February 26, 2019

Drug Free Pain Relief; a Must Read by Suzanne Mctier-Browne

Everybody experiences pain or knows someone in pain. For some it’s temporary and fleeting, and that is indeed a blessing. But for others, it becomes long term, chronic and seemingly never-ending!

Suzanne specializes in helping people relieve their pain naturally both physically and emotionally. For the past 19 years,
she’s helped thousands of people in clinic recover from trauma, accident and sporting injuries or every day stress and pain! She also help busy professionals who have “been there, done that” strengthen and stay pain free, to perform at their best!

It is amazing how the body can recover and heal itself once it has been structurally corrected and physically aligned. Suzanne personally experienced this years ago when correcting her body structure was a huge part of turning around a very serious diagnosis, and it literally helped saved her life!

She developed a life changing 7 step system to save her own life back then and now she use it to help and empower others. The first step to turn around your life and live pain free, is to have quality body structural correction.

In clinic, I release tight and contracted muscles to bring the body back into optimal alignment. I correct structure and poor posture, take pressure off nerve pathways so people become pain free. I improve circulation and lymphatic drainage and so much more! I help people move without pain so they can do the things they need or want to do.

Now her global mission is to help people become pain free naturally  she is excited to have her book “DRUG FREE PAIN RELIEF The Truth About How to Avoid Pain Even If You’ve Tried Other Methods” included in the 2019 Hollywood Swag Bags.

Currently there is an issue with the book website, but you can also visit the Good Health and Pain Relief Clinic Facebook page at:

Following also are the ebook links. All the best to you living pain free!


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/book/drug-free-pain-relief/id1444830276

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Suzanne_McTier_Browne_Drug_Free_Pain_Relief?id=Wvp7DwAAQBAJ

Suzanne McTier-Browne
Good Health & Pain Relief Clinic
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February 26, 2019

 How PartyLite Develop’s Their Fragrances

PartyLite loves making the best home fragrances for homes. Standing out from the crowd is always their goal. That’s why they work with world-renowned perfumers to create them. This makes our fragrances more than just beautiful scents to fill your home…they’re the finest fragrances you can fill your life with.

Their candles offer a unique sensory experience unlike any other on the market. The soy and paraffin wax blend offers a consistent fragrance and a clean burn. And all their candles deliver enduring scent, lit and unlit.

All fragrances have notes. Their curated scents are fresh, fruit, floral, gourmand and exotic. All these can be experienced with their Everyday and Seasonal ranges. Everyone has the scents that they love which is why they always aim to make a wide range of fragrances for the home so there’s plenty of choice.

Fragrance Creation
Fragrance Creation
Every year, the PartyLite Fragrance Team come together to share the current market trends – what’s happening in fashion, in the décor world, in colour, in home, in textures, as well as attending amazing fragrance trend presentations. All this information is balanced out with PartyLite fragrance sales history to discover any missing fragrance opportunities. The archives can be just as much an inspiration as on-trend scents. From this point, the themes of the season begin to take shape with each season’s story coming to life.

These concepts are shared with their fragrance partners and from this point the talented perfumers go to work creating their interpretations of bringing the seasons alive through scent.

The Finest Ingredients
We use the world’s best ingredients and they are all specially selected for a ‘True To Life Scent’ experience. A fragrance is always better when you can immediately source it to its natural ingredients.

The Highest Quality Candles
The Highest Quality Candles
Once the blends are created, each PartyLite fragrance is rigorously tested to ensure that every single wax and flameless form is as perfect as the next. The whole process takes a year to come to market! That’s loads of time for us to test and find the fragrances we love the most.

This was just a small peek into how PartyLite creates the fragrances you love. Bringing these scents to life is all about you making the Signature Scent for you.

Get our fragrances in a range of forms including Tealights, Votives, Scent Plus Melts and SmartScents.

What’s your favorite of our fragrance creations? We can’t choose!

