July 24, 2012

IT&LY For Your Hair

As a hairdresser (celebrity stylist in the making lol) my favorite thing  is styling.  Getting to add volume, shine and ending it with hairspray is something I just love doing.  Out of all the different products I have used I would have to say my favorite line is Purity Design by IT&LY Hair Fashion.  To see all the great products in the line visit:


Pay special attention to the Purity Design Pure Molding Wax. It’s definitely an It’s a Glam Thing “Fave”!

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July 9, 2012

Turn up the Volume

Many women notice that when they get older their hair tends to thin out and cause balding.  Balding is not only caused by age, it can be caused by having had cancer, constant pulling of the hair and even childbirth.  As a hairstylist I get asked the question “How can I make my hair grow”?  Even though I don’t have the answer for making hair grow naturally, I can make you look like your hair grew in.

Evolve Volumizer has made many women across the United States regain their confidence in their appearances.  Evolve comes in a large supply of colors and textures, to give you a customized look. Once your color and texture have been selected and ordered ,the certified stylist can place Evolve wherever it needs to be on the scalp and then start the process off applying it to your own hair. Once Evolve has been attached and put in place, the stylist then can pull your own hair through little holes on the piece to blend the hairpiece with your hair to make it look more natural. It is made with 100% human hair so once it’s in place, Evolve then can be washed and styled like you would everyday.

I always feel sorry for women who don’t have the hair they want, but now there is hope.  Check out www.evolvinghair.com and see for yourself just what Evolve Volumizer can do for you.

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July 4, 2012

Ditch The Frizz, Love the Shine

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to my hair is frizz. No doubt about that. I have natural curls and it seems no matter how much hairspray I put in it or any other hair product, it still looks like it came out of the 80s. It wasn’t until recently that I just wanted to give up on ever getting rid of my frizz. When I first used Brazillian Blowout’s Acai Smoothing Serum I couldn’t believe my eyes. While my hair was still wet and before I put any product in it such as hairspray or gel, I smoothed the smoothing serum through from roots to ends. Then I combed my hair with a wide toothed comb to make sure it was fully saturated.

Being a hairdresser, I wanted to test the product just by itself so I could see what it does. I let my hair dry natural, without any hairspray or gel and didn’t even diffuse my hair. After it dried I used the Brazillian Blowout shine mist to give it shine and it looked like I had spent alot of time doing my hair.

So if you have frizz and you can’t seem to get rid of try Brazillian Blowout’s finishing acai smoothing serum and shine mist and get rid of the frizz.

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November 20, 2010

Shout out to Santa Monica

For those of you lucky to be in Santa Monica tomorrow, you have a fabulous beauty event at The Wellness Store, 1412 14th Street, tomorrow Saturday November 20, from 2-4 pm.  Peter Lamas, of Peter Lamas Products (see my last post for more info on Peter) and Dr. Mao Shing Ni of the Tao of Wellness, experts in the field of natural health and beauty, will be there to teach you how to naturally beautify yourself.

See demonstrations of facial toning acupuncture, learn about natural skin and hair treatments, purchase gift baskets for the holidays, receive samples and a free gift with purchases of over $20, all while enjoying Dr. Mao’s seasonal herbal teas and other refreshments. 

I wish that I was in the area so that I could attend! For those that make it, please let me know how it went!

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November 16, 2010

Elegance….It’s Back In Style…….

Conversations with Peter Lamas

Of course with the holiday parties and get-togethers coming up, we all want to look our best.  How do we achieve that feat? After all, we live in an age where we get to see daily the beautiful celebrities and models.  At times we are left in awe of their fashion sense and perfection.  I have to remind myself that if I had a hair and make-up person, as well as a stylist, perfection and a great sense of style would be much easier to achieve.  What can we as normal, everyday people do to achieve that sense of glamour?

Who better to ask that question to than Peter Lamas, the best-selling author and leading beauty guru to the Hollywood and fashion elite?  Peter is one of the leading international beauty experts in the world and has been for the past 30 years.  Peter started doing hair and make-up part time as a way to help earn money to finance his education.  He soon learned that not only did he have a flair for doing hair and make-up, but he truly enjoyed helping his clients look his/her best.

His resume in the hair field is quite impressive…..working for Vidal Sassoon, training under Paul Mitchell, and working at the legendary Kenneth Salon Townhouse.  Kenneth’s Townhouse not only drew the Hollywood celebrities, but also many of the leading figures in the recording industry, society and the arts.  Peter became quite adapt at make-up while at Kenneth’s as the Townhouse had its own make -up line.  He gained a reputation in make-up wizardry by combining his talents in hair, styling and color, with make-up that made the most of the woman’s natural beauty assets.  He was able to make over a client for a certain event as well design a look for their everyday life.

