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February 25, 2018

A Guide to Handling ANY Problem with Ease

by Lisa Gal

Author Leila Khan’s new book 101+ Ways to Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles is packed with strategies, tips and solutions. The various “self-mastery hacks” described in this book are intended to help you master your emotions & your mind so that you can create a life of your dreams. Her suggestions are practical and easily incorporated into day to day living. Use the power of your mind to cultivate bravery and courage so you can make new choices and decisions. There is a solution to every problem and this book will empower you to take inspired action. We are thrilled to include Leila’s book in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted next month to the nominees, talent and guests staying at The Four Seasons Hotel in honor of the biggest red carpet event of the year.

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February 25, 2018

How to Calm Crazy Waves and Unruly Curls International Curl Expert Shares Tips

For those with naturally wavy, curly hair of all coils and textures it may seem like an endless battle to find ways to tame the mane. Some may turn to relaxers, weekly blowouts or extensions. Others just want to master their natural hair in whatever mood it seems to be in. To help girls get a handle on their curls we connected with Maya Smith, founder of The Doux salon and product line of the same name both specializing in making the absolute most of the natural hair you’re born with. When it comes to healthy sculptured, cool looking curls of all types, Maya’s two decades of experience with curls worldwide makes her a true expert. Here she offers tips on how to calm crazy waves and unruly curls.

#1: My naturally wavy hair is flat at the top and then waves start in the middle with tighter curls at the back. HELP!

Genetics determine curl pattern and density. It’s totally normal, in fact, quite common for several different textures to exist on the same head of hair. These inconsistencies can cause the hair to look uneven, and are most apparent once the hair has dried. I created The Doux’s Mousse Def, to help define waves and curls in the less curly areas, and to combat frizz in the areas that are tightly coiled. To balance the look of curly and wavy hair, we recommend using a combo of a mousse on the straighter areas, and then a balm like The Doux’s Bonita Afro Balm Texture Cream for added stretch and control in the tighter areas. The goal here is to keep hair shiny, touchable, and soft. If shrinkage or frizzing remains an issue, don’t underestimate the power of a great haircut. Awesome products combined with a professionally-shaped set of layers is my signature Rx for accentuating curls that vary in texture.

#2: I have curly hair and let it dry naturally. The second it rains, I get frizzy at the roots. I find myself revolving my hairstyle around the weather report. HELP!

Thirsty hair will try to “drink up” moisture in the air if it’s not adequately hydrated.

The key to eliminating frizz due to humidity exposure is to make sure that the hair is thoroughly conditioned before styling products are applied. This exact problem is what inspired me to create a solution in the form of a Fresh Rinse Moisturizing Conditioner, followed by The Light Shine Mist helps to hydrate and stabilize the cuticle, making it less prone to reversion. For added control at the roots, we apply a small amount of Bonita Afro Balm, which is our secret weapon for keeping curly hair from swelling in harsh weather conditions. These products can be found at select Target stores nationwide and at

 #3: I often wear my curly hair slicked back into a tight low bun or ponytail. Will this damage my hair? 

Style in moderation. Traction alopecia is a major epidemic among women with textured hair. This is typically the result of too much tension being applied to scalp for an extended period of time, and usually occurs due to hair styling such as braids, extensions, and tight ponytails. To avoid irreversible thinning of the hair, it’s important to avoid hairstyles that place constant pressure on hair, particularly in the temple and nape areas. Ponytails and “slicked” styles should be taken down at night, and tight accessories, such as headbands or scrunchies should be worn less frequently. 

#4: I wear my naturally kinky hair twisted and braided. How long could I leave this style in and how best to shampoo my hair while in this style?

I recommend shampooing once per week for hair with fine-to-medium density. I urge clients with high-density or extremely long hair, not to exceed more than 10 days without cleansing the hair and scalp. This helps eliminate bacterial growth that causes itching, flaking, and dandruff on the scalp. We use The Doux’s Sucka Free Moisturizing Shampoo to remove product build-up and dead skill cells, and Fresh Rinse Moisturizing Conditioner to soften, hydrate, and balance the hair’s pH. We’ve incorporated Shea Butter and Sea Silk to smooth the hair shaft and aid in moisture retention.

#5: What are some ingredients to avoid that many products for curly hair contain? Why is this damaging? 

