February 28, 2018

Women Who Shape the Conversations Shape the World!

by Lisa Gal

The She’s It mantra is “Everybody is Different and Every “Body” is Different!”  Tam (Founder) and Carol (Co-Founder) believe that all women deserve to LIVE LIFE GRAND by taking care of themselves while being up, down and sometimes off the beaten path.  They’ve been there too! She’s It, LLC is a Lifestyle Technology and Content Media Company whose purpose is to promote 360° Well-Being and Shape the Conversations women and girls have with themselves and others. They believe that now is the time for all women to move their needle to 360° Well-Being for a HEALTHy, WELLthy Journey. Joining conversations is a courageous act, and that is our invitation. Join She’s It to engage, learn and be motivated about areas that matter to you and us. We are thrilled to include this incredible group in our Hollywood Swag Bags this weekend with their Empowered Women Win glass. Their glass will be gifted to the nominees, talent and guests staying at The Four Seasons Hotel this weekend for the biggest award show of the year!

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