December 1, 2015

People News: The 2015 People and Today Beauty Awards Are Here!

People magazine

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When it comes to beauty, we’re constantly looking for the best new trends and products. Whether it’s sharing exactly what lip color a celeb wore to a movie premiere, or reporting on the latest Hollywood hair color change, we always bring you the must-know beauty news as soon as we have it. And, like you, we get kid-in-a-candy-store excited at the launch of a new product.

Which is why this year, we’ve teamed up with TODAY to bring you our first ever (!!) PEOPLE and TODAY Beauty Awards.

Over forty testers from PEOPLE and TODAY, including our own beauty-obsessed editors, tried hundreds of lotions, moisturizers, mascaras and more and managed to narrow it down to 44 of the best drugstore beauty products from 2015.

We’ve covered all of the bases—from hair and body to skin and makeup — finding something for every beauty issue. So if you’ve been holding off on re-stocking your vanity for the new year, let us guide you with our top picks from our favorite drugstore brands.

Every day this week, we’ll be announcing a new category of winners live on TODAY. Tune in every morning at 10AM EST to find out what products to add to your shopping list. The lineup is below!

  • Tuesday 12/1: HAIR
  • Wednesday 12/2: MAKEUP
  • Thursday 12/3: BODY
  • Friday 12/4: SKIN

And don’t forget to pick up this week’s issue, on stands beginning Wednesday, Dec. 2, for the full list.

More info:


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November 3, 2015

Alicia Vikander at the 19th Annual Hollywood Film Awards

Alicia Vikander

Makeup by Charlotte Tilbury

Swedish actress and on-the-rise starlet, Alicia Vikander, stunned on Sunday’s red carpet at the 19th Annual Hollywood Film Awards in Los Angeles. In a sophisticated, yet edgy black dress and makeup by Charlotte Tilbury, Alicia was picture-perfect as she accepted the Hollywood Breakout Actress Award for her role in ‘The Danish Girl.’

“Alicia wanted a contoured, sultry but modern makeup look, to go with her gorgeous leather Louis Vuitton dress. Hair was pulled back into a sleek twisted bun. The burnished deep copper shades from my Dolce Vita Eye Palette was chosen to compliment her skintone and bring out her eye colour.” – Charlotte Tilbury.

Here are a few key steps that Charlotte used to create the look:

1.      To prep the skin, Charlotte applied Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask on Alicia’s face and neck for 10 minutes to tighten, smooth, hydrate and give skin an extra boost of radiance.

2.      Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream was generously massaged on her face and neck to deliver the perfect amount of moisture to skin.

3.      Charlotte then applied a sheer layer of Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow all over the face. Wonderglow is a red carpet essential as it fills in wrinkles and scatters light to blur away lines and flood the skin with luminosity.

4.      A combination of Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Youth-Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation in Shades 6 & 8 was used to even out Alicia’s complexion and give her a radiant glow.

5.      Next, she used Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher in Shades 2 & 3 for under the eyes areas, around the nose and to cover a few minor imperfections.

6.      Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder in Shade 1 was applied under Alicia’s eyes, and Shade 2 was applied around her nose to help blur away lines and imperfections. The super luxe powder is a must-have for the red carpet because of how finely milled the powder is, giving an immaculate complexion with a bright, illuminating finish.

7.      To give more dimension and contour to Alicia’s face, Charlotte applied Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow with a large brush around her jawline and forehead. The bronzer is the perfect universal blend of pearl and pigment to mimic a sun-kissed complexion.

8.      To fill in and elongate Alicia’s brows, Charlotte used Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift in Cara D.  

9.      Next, she applied Prime from the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette to the inner corners of the eye and Prime from the Vintage Vamp Palette to the entire eyelid. 

10.  Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl in Barbarella Brown was used to line the top lid into a feline flick.  Charlotte finished the eyes with two coats of Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes on top and bottom lashes.