Petroleum-based “grease,” as well as products that contain mineral oil may be old-school favorites, but are often the cause of dry hair. Heavy products that aren’t water soluble can coat the hair shaft, disrupting the hair’s natural ability to retain moisture. This dryness may go nearly undetected, because the hair is covered in product, however, the underlying dehydration causes hair to be brittle and stubborn. We recommend cream-based products that shampoo out easily, and allow the hair to “breathe.”About Maya Smith:

Maya Smith is an International Master Stylist and Founder of The Doux Salon and haircare line now available in Target. With over two decades of styling experience Maya dedicated two decades to cracking the code on curl care, maintenance and expert styling. When it comes to caring for one’s natural hair and styling it, according to NaturallyCurly, Maya is among the best there is.

While still in high school, Maya got her hair cutting license and graduated from beauty school. Soon after graduating high school, Maya began following her passion and worked as an assistant for celebrity stylist Tracy Johnson. She learned from Johnson and progressed as a hair stylist for celebrities and entertainers. Years later the military wife would relocate to Germany, where Maya opened up her first salon The HoneyComb, a mecca for textured hair care for women from all over Europe, The UK, and as far as Africa. Maya’s unique system of textured hair styling sparked the development of The DOUX® haircare products, first launched overseas, and distributed throughout Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Currently, Maya leads a carefully selected team of stylists at The DOUX® Salon in Macon, Georgia and celebrated the arrival of The DOUX® in select Target stores nationwide. Maya Smith, wife, mom of 5 and savvy business woman is an example not just for women of color but for all women who believe their gifts can impact the world, striving for entrepreneurial endeavors with grace, ease and hustle.

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February 25, 2018

Madeline Stuart first supermodel with Down syndrome

Madeline Stuart, the world’s first supermodel with Down syndrome, is starting off 2018 the fittest she’s ever been. Doctors once told her mom she would never amount to anything, but 21 years later, she continues to prove them wrong while inspiring thousands along the way.

Madeline is committed to healthy eating and exercising, working out 6 days a week with a personal trainer and sprinkles in time on the basketball court and on the field playing cricket. She’s lost over 40 pounds, an especially challenging goal for someone with Down syndrome.

Madeline Stuart

Madeline Stuart

What motivates her? Her love for modeling and inspiring others with disabilities to stay healthy and fit. Today, Madeline’s striking photographs have been seen by millions around the world. She’s been featured in major magazines and newspapers including Forbes, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Woman’s Day to name a few.

She’s strutted the catwalk during world-renowned New York Fashion Week, the Art Hearts Fashion Week, Style Fashion Week, and Melange Fashion Week along with many other shows around the world.

She’s also busy with philanthropy work, recently receiving the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award at the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show with celebrities such as actress and activist Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Matt Dillon and more. The event helped raise more than $2.6 million for research and medical care for Down syndrome and the Special Olympics of New York.

Next on her to-conquer list is a bikini shoot. For now she is rocking the runways at London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week and in Istanbul.

It’s a Glam Thing had the special pleasure to receive the following information just for our readers.

How did Madeline’s career start? With three simple words – “Mum, me model”. Madeline changed not only her own life but the lives of so many people with big dreams who didn’t fit the mold.  It was late 2014 when Rosanne, Madeline’s mum, took her to a fashion parade where Madeline’s passion was born. With a willful spirit and defined goal, Madeline continued on her fitness regime to address her weight, a struggle for most people with Downs syndrome. Inspired and undoubtedly proud, Rosanne photo-documented her daughters journey. “It will take a lot of work and dedication but if you want to commit to this journey, I’m with you,” Rosanne told Madeline.

After losing 20kg, a massive amount for anyone, Rosanne posted before and after shots of Madeline online not only to show the dramatic results but also to encourage others. She knew Madeline’s story would resonate with people around the world. She wasn’t wrong.

Almost overnight, the post went viral. Madeline’s social media numbers grew, the photo was viewed over 6.8 million times and she began to hit global headlines with publications in Iceland, Germany, the US, Australia, Mexico, Cuba and the UK picking up her story.

Modelling offers followed soon after from big fashion labels and non-profits and it wasn’t long before she received her first offer to grace the runway in New York. Since then, Madeline hasn’t looked back.

What were the obstacles she faced? Discrimination, the love of food, slow metabolism, her height and the main one she still faces is people thinking that because she has a disability they are doing her a favour but working with her so she should not be paid. I think everyone faces barriers, it is part of life and what makes us stronger, the main barrier I have faced and continue to face is that some people still think if they work with me they are doing the girl with the disability a favour through including me and do not see me as a professional that should be paid like every other professional in the workforce. We are overcoming this by trying to educate people that I work hard and am a valuable asset to a campaign and I deserve to be treated equally.