As if that experience wasn’t enough, he regrouped with Paul Mitchell and became his right hand man at Henri Bendel Salon. His work there gave him the opportunity to also work with famed photographers Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Francesco Scavullo.  Peter was in high demand to do hair and make-up for editorial photo shoots, cover work and national print advertising work  at Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Mademoiselle etc.  Impressive resume to say the least…………..and oh yeah, some of  his clients …….Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall, Twiggy, Gloria Vanderbilt, Elizabeth Taylor, Faye Dunaway, Diana Ross…..just to name a few!  He certainly has seen glamour and beauty! You can read more about his impressive resume at www.peterlamas.com

So when Peter wants to give me a few ideas on how to look glamorous for the holidays, I am all ears! (And I will have more on Peter’s advice on all natural products, the latest in hair and make-up trends, and making the most of your assets and coloring, not working against them in upcoming segments!) I am grateful to Peter for taking the time out of his schedule to talk to me.

One thing that Peter has been seeing, and I agree completely with, is that we are seeing a resurgence of Old Hollywood glamour.  Elegance seems to have been missing in fashion and glamour.  It is making a comeback.  Perhaps the success of MadMen has helped.  Perhaps it is the economy. What I found interesting was that elegance really does not revolve around a lot of expensive clothes or jewelry.  While elegance is a very chic look, it really is very simplistic and tailored. (Take a look at those pictures of say Jackie, or in Katie Holmes’ re-creation of Jackie for the upcoming television series on the Kennedys to see what he means) It does involve a finished look, but it tends to be understated.

And it isn’t about overkill in hair/make-up as well as clothing style either.   It is picking what you individually want to emphasize.  Have great eyes, make those your feature to highlight…..downplay everything else.  Have a gorgeous handbag that you want to show off?? Don’t overpower it with jewelry.   How to get those vintage/glam looks? Seriously look at vintage shops.  Like Peter, I have become a thrift store convert.  I am amazed at how unique some of the jewelry and clothing items that I have been able to find.  I would say that 99% of time, if I am complemented on an item, it was a thrift store purchase. You could have a closet that consists of 3 outfits.  But with accessories, you can take those three outfits and make them into a spectacular wardrobe!

Step one to getting some elegance and Old World Hollywood into your look??  Start consciously incorporating a more polished look.  Whether it involves laying out your clothes the night before or playing up your best beauty feature……practice makes perfect.  And it gives the wearer a sophisticated , feminine and very confident look……………a look that is not only perfect for the holiday parties and get togethers, but also one that  you can incorporate and transcend into your everyday life!

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November 6, 2010

Gifts That Are Green

Desert Essence

Want to go green?  We all think that we have an idea what it means to be green. But, even though I think I know what it means to be green, a purist, and environmentally conscious, when I look at the list, I am dumbfounded.   It is a lot lengthier than I realized.  In order to be green….it needs to be vegetarian/vegan, recyclable, biodegradable, made from a renewable source, cruelty and fragrance free.  It can have no animal derived ingredients, or be tested on animals.  It can contain no parabens, artificial dyes or fragrances, petroleum compounds including mineral oil, petrolatum, and paraffin.  It can also contain no SLS, PEGS, PPG, MEA, DEA, TEA, glycols or phthalates.  It must also be made by a company that is socially and environmentally conscience.  The company needs to ensure that both their products and practices reflect the serious commitment to the health of our planet.   That is a pretty tall order…..does it truly exist?

Desert Essence was founded in 1972 to promote the countless benefits of Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera.  They were the first company to introduce Australian Tea Tree Oil to the United States market.  In the 38 years that have followed, they have expanded their line to include natural and organic beauty care products specifically formulated to improve the lifestyles of today’s most health-conscious consumers.  Their products continue to evolve as more natural ingredients are discovered.  They have promised to bring the benefits of healing, beauty and renewal to our life, and to the life of the world we all share.

 Desert Essence (www.desertessence.com) is inspired by the healing spirit of the desert.  The desert is not only their inspiration, but it is the source for their ingredients.  Native cultures have revered the healing properties of the nutrient-rich desert botanicals for centuries.  The desert landscape, even with its limited resources, is a model of pristine balance and sustainability.  The desert also offers the body and spirit untold benefits.  Desert Essence believes in renewal; renewal for the body, mind and spirit. 

Jojoba oil, aloe and tea tree are naturally effective.  They have no harsh chemicals and work in harmony with our body to nature, soothe and restore. Desert Essence has an extensive and award winning product line.  They encompass skin care, bath and body products, oils, hair care, dental care, organics, and travel and gift packs.  The organic line includes the addition of ingredients such as pomegranate, almond, coconut, pistachio, pumpkin, citrus, vanilla chai, and Bulgarian lavender.  They are often cited in nationally recognized magazines, especially those promoting health, wellness and organic living.

Desert Essences corporate practices reflect their serious commitment in protecting and preserving the world we live in. They use natural and organic ingredients from around the world.  They support a federation of Australian plantation farmers who have signed a pledge not to use any artificial pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.  There is also no animal testing on their raw materials or finished products.

In addition they offset 100% of their electricity annually by purchasing energy credits.  They print all of their brochures on paper recycled from chopsticks.  And they do the simple things, like turning off the lights when leaving any office or room.  Practices that hopefully other companies will incorporate.

