February 28, 2018

Home Improvements that can add big value to your house


Before selling your house, you need to consider the market and make sure that your house is in the best state, to ensure the highest value during sale. A number of activities would improve your house and the value. Depending on the state of the house, these activities might be expensive or not. The kind of improvements you can take on, therefore depend on the amount of money you have to spend. It is therefore important to have a list of the improvements that have higher priorities. This article lists all the affordable and proven ways of increasing the total cost of your house.

  1. Low cost improvements

The list below contains some of the improvements that will not cost you more than your effort.

  1. Cleaning

You have to ensure that your house is clean before a sale. Cleaning your house will increase the value by a certain percentage due to the appeal it gains. It is also important to ensure that the environment around the house is clean and squeaky. This means that you should rid the environment of any source of foul odors, any garbage or extra leaves on the backyard.

      2. Simple paint job

One of the features that suggest a house is old is an old paint job. You need to redo the paint in your house. This helps cover any scratches on the house and increase the overall appearance of the house.

      3.  Outdoor improvement

It is advisable to consider the outdoor appeal. You need to replace the old features of anything on the outdoors. This means replacing or repainting the benches and mailbox outside the house, increasing the flowers and other plants outside the house. For houses with grass, it would be advisable to mow the grass and level it.

       4. Minimal changes

Some of the minimal changes you can tackle include changing knobs on doors and windows as well as any wallpaper in the house. You need to place all furniture strategically in the house to ensure that the house’s rooms have a pre-arrangement that suggests their purpose.

2.    Moderate to High Cost Improvements

These improvements might include remodels.

  1. Floor polishing

Floor polishing Brisbane services will improve the house floor. The old floor might have a number of dents or scratches that might affect the buyer’s perception of the house. Polishing, however, is easy and affordable, which means that you will have a new look on the floor for a fair price. This will increase the value of the house greatly.

        2. Space

It is advisable to increase the space of the house. Most people prefer to increase the space by adding an additional room, mostly a bedroom, to the house. Although this might be an expensive process, it will improve the value of the house, which means that the total cost of the additional room will be covered by the sale.

        3. Electricity and Water systems

Your new house should have all functions fully running. This means that electricity should function property and the water run, as it should. You should hire a plumber for a complete assessment of the house water system, which includes the water supply and disposal systems.

A professional electrician is also advisable to ensure that all connections are flawless and any old connection redone. All power outlets should function and all lights perform, as they should.

        4.  Lighting

A buyer would prefer purchasing a house with ample lighting in all rooms. As the owner intending to sell, ensure that the house receives ample natural light in all rooms during the day and ample electricity light during the dark.

To increase light during the day, you should reconsider the position of your windows and the nature of your doors. Most houses with gardens would be better with glass doors. If your house does not receive ample light during the day or night, consider getting advice from a contractor who will analyze the state of the house and strategize on the best positions for a window as well as the best windows to use for such a function.

        5.  Energy saving

Saving energy is an important and effective way of saving energy in your house. You should integrate air conditioning systems that save more energy than the old systems do. You should also consider insulation of door, especially the garage and the arctic. These energy saving systems will improve the value of the house greatly.


An improvement on the house will improve the value, regardless of the amount or effort it requires. You should consider any improvement including attending to some of the bushes that require attention around the house. Any drainage should be in perfect functional shape for that purpose. Professional help is an added advantage when considering the improvements that your budget can handle.

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