How did Madeline stay motivated and persevere? This is just her new life so she is use to it and it now comes naturally. You must Work very hard and never giving up.

What motivates and inspires her? The love for the catwalk and the love she now has for the gym. She also loves to travel and meet new people, making people smile and inspiring them is her greatest joy.

What advice would she give to others? that everyone should believe in themselves and they should be kind to one and other. The world is very small and we don’t have a lot of time in it.  Work hard and expect to get rejected a lot just like everyone in this industry. If you want to be an average model make sure you are super fit and if not aim to be a plus size model. Never think because you have a disability you should automatically be accepted. It is very hard work but very rewarding.  Don’t take it personally if you get rejected, I get rejected all the time but that does not mean I should not model it just means I don’t fit with what a certain person or company is looking for, there is other people and other companies

What she hopes to see for the future of the industry? More inclusion and definitely an industry that recognizes models as hard-working individuals that deserve to be paid appropriately.

What next for her to conquer? Madeline is currently looking to work more in Europe and to expand her dance school. She would truly like to do some advertising for companies in magazines and on television.




We love you Madeline!

Madeline Stuart

Madeline Stuart


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February 25, 2018

5 Ways To Make Your Living Room Glam


If you want to be glam in all aspects of your life, then you need to look beyond your clothes and your makeup. Your home needs to be just as lovely. Perhaps the easiest room to start with when you want to create some glamor is the living room – it’s where you will spend a lot of time, plus when guests come to visit, it’s where they will be shown first. Here are some tips on what you can include to ensure you are as glam as possible.

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books about fashion, photography, or attractive lifestyles in general, can really give a living room that ‘glam’ feel. These beautiful books are fantastic things to own, even if you don’t put them on display because they are lovely to look at and they are interesting too – every home should have a good number of books in it. Yet placing those books in full view on a tabletop elevates them, the room, and even you to another level altogether.

Full-Length Drapes

Drapes always look more glamorous than blinds, especially since you can order them in such gorgeous patterns, colors, and materials. They also add an extra layer of privacy that can create a more homely feel. The more comfortable you are in the room, the more glam you can make it look. Longer lengths of curtains give a more opulent, luxury feel to the room, and although that often means you’ll be paying more, sometimes that is necessary when you want your home to look perfect.

Gold Accents

Too much gold will make your living area look cheap rather than glam, but hitting the right amount can really add some loveliness to the room, and it will certainly impress your guests. What’s really fun about adding these gold accents is that you can choose anything you like to do it. You might have wallpaper with a tiny hint of gold to it. You might have a gold light fitting. If you’re looking for a more understated look, though, and your partner or member of the family is part of the military, you could gift them with challenge coins from and put them on display. After all, they’re great achievements.

A Beautiful Rug

Picking the right rug for your living room and ensuring that it can be seen rather than covering it up with furniture is a very glam thing to do. You don’t want a plain old boring rug; you need a statement piece that’ll get people talking. The great thing about a beautiful statement rug is that it can change the entire look and feel of your living room without you needing to spend too much on a complete overhaul. If you find cushions that match, and even drapes, then the whole room will look much more cohesive.


Candles are perhaps the simplest way to glam up a living room, and they always look lovely. Just a few dotted around in perfectly chosen candleholders (perhaps you could even choose gold ones to incorporate that extra touch of luxury) create a glam look every time.

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February 24, 2018

A Journey of Self-Healing

by Lisa Gal

Dare to Choose by author Marie Chronopolous is a telling story of her cancer journey and how she came back stronger, healthier and more open to belief and love than ever before. Dare to Choose is also the fulfillment of a personal promise. The promise to give back, reach out, and lend a hand through her words to all others who might be travelling down an unexpected fork in the road. This book is your wake-up call. We are excited to include her book in our Hollywood Swag Bags for the nominees, talent and guests staying at The Four Seasons Hotel next month for the biggest red carpet event of the year.

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February 24, 2018

LaChance Vineyards is Coming to Hollywood for the Big Red Carpet Weekend

by Lisa Gal

Located just 45 minutes south of St. Louis, you will find LaChance Vineyards, elegant family-owned vineyard, nestled amidst the picturesque, rolling hills of De Soto, Missouri. With more than a dozen wines like “Lucky Duck” and “Class Act” on their wine list you are sure to find something to tease your palate. If you are fortunate enough to visit their vineyard you can choose to relax in the casual elegance of their indoor Tasting Room or outside on their courtyard patio or partially covered deck, offering the best of both worlds: a charming, intimate winery experience with first-class amenities. We are thrilled to have them as a prime placement on the credenza at The Four Seasons Hotel as part of our Hollywood Swag Bag gifting next month for the biggest award show of the year!

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February 24, 2018

Express Your Business with Artis Factions

by Lisa Gal

Artisfactions Visual Communications bring elements together to formulate tangible and visionary results, combining art with business, to raise community awareness for artists, individuals, companies, celebrities, non-profit organizations, and charity events. Depending on your needs, Artisfactions offers Design, Writing, Marketing, Public Relations, Media, Events, & Photography Services. Tracy Saunders is’s and  Founder, CEO and is also an Advisory Board Member for ​ We are thrilled to include Tracy Saunders services in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted to the nominees, guests and talent staying at The Four Seasons Hotel for the big red carpet event next month!

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February 24, 2018

Is Fashion Keeping up with Evolution?

Over the last 150 years, the average height of Western populations has grown by around four inches. That’s quite a substantial change over a relatively short period of time. Height isn’t the only thing that has changed; human weight is increasing at a faster rate than ever before, and there are more obese people now than at any previous point in history. These changes are mainly due to the effects of improved standards of living and healthcare rather than evolutionary or genetic causes, but they still represent a comparative form of evolution. With the shape of human bodies undergoing such seismic shifts, what are designers and clothes manufacturers doing to address these changes, if anything?

Size exact

Clothes are made based on an original design, with the proportions increased as the sizes go up. The problem with this model is that there are very few people who conform to the template version of human physiology. This means that for clothes to fit, you may be forced to make a compromise. To get your pants to do up, you may need to buy them a size larger, which then means you have too much length in the legs. To fit a shirt across your bust without the buttons popping off, you may have to buy one that’s too long in the arms. Or maybe you’re tall and skinny, and if you buy a sweater that has long enough arms, your body is swamped in a woolen tent. There are as many difficulties getting clothes to fit as there are differences in the shape of the human body.

Specialist retailers

The growth of the Internet and online shopping has made supplying specialist markets far more viable for retailers. When plus size women from anywhere across the world can order their clothes from you, your business’s client base expands enormously, instead of being restricted to a local populace. There are specialist outlets for many body types now, for example, shorter women (petite), taller women (over 5’8”), and plus size women (size 12 and above), like the Life is Chic Boutique – plus size online boutique.

Handmade and bespoke

Many women who struggle to find well-fitting clothes turn their hand to making their own. If you have the skills and the time, this could be an ideal solution, as you can make any item of clothing tailored to match your physique. If your talents aren’t well-suited to needlework, learning how to sew at evening classes might be an idea, or if you have no desire to become a dressmaker, you can hire a professional and get made to measure clothes. This option does come at a premium, unless you can find a local seamstress who is able to make clothes for you.

How technology is helping

There are several technological innovations that can help you find clothes that fit your shape and look good on you as well:

  • Visual search technology can use scanning to match size, proportions, shape, and color
  • Augmented reality-enabled virtual fitting rooms that simulate the experience of trying clothes on
  • 3D body scanners take complete measurements that will ensure clothing fits your exact body shape
  • Avatars are being used to enable the design of clothes that will fit any required body shape
  • Software that can cope with the differences in clothes sizes between brands, so you can match the fit and not rely on variables in sizing

Real women

Several years ago, women finally got tired of being fed the same idealized version of body shape by fashion designers and the media, and became increasingly vocal about the need for the industry to change. Some of them took matters into their own hands by launching companies selling clothing for real women instead of Miss Average, and these companies have been very successful. Plus size ranges are being backed by major advertising campaigns, and all sizes and shapes are being offered complete ranges of fashion clothing, swimwear and lingerie, instead of just vast billowy dresses designed to cover the shape of your body rather than showing it off.

High fashion

The catwalks and haute couture designers are notorious for using tall, slender models to show off designs. They have come under a lot of criticism in recent times, because of the poor body image problems young girls have been suffering as a result of having stick-thin models displayed as the ideal. Magazines and websites have been similarly criticized, and further taken to task for the use of photoshopping techniques and airbrushed photographs. Rather than looking to design clothes for real body shapes, the industry seems to have been putting all its efforts into making its models seem ever more unrealistically perfect. There are some signs that things could be changing, however, for example, there are far more plus size models fronting key promotional campaigns. Many plus size and realistically proportioned models such as Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham are creating huge social media followings and being given lucrative modeling contracts. They are adored by women because they represent body shapes that normal women can identify with.