Giving a gift of essential beauty, that is totally green and made from a company whose product and practices ensure the safety of the planet???   Priceless….

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October 29, 2010

Tired of Fine, Limp and Damaged Hair?

I am a hair product junkie……I have and try tons of products! Love them! Of course I’ve always wanted long, long hair, but truth of the matter is I look better (and younger!) with short hair.  It has taken me several years to come to grips with that, but as I have gotten older I have realized that a good thing about short hair is that I can create a lot of different styles and looks just by varying my products.  So…..I am always on the lookout and trying new ones! And whether your hair is long or short, here is a product to try and love!

If you’ve got fine, limp and damaged hair, this is a  great product for you.   IT&LY Hair Fashion, straight from Milan, has created Pure Design Pure Fluid Experience to resolve the most common hair problems today:  fine, limp and damaged hair.  It is cruelty free and green, (always a good thing!) and it adds thickness, and body for a unique styling experience. It is also ideal for all hair types.

One of the secrets that Pure Design Pure Fluid Experience has is the ingredients.  Its unique medium hold is fortified with IT&LY’s “Desert Blend” with Cholla Cactus, Joshua Tree and Agave.  Not only do these ingredients correct problems with fine, limp and damaged hair, but this smoothing and thickening cream provides incomparable hydration, shine, body, fullness, protection and manageability.  Another secret is that because Pure Design Pure Fluid experience is a blend that encompasses proteins developed from the desert plants, your hair is protected from harmful UV rays, helping to keep hair hydrated and color from fading.

For absolute shine, volume, thickness, direction and a medium hold, apply directly to shampooed lightly conditioned and towel dried hair. Then style and blow dry as you normally would.  If you prefer a wet effect, do not comb or brush after your hair has been styled and dried.  If you want to add more styling designs you can always cocktail with Pure Design and Pure Water Drops for coarse, curly or wavy hair to accentuate and control texture.  If you want to strengthen a desired texture, direction and definition, then mix Purity Design Creative Strong Gel.

With each use, this fabulous leave in conditioner imparts shine and leaves hair looking and feeling healthier and thicker.  You can find it in Fine Salons.  Perfect to use to get your hair ready for the holiday season!


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August 18, 2010

Two Must Haves for Your Travel Bag

Two Must Have’s for Your Travel Bag

 Dr. Young Aquaholic Sleeping Mask & AG Hair Cosmetics Dry Shampoo


Trains, planes and automobiles…………….I love to travel.  I could completely identify with George Clooney’s character in “Up in the Air”.  Once I clear security I am home! My most recent jaunt was a 30 + hour in transit journey back from Africa.  I could do that in my sleep.  Watch some movies, read, needlepoint, knit, listen to the IPOD……….easy journey!  The only thing I hate about travel is what it does to my skin and hair.  I am always on the lookout for easy, portable products that work well.   As luck would have it, I managed to find two great products to add to my travel bag!

Dr. Young, http://dr-young.asia/, is an Asian cosmetic line which originates from the diary of a college freshman who suffered from various skin problems.  She studied and searched for years with continuous effort to find the solution for her own skin troubles.  The brand was launched in 2008 as a result of a dream of a regular college student who joined forces with dermatological and skin experts with abundant clinical experience.  Dr Young was developed for the generation who has healthy beauty, both inner and outer beauty.   The brand uses no animal-orgin ingredients, mineral oils, and no sodium lauryl sulfate.  The ingredients are organic and botanical oils.

I love the entire line, but I am LOVING the aquaholic sleeping mask and am incorporating it into my carry-on bags.  My skin gets ultra dry in the pressurized plane air, and most of my remedies are normally too goo-ey and get all over the place.  Dr. Young’s Aquaholic Sleeping Mask comes in a small portable size, is easy to put on and take off, and best yet, is that it is not  noticeable when on. It is made from bamboo water and leaves the skin refreshed and hydrated.  It also contains vitamin complexes B3, B5, B6, C, and E which have antioxidant and brightening effects that recharges the skin while you sleep. It will be nice to use that sauna effect to actually help my skin!

I also hate the effect of travel on my hair! Even after a half hour shuttle, I want to wash my hair and get the oils and flatness out of it. When dry shampoos were impossible to find, I would use baby powder.  It was NOT easy to use.  It got over everything.  In addition, now- a- days traveling with a bag of white powder will get you stopped at every security check point.  It won’t be fun! Dry shampoos are becoming easier to find, but trying to get on that can pass through security restrictions, and one that actually smells nice did not exist.  My choice….AG Hair Cosmetics fast FWD dry shampoo.  http://www.aghaircosmetics.com/

AG Hair Cosmetics was founded over 20 years ago by John and Lotte Davis.  They started their company in their basement and sold their products to salons by day, one bottle, one salon, one customer at a time.  Today AG is sold in thousands of salons across North America and raved hair/beauty editors and celebs all over.  Their philosophy is to simply produce hair products that offer outstanding results.  And when their customer is asked what makes AG different, their response is “AG just works!” And it does……use, love, repeat………..and pack straight into my travel bags!


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