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February 26, 2019

UP Fitness a Favorite Amongst the Celebrities for Fitness All Over the World

Ultimate Performance is widely recognized as the world’s leading personal training business, with gyms in Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Amsterdam and Marbella.

U.P was founded by Nick Mitchell, who is an author, writer and one of the world’s foremost body composition experts.
They have forged a reputation as the fitness industry’s foremost body transformation experts because they know exactly what it takes to get results.They have worked with thousands of successful personal training clients over the past decade to deliver exceptional body transformations at their 12 gyms worldwide that span eight countries and four continents.

This includes celebrities like Kevin McHale (Glee) Olivia Colman (The Favourite) Glenn Powell (Expendables 3) Renee Bargh (Extra) and Lamorne Morris (New Girl)

What sets them apart from other personal training business on the planet is a results-driven ethos, and scientific training and nutrition methodologies that are at their core.

‘Maximum results, minimum time’ is the mantra that every one of our 250 elite personal trainers lives and dies by.

This is why Men’s Fitness endorse U.P. as “The Goldman Sachs, Real Madrid and Apple of Personal Training. They’re that far ahead of the field.”

Ultimate Performance is a global leader in the art and science of body transformation.

They work intimately with every single personal training client to achieve results they never thought possible.

U.P. training methodologies are designed to get the absolute maximum benefit from every single session.

Their diet programming and nutrition education help clients make dramatic and lasting changes to their health, lifestyle and body composition.

It’s never just that hour in the gym – every client has a dedicated personal trainer to offer support, guidance and education around the clock that enables them to achieve their goals.

No stone is left unturned by their trainers to deliver results, from sleep strategies and stress management, to smart supplementation and lifestyle optimization.

They pride themselves on giving each client the knowledge on the training and nutrition that works best for their body, so they can maintain their results for life.

LINK https://ultimateperformance.com/

Body Transformation Meal Plan Design
Getting in great shape follows a very clear trifecta for success – the right exercise regime, optimal stress management and the correct diet.

Far and away the most challenging factor for most people is diet, and yet paradoxically it is the simplest to establish.

So many people jump from one fad diet to the next, but the actual diet that is optimal for most of us follows a few basic principles.

This book teaches the fundamental skills of nutrition and setting up a diet for long-term success, which apply across the board, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto or anything else in between.

It provides a blueprint to be able to create your own diet with the tools and knowledge to understand the core principles of nutrition and how to construct a sustainable meal plan that works around your own specific preferences, lifestyle, eating habits and goals to lose weight and get fit.

It takes you through the whole process of creating a body transformation diet and meal plan from calorie targets, macronutrients, meal planning and prep and creating your own recipes to get real results.

LINK: https://www.amazon.com/TransformationDesign-Encyclopaedia-Personal-Training/dp/1999970004

Principles of Muscle Building Program Design is not just another book on weight training or an off-the-shelf exercise plan to follow.

Most training books lack two critical elements of value to anyone who really wants to educate themselves on how to train effectively – an explanation of why something works, and equip the reader with the ability to adapt their training programs to suit their very specific and individual needs.
This is where Muscle Building Program Design succeeds where most standard how-to guides fail.
It delves deeper and shares with the reader a unique combination of research, experience and results that goes into an intelligently-designed resistance training program from one of the world’s leading personal trainers.
It goes back to basics in order to give the best possible foundation to learn the art and science of resistance training, get the maximum benefit from your workouts and see tangible results that elude 99% of gym goers.
The book pulls no punches – you will be required to think for yourself, but the reward is gaining the lifelong knowledge and skills to be able to create your own very training programs.

Ben Kenyon
Content Editor
UK website: www.upfitness.co.uk 
Global website: https://upfitness.com/
UP Instagram: @upfitnesslive
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February 26, 2019

The Secrets on Your Lips with Australian Lip Print Reading Expert, Janine Hall

You might be surprised to learn that your lips reveal your secrets without you ever having to speak a word because the lips themselves, tell your story.

Happy, stressed, in love? Anxious, heartbroken? Hiding secrets, overworked or feeling a little lost or stuck in your business and money flow right now? We wear these emotions on our lips, easily discovered by an expert eye like Janine Hall.

World Renowned Lip Print Reading Expert Janine Hall from the Sunshine Coast, Australia, author of Australia’s Top book on Lips, One Million Kisses, has been fascinating audiences with her ability to tell someone’s story from their lips.

“Your lip print describes your life’s journey, what you have come here to accomplish and many other unique things about your life.” She said.

Whether in person, across a video interview or even live, on-air, in just a few minutes Janine can accurately discover a lot about a person by reading their lips. A wide range of things from their emotional state to possible health issues to past trauma and things holding them back in love and life. It all comes out in their beautiful lips!

“I have had clients whose lips I have read, and I have instantly seen things come up that are really affecting their lives, they can even be moved to tears. It brings up a lot of emotions.

“As the readings are highly informative a varying array of emotions can be felt from laughter through to tears and there are often so many real ah-ha moments. I have been able to say things like they need to stop believing the grass is greener on the other side as that has come up right away and they have then been shocked at how accurate that was for them at that moment.”

The readings are soulful and intuitive, bringing together an ancient art, years of knowledge and skill and Janine’s unique abilities. Her lip print reading sessions are incredibly moving and eye opening for participants. They are constantly amazed at the things she sees in their lips.

“What is relevant right now is what will come up for you in your lips.” 

“What your lips reveal about you is amazing,” says Janine. “Lips are probably the most misunderstood body part that we just don’t understand and we either love or loathe so educating people about lips is what I do. They are just fascinating, our  lips change with our mood, experiences, and health, they have the ability to change in appearance and looks even hour to hour.”

Her love of lips, passion, and expertise has launched an incredible career in lips including being the author of first Australian book about lips, One Million Kisses which can be found athttps://organiclipbalm.com.au/book/  

Combining her love of lips with business, Janine is also the brilliant mind behind the extremely popular organic lip balm range at The Organic Lip Balm Company, a product range that was has been extremely successful. Along with flourishing sales worldwide it has been a finalist in her local business awards twice and was handpicked to be featured in 2019 Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills, Celebrating Oscars Weekend for Hollywood & Celebrity Gifting to Celebrities for the fourth time in a row, where the lip balms and gift certificates for a lip print reading session with Janine will be given to some very famous and beautiful lips.

“It was fantastic to be selected and now that we have been invited back four years in a row, we are super excited to see who will get our gifts! We are now sourced by leading Hollywood makeup artists who use our products on celebrities. The lip balms are currently being used by actors and actresses in the Marvel Comics Runaways series filmed in Hollywood, USA.

“It has been a fantastic opportunity which has really helped launch not only the incredible lip balms but I’ve also written a book and have created an entirely new healing modality to help others. I have fans all over the world recognise the products and services I have created,” said Janine.

“In fact, before I was invited to go into the Hollywood Swag Bags my humble little lip balm was just a product in another beauty range that I had created.”

Janine is truly gifted at the ancient art of lip reading and her readings can change lives, help people rediscover themselves, find their true calling, even potentially save relationships. People are raving about her readings and she is developing a fiercely loyal following of fans.

Belinda, a recent Lip Print Reading client said, “I was a bit of a skeptic, trusted the process and my mind is officially blown. Oh, my goodness, so accurate and feel like I’ve reached a new awareness in life.”

Lip Print Reading is the art and science of reading the shape, lines, and features of lips. A reading can reveal information about a person’s personality, skills, life experiences, and emotions. Janine Hall is Australia’s leading expert on Lip Print Reading and one of only a handful of experts worldwide.