So, is fashion keeping up?

There is progress being made, but at a frustratingly slow pace. The averagely proportioned mannequin is still the main blueprint for clothing design and manufacture. Most catwalk models are still tall and willowy, and magazines still predominantly use slender, idealized models for their photo shoots. One of the key problems is that models that don’t conform to the manufactured ideal shape are still not taken seriously in the wider industry. Although they may be feted for what they are doing and what they represent, they are still always referred to as “plus size” rather than just “models.” The implication here is that they are different from the norm, and that although this is admirable, they are not equal to the industry standard models. A change in attitude across the fashion industry and society as a whole needs to take place so that women are seen as equal to each other whatever their shape, rather than being judged on a scale that holds size zero as the perfect shape.

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February 24, 2018

Hair Color Trends Inspired By 2018 Oscar Nominees

Hair Color Trends Inspired By 2018 Oscar Nominees

Award shows have quickly become much more than publicized entertainment and career recognition for ritzy biz professionals. From the Golden Globes to the Oscars, these shows are now leveraged as major platforms for some of the most influential people to reach and inspire an expansive audience, whether that’s through a thoughtful, impassioned speech, a pin donned on an outfit, or the color choice of a dress or suit.

More and more of these individuals, specifically women, continue to make history and inspire those of us watching at home to be the best versions of ourselves. Their style and fashion choices aren’t frivolous; every look represents something about who they are or what they believe, and watching these powerful women walk down the red carpet reminds me to reflect on something as seemingly simple as what I wear and what that really means. While we may not be able to get our hands on their makeup, hair, and style crews, we can remember that how we choose to look is one of many ways to be our truest selves.

The Colors

For some reason, being yourself can feel like taking a big risk, and over the last few years, changing your hair color has become a sure-shot way to make a bold statement about who you are. It’s now about as popular as swapping out your lipstick; it’s a big enough change to feel risky and exciting, but easy enough to revert back to your roots.

To find some fabulous hair inspiration, I could think of no one better than the following women who have been nominated for an Oscar for their incredible work this year.

Quick Tip: Again, you don’t need to see an expensive hair colorist to get their looks, either. Coined by Allure as the “fairy godmother of hair color,” eSalon is one company who also believes that the right shade can make you feel “totally you,” and their line of custom hair color has won the Allure Best of Beauty Award four years in a row. Armed with the following muses and a customized kit, you can ‘do you’ from the comfort of your own home.

Mary J. Blige — Golden Blonde

Mary J Blige

Nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her incredible work in “Mudbound” (whose cinematographer Rachel Morrison made history with her own nom), Mary J. Blige has hairstylist Kim Kimble to thank for her million-hit-wonder hairstyles. Blige is most famous for rocking this playful shade of beige that seems to magically oscillate between hot and cold.

Meryl Streep — Graceful Gray

Meryl Streep

It’s a mystery how she does it, but every year Meryl seems to become even more legendary. Nominated for Best Actress for her role in “The Post,” Meryl has been gracefully embracing some silver tones peeking through her blonde tresses. More and more women are reminding us that age isn’t just wise, it’s beautiful, and they’ve ignited an exciting trend of young women adventurously coloring their hair gray and other icy cool shades.

Saoirse Ronan — Patchy Pink

Saoirse Ronan

Ronan’s role as Lady Bird was a performance that not only got her a nomination for Best Actress, but her character reignited fond (and heartbreaking) memories of teen angst for women around the country. Lady Bird’s pink-almost-orange-dipped hair is nothing short of iconic, and also showcases the modern woman’s desire to find and be herself.


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February 23, 2018

Hachette Book Group Includes Bestsellers in Hollywood Swag Bag Next Month

by Lisa Gal

We are excited to have Hachette Book group and their two amazing titles #1 New York Times Best Seller Sandra Browns Seeing Red and National Best Seller PACHINKO by Min Jin Lee in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted at The Four Seasons Hotel next month for the biggest red carpet event of the year. Sandra Brown is the author of sixty-nine New York Times bestsellers, including the #1 Seeing Red. There are over eighty million copies of her books in print worldwide, and her work has been translated into thirty-four languages. Pachinko is a gorgeous, page-turning saga, four generations of a poor Korean immigrant family fight to control their destiny in 20th-century Japan, exiled from a home they never knew, a National Book Award Finalist and a USA Today top 10 of 2017.

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