October 29, 2010

Tired of Fine, Limp and Damaged Hair?

I am a hair product junkie……I have and try tons of products! Love them! Of course I’ve always wanted long, long hair, but truth of the matter is I look better (and younger!) with short hair.  It has taken me several years to come to grips with that, but as I have gotten older I have realized that a good thing about short hair is that I can create a lot of different styles and looks just by varying my products.  So…..I am always on the lookout and trying new ones! And whether your hair is long or short, here is a product to try and love!

If you’ve got fine, limp and damaged hair, this is a  great product for you.   IT&LY Hair Fashion, straight from Milan, has created Pure Design Pure Fluid Experience to resolve the most common hair problems today:  fine, limp and damaged hair.  It is cruelty free and green, (always a good thing!) and it adds thickness, and body for a unique styling experience. It is also ideal for all hair types.

One of the secrets that Pure Design Pure Fluid Experience has is the ingredients.  Its unique medium hold is fortified with IT&LY’s “Desert Blend” with Cholla Cactus, Joshua Tree and Agave.  Not only do these ingredients correct problems with fine, limp and damaged hair, but this smoothing and thickening cream provides incomparable hydration, shine, body, fullness, protection and manageability.  Another secret is that because Pure Design Pure Fluid experience is a blend that encompasses proteins developed from the desert plants, your hair is protected from harmful UV rays, helping to keep hair hydrated and color from fading.

For absolute shine, volume, thickness, direction and a medium hold, apply directly to shampooed lightly conditioned and towel dried hair. Then style and blow dry as you normally would.  If you prefer a wet effect, do not comb or brush after your hair has been styled and dried.  If you want to add more styling designs you can always cocktail with Pure Design and Pure Water Drops for coarse, curly or wavy hair to accentuate and control texture.  If you want to strengthen a desired texture, direction and definition, then mix Purity Design Creative Strong Gel.

With each use, this fabulous leave in conditioner imparts shine and leaves hair looking and feeling healthier and thicker.  You can find it in Fine Salons.  Perfect to use to get your hair ready for the holiday season!


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