People can book a Lip Print Reading through Janine’s website www.organiclipbalm.com.au and follow her events and live lip readings through her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/organiclipbalm.com.au/  And Instagram: www.instagram.com/organiclipbalm.com/au

Find out more about Janine and her incredible lip balms, lip readings, and upcoming events at www.organiclipbalm.com.au 

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February 24, 2019

Author Bernadette O’Connor Encourages All Women to Rise to the New Era of #WEAREONE

Bernadette O’Connor is an international best-selling author. Her debut novel Let’s Go Home: Finding There While Staying Here has inspired readers globally to look within and find the truth of who they really are. Reviewed in the media as “Eat, Pray, Love, meets The Alchemist.”

O’Connor’s second publication Beneath The Veil explores abuse by the patriarch, the misuse of power within families and of the Catholic Church. In the era of #metoo her work powerfully lifts the veil to encourage all women to rise to the new era of #weareone. This book has received 5-star international reviews.

O’Connor writes to create change and grow the spirit. The golden threads of wisdom are woven richly and profoundly throughout her publications connecting her to a prodigious audience.

Renowned worldwide, O’Connor has worked with thousands of women through her Kinesiology sessions to heal the pain of her client’s past stories to release their victim identity, reclaim their power, tune into their inner wisdom and come home to their truth—a return to love.

We are thrilled to include Let’s Go Home: Finding There While Staying Here in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted to the nominees, talent and guests staying at the Four Seasons Hotel this weekend honoring Academy Award weekend.


Connect with Bernadette on Facebook, Instagram @bernadetteoconnorauthor




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February 20, 2019

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life

Sterling Silver jewelry designer BB Becker is a Tai Chi Master who infuses each of his creations with the universal energy of harmony and grace. Talent and nominees staying at The Four Seasons Hotel Oscar Weekend will feel a rush of positive energy when they wear this necklace. They will read the quote by Omar Khayyam engraved on the necklace “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life”. It will remind them to be grateful and present at this momentous time!
BB Becker uses a proprietary process to inscribe inspirational handwritten quotes on high quality, hand-polished sterling silver pieces. For more information visit bbbecker.com.

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February 20, 2019

Let Peter Charleston Improve Your Relationships

Do any of these scenarios describe your situation? 
You may feel like the passion has left your relationship. You might feel like you just cant connect with your friends anymore. You feel disconnected from your family. You feel alone in the workplace. Or you just get too distracted by screen demands to nurture real connections with people.

Well if you relate to any of these issues we have a book for you – Closer by Psychologist Peter Charleston.

Closer introduces a groundbreaking new theory that can help you significantly improve your relationships. The theory is called the 7 principles of connectedness. Using these easy to learn principles highlighted in the book, Closer will help you learn how to connect better emotionally with anyone in your life. 

How does the book help? 

Peter Charleston draws on over 25 years of being a Psychologist and Psychotherapist to bring you what works to create happy, healthy and lasting relationships. Closer shows you how to strengthen the relationship you have with yourself by learning to satisfy your own emotional needs. This then gives you the right emotional foundations to create amazing relationships with others. The more emotionally independent you are, the better your relationship become.

Closer shows you how to do this in a practical way that guides you step by step on how to create authentic and close relationships. And as you improve your connection skills, your satisfaction with life significantly improves.

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February 20, 2019

Le Petit Tarot Heading to Hollywood Celebrities

Eva Ford founded Le Petit Tarot after realizing that her connection with Tarot was more than just a hobby. With a lifelong history of psychic awareness that dates back generations, Eva’s intuition not only led her to pursue Tarot, but to then share her gift with those who are seeking guidance. Le Petit Tarot provides love, family and career direction to a robustly expanding international client base. With her sensitive, inspiring and encouraging, “Tell it like it is Tarot” readings, Eva helps clients view life from a different lens and create a path to achieve happiness and fulfillment. While Tarot readings range from “petit reads” to in-depth discoveries, Le Petit Tarot clients leave their sessions supported, empowered and ready to embark on a new journey.

Le Petit Tarot will be gifting the talent and nominees staying at The Four Seasons Hotel during Oscar Weekend. www.lepetittarot.com

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February 20, 2019

Gourmet Macarons by RepChampion Canada on Their Way to Hollywood Celebrities

Sweet and savory gourmet macarons inspired by traditional French recipes to be featured in swag bags of 50 nominees and talent staying at the Four Seasons hotel for Oscar Weekend in Beverly Hills this February. 

15th February 2019: RepChampion Canada’s gourmet macarons are recognized for their unique flavors, high quality and exquisite taste and texture. Handmade in France, they adhere strictly to the basics and the traditions, something that has led them to win the Trophée de la Gastronomie et des Vins award and take centre stage at prestigious sports events such as Formula 1.

RepChampion Canada was founded by Milton, Ontario resident Kaoutsar Entifi and has been in business for 5 years now. The reason behind its creation was a career in the hospitality industry, a love for fine foods and a passion for French pastries in general and Parisan macarons in particular. 

Kaoutsar, who spent around a decade living in Paris has always been enamored with the culture and the cuisine of France. Her favorite Parisian eatery was a restaurant called Ladurée, located on the Champs Elysées. The Ladurée family were the creators of the macaron we love and eat today, and it’s Ladurée standards that Kaoutsar follows and aims to reach. So when she was approached by a French macaron supplier looking to expand into North America, she immediately requested samples because she had to find out whether they were the real deal. Kaoutsar was blown away by the unique sweet and savory flavors, as well as the perfect texture, slightly crunchy outside and softer inside. Those gourmet macarons were perfection. There was no turning back.

The flavors are truly mind-blowing. On top of traditional ones such as vanilla, raspberry, salted butter caramel, pistachio and the like, imagine a burst of unexpected flavors that range from Roquefort, goat cheese, carrot and cumin to porcini, figs and onions and bell pepper and more. These can go on a cheese or charcuterie board, be presented as appetizers or on a grazing table. A creative chef would use them to accompany a salad or even a main dish and tea rooms love to feature them as part of the afternoon tea menus they offer. There is no limit as to how they can be served.

This February, RepChampion’s gourmet macarons will be a part of the swag bags given to 50 Academy Award nominees staying at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Not only is it a great moment for RepChampion Canada as it recognizes the hard work that Kaoutsar has put in, but it also has a lot of emotional weight. Being recognized for the food item that inspired the creation of the company is the greatest honor RepChampion Canada could ask for. 

Intrigued? Check out www.repchamp.com for more information or call (647) 861-2579 and follow them in Facebook and Instagram at @gourmetsmacarons.

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February 20, 2019

Sandy Swim is Warming Up Winter 2019

At Sandy Swim is all about carefree lives and sunshine vibes no matter where the tide may take them. With her toes in the sand and the ocean in her horizon, a Sandy Swim loving girl knows how to dive into life regardless of the season. This is why their girl boss team believes in pursuing your dreamsavoiding pier pressure, and letting your true self-glow well after that summer tan has faded.

Every season, the girls at Sandy Swim do their best to curate a new collection that will help you seas the moment 365 days of the year. With your budget and style in mind, our team always strive to make sure that there is a one piece, or two-piece bikini perfect for you and your best beaches.

However, Sandy Swim is more than a stylish and economical way to enjoy the waves. Like the beach, they are also a state of mind and do their best to not only capture their philosophy with their swimwear selection but also throughout their online presence and social media handles including TwitterPinterestFacebook and the gram. There is more to life than what meets the eye, which is why we source Sandy Swim Ambassadors from around the globe no matter how many followers they may have. This is because they believe life isn’t a popularity contest; it’s about genuinely going in the direction of your dreams regardless of how testing the waters might be.

With a Sandy Swim swimsuit in one hand and a true love of life in the other, there are no limits to what a girl can achieve in or out of a bikini as long as they are willing to sea clearly with both their hearts and their minds.

Sandy Swim will be including their gorgeous best seller Aisha Bikini and gift cards in the Hollywood Swag Bag Oscar Weekend Gift Bags for nominees and talent staying at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Water you waiting for?

Grab your BBF (Best Beach Friends), seas the day, and live life the Sandy Swim way.

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