, Glam and Sass to the 2015 IT’S TIME TO PARTY edition of SHEEN MAGAZINE (November/December)

October 7, 2015- We are approaching the end of an exhilarating year and now it’s time to celebrate! All eyes are on singer/songwriter SEVYN STREETER as she demands attention center stage. Sevyn spoke with SHEEN about her family’s traditions, her relationship with B.o.B. and her skyrocketing career. The sizzling songstress has transformed from a young child on Showtime at the Apollo to a sultry musical powerhouse and “It won’t Stop there.”

Does your holiday look “sleigh?” Find out the secret to strobing and rock the perfect, flawless glow. Have you ever shopped for makeup products and wondered where the beauty products are for women with darker skin? Kameka Barrett, creator of Kami Cosmetics, developed her own line of products when she saw the lack of options for women of color.

Also, Nykhor Paul sheds light on the common problem of makeup artists not being prepared to do makeup on models with dark skin. Save your precious mane from the elements with tips from Cynthia Meadows and classy updos perfect for your next holiday party.

Put on your stilettos ladies! Transition your look from cubicle to VIP section and learn how to wear your favorite sequin skirt at least four different ways. Editor-in-Chic of Fashion Bomb Daily, Claire Sulmers, gives us a look into the “bomb life.” We highlight the best of superstar athlete Serena William’s dazzling looks.

Sanaa Lathan gives us a peak into her love life and her upcoming projects.

Drinks will be served: the best cocktails to make your holidays a little more festive.

The It’s Time to Party Issue lands on stands October 27, 2015.

SHEEN MAGAZINE is The Ultimate Beauty Guide and can be purchased nationally at Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Books-
A-Million, and Barnes & Noble. Visit us online at SheenMagazine.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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September 23, 2015

Every Women has there “Must Haves” and I just added to Mine

JR Lip Gloss

As women, we all have our “Must Haves”. You know, I must have those shoes, I must have that purse and oh yeah, I must have those jeans. Well some women have more “Must Haves” than others. One of my favorite “Must Haves” is Lip Gloss. Purses too, but today I’m talking about lip glosses. I “Must Have” my lip gloss, I can’t leave home without it. As a matter of fact, my makeup bag is overflowing with lip gloss. Recently, I was sent two beautiful beveled glass containers with rich vivid colors, Berry and Cherry Red.

Just holding them made me smile as I twirled the glass in my hand. I just discovered Jessica Robertson Lip Gloss and they are AMAZING!

Once I opened the container and pulled out the wand the fragrance made my lips curl into a smile, you know; the smile you have when you receive a pleasant surprise. The Lip Gloss is so shiny and moist it really takes my lips to paradise. I really like both colors and with a couple of swipes across my lips and the color/shine ratio is just right on my lips. They have several different colors to choose from, so click on the link http://www.drsunrx.com/products/lip-gloss-jessica-robertson-collection/ and order your favorite colors today.

I have a few new additions to my already overstuffed makeup bag. I can’t leave home without them, JR Lip Glosses are definitely my new “Must Haves”!

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September 9, 2015

Beverly Hills eyebrows are now yours with Anastasia

I was recently introduced to one of the hippest, newest products on the market today that focuses mostly on the eyebrows. Anastasia of Beverly Hills has everything (and I do mean everything) you need to build, shape and color your perfect brow. Originally gone to school to become an architect. Anastasia developed away to take that training & transform it into your own. Her technique simply takes each person’s individual bone structure and with the right stencil you go from there. While watching Alexa do my eyebrows I looked at the stencil and I swear it looked like a blueprint lol.

Anastasia of Beverly Hills

Anastasia of Beverly Hills

Although mostly known for brows, Anastasia now offers contour kits, foundation, powder and much more. So next time you are in your local ULTA, Macy’s or just browsing online check out Anastasia Beverly Hills and get the red carpet brows you have always wanted! Even online will help you find a salon near you so you can make an apt.

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