April 24, 2013

Shower Power


I don’t usually use body powder when I get out of the shower, mostly because I am in a rush or I feel like powder doesn’t give me a clean scent that lasts all day. But when I used Shower to Shower, I noticed that it left me smelling fresh for the rest of the day. This body powder comes in five different fragrances, and even one for men! I really want to try all of the different scents like Morning Fresh, because I love lavender. The fragrance that I have is the Original Fresh, and it is great because it is made with chamomile, rose, and sandalwood. I just sprinkled it on after my shower so it would absorb and keep my dry. I noticed it was very silky smooth compared to other body powders. I was sharing this with my mom, and she actually put the powder in her shoes before going on her walk to prevent friction. I think this was a great idea, plus her shoes smelled so good! My 13oz. bottle was only 5 dollars and you can find Shower to Shower in any drugstore, or go to www.showertoshower.com for more info!


Rachel, Teen Blogger




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April 23, 2013

Duri’s Perfect Colors for Spring and Summer

One reason why I love the spring and summer is because I can always have a bright and cheerful nail color on. I never used Duri before, but I’m realizing that I should have a long time ago. I especially love the “sweetheart” color because its not too pink, but yet not too red. I applied two coats and I think it looks great. I didn’t need a topcoat and it surprisingly didn’t chip. Another plus is that it’s made in the USA! Duri has tons of colors so go check them out for the warm weather!

Duri Cosmetics, Nail Polishes and accessories can be found at http://duri.com/welcome.htm

Teen Blogger Rachel

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April 15, 2013

Biore Daily Cleansing Cloths are a Must-Have for Quick Cleansing!


Today I used Bioré Daily Cleansing Cloths. They worked perfectly because I tend to occasionally wear a little tinted moisturizer or bronzer as makeup to school, but I never have time to wash it off between track! This is a huge problem for girls everywhere! If you wear makeup to school you feel disgusting when running or exercising, and break out, but if you don’t wear the makeup you may feel like you’re broadcasting blemishes! That’s why these were so easy, literally it took 30 seconds to whip one out and wipe off my makeup! And no breaking out after practice!! These are the handiest tools that every fabulous, camera ready girl should have on hand!! I plan to keep them from now on in my locker in case I feel like my skin is getting a little greasy and needs a wash, and in my purse for next time I regret wearing a full face of makeup.
Find your favorite Biore products in drug stores Nationwide and at  http://www.biore.com/

Xoxoxo Katherine, Teen Blogger


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April 11, 2013

Samy Salon System is the Way to Super Soft Hair

Hi doll

Today I used Samy salon system deep conditioner followed by conditioning serum. I have to admit I was totally shocked with how well it worked. Even though I take pride in refusing to curl or straighten my hair more than once every 2 weeks, I still have the unavoidable damage that comes with such long hair as mine (from blow drying, hair elastics, hot water) and to my surprise after one use I notice less breakage and over all healthier hair.
A great plus to this deep conditioner as well is it only requires 5 minutes before rinsing. Most deep conditioners suggest 30 minutes or more, and really who has time for that?
Ok gotta go pet my super soft hair xoxxo     http://www.samysalon.com/

Katherine Kerwin, Teen Blogger

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April 3, 2013

The “Cure” in your ‘Mani’!

Dermelect nail polish is unlike any other. It  strengthens weak, brittle nails, restores flexibility, helps resist chipping and splitting, and is cruelty free! It is easy to use, apply two coats and let it dry. The first cost bonds to the nails and the second coat combines with the first to resist brittleness and chipping. I found this polish better than most other brands that I use. With some polishes, chipping begins as fast as a day. With dermelect  there is long term wear and it is chip resistant.  Dermelect nail polish is available is a variety of glamorous colors. With or without a creative design your nails will look amazing for a while without you worrying!

Leiyana, Teen Blogger – Nail Color Enthusiast




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March 11, 2013

Hard Candy Glossaholic is the “Best Lip Gloss Ever!”

Hard Candy Glossaholic – this one is called Confection it makes my lips shine and look really pretty. It makes my lips look a little fuller and they are full already so they look even better. I just use it in one swipe but you can layer it, even over lipstick. Some of the reviews that I found on the Walmart website say ” OMG this is the best lip gloss ever! Its shiny and glittery and tastes super yummy!!!:)” and “Love this gloss sooo much it stays on and really shines. Love it love it love it!!! MUST BUY.” It pretty much gets a 5 star rating overall from me too!

You can get it at any Walmart store and walmart.com for just $5


Teen Blog by Rachel

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February 18, 2013

Don’t Hate it…ERASEZIT


My skin is not super bad but I have to cover up pimples every now and then. I have a really good concealer  to do it. I like the EraseZit Antiseptic Concealer Pencil Pencil. It’s formulated by Judith August who was a well known fashion model. She has a book out now too.  It’s called “Gotcha Covered – A Compact Guide to Camouflage Make-up” and it’s really cool especially because our Beauty Editor Vicki Fischer is featured in it. Now, back to the EraseZit Antiseptic Concealer Pencil, it’s best when you use it right away when a pimple starts to pop up.

EraseZit has got Tea Tree Oil in it. I notice that Tea Tree Oil is in some other products that I like. Tea Tree Oil  helps with healing and it is an antiseptic. EraseZit also contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. I like that I can cover a pimple with it and  it doesn’t look like I covered it up. It just looks like it’s not there. On Judith’s website it says, “So don’t hate it…ERASEZIT”. I agree, The EraseZit  Antiseptic Concealer Pencil Pencil comes with a sharpener that I  also use for sharpening my chunky lip pencils. http://www.judithaugustcosmetics.com



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February 13, 2013

Introducing THE HEARTBREAKER COLLECTION from Gabriel Cosmetics

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January 31, 2013

I am Green with Envy and Hard Candy

Looking for eye catching, long lasting eyeshadow? Find it with Hard Candy eyeshadow! This particular compact comes with the perfect shades to match every eye color! The eyeshadow brushes make application smooth and easy. I tried out “Green with Envy” compact and found my hazel eyes getting more compliments than ever. If you’re looking for bold color and fun, flirty eyes, I definitely recommend Hard Candy eyeshadow!

In this Top Ten eyeshadow collection, there are  five color palettes with 10 beautiful shades in each one.

Available at WALMART.

Hard Candy Official website: http://www.hardcandy.com/

Post by: Julia

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January 21, 2013

Eco Tools are Friends of The Earth

Eco Tools have been mentioned in many magazines. I have not seen them in any of the magazines that I have read lately but my Mom has seen Eco Tools in a few magazines that she likes to read. Eco Tools are friends of the earth! They are animal friendly too! No animals were hurt or used to make these. The  bristles are made of synthetic fibers and they have handles made of bamboo and recycled aluminum.The Eco Tools brush set I have comes in a hemp and cotton case. The case has a mirror in it which I love. It’s really easy to throw this in my bag, back pack or gym bag for when I am on the go and right now I am always on the go!


Teen blog by Rachel

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