11.  Charlotte prepped Alicia’s lips with Charlotte Tilbury Lip Magic, then applied Matte Revolution in Walk of Shame for the perfect pout.

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October 31, 2015

Casa Mondaca Holiday Gift Guide

Here are a couple of holiday gifts that were featured:

Purchase at or websites below

Apothederm Holiday Gift Guide

Apothederm in Casa Moncada Holiday Gift Guide





Pura d'or in Casa Mondaca holiday gift guide casa

Pura d’or in Casa Mondaca Holiday Gift Guide




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October 19, 2015

Rub it ON

Body Lotion

Pamper your body with Spongette Body Lotion Lait Corps. Once you get out of the shower, apply Lait Corps Body Lotion and relish how smooth your skin feels. This sensational creation is made with Shea Butter, Argan and Macadamia Oil, a perfect combination that absorbs into the skin with a nice subtle glow, and it’s so light and fresh. Bulgarian Rose is such a delicate and rich fragrance, so sweet and feminine, this aroma alone will make a man look up and take notice.

Pick out the fragrance that works for you, make your man look up and take notice of you!

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October 16, 2015

A National Examiner “Enter to Win”

Pick up a copy of the National Examiner and enter to win this Hollywood Swag Bag (HSB) for a chance to live like a star! (October 19 issue on stands now).


National Examiner magaziive-away

National Examiner magaziive-away

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September 25, 2015

Actress Simona Fusco Shares her Beauty Secrets

Simona Fusco is best known for the beautiful Swedish bombshell Ulsa in “Beerfest” and  Hedda in “The Pool boys” (an American Pie franchise) IMG_7461 Simona has been a cover model for numerous publications including Maxim, Esquire, FHM and People Magazine.  Her latest acting role is on the Family Film  ” Beverly Hills Christmas” which will premiere Nov 1-7  2015 on UPTV  starring Dean Cain where she plays the bad girl ,Yvonne.

Q: How do you keep yourself looking camera ready?

Simona: I have to make sure that I stick to my beauty regimen by first taking all my makeup off every night and applying the proper products to protect the face.

Q: What type of beauty products do you use?

Simona: My beauty secrets are pretty simple: I invest in good products. Some of my faves are La Prairie, Natura Bisse and Luzern. All of these products are available at spas.

Q: Do you do anything else to keep your lovely skin looking great?

Simona: I love to indulge in facials once a month to keep my skin in shape. For my body, to keep my skin soft and moist, I love Kiehl’s Creme de Corps. I get it at a department store. It has all natural ingredients and leaves your skin looking dewy and subtle.

Q: What about your long mane of hair?

Simona: As far as my hair, I love Kerastase. My hair salon sells it but most department stores sell it as well. I love the yellow and red kind which moisturizes color treated hair.

Q: What is your best kept beauty secret?simona small

Simona: When it comes to water it’s very important to drink good water and even shower and bathe in good water free of aging and unhealthy chemicals. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and therefore absorbs everything you apply. I use a filter in my shower to get rid of any chlorine and other chemicals that not only damage your skin but also your hair and prematurely ages you. I drink plenty of water and eat healthy organic whole foods. I’ve invested in a machine called Kangen water which filters all the bad chemicals out of your drinking water system. I highly recommend it as its used in hospitals in Japan to cure life threatening diseases and skin issues. Other than that I believe in surrounding yourself with positive, supportive, driven individuals is not only good for your soul and psyche but also makes you feel good about yourself and your outlook on life which in turn makes you beautiful from the inside out. Happiness gives everyone a healthy glow!

Facebook page for Simona

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September 12, 2015

MURAD skincare is “spot on”

I don’t want to jinx it but lately my skin has really been cooperating with me. Its been clear, smooth and the redness has gone down immensely. But still, every once in a while I still have that occasional little break out. With those pesky little ones, I don’t do my full acne clearing regimen. Instead I grab my MURAD Acne Spot Fast Fix. One little dab on the infected area and in one night it has gone down almost instantly.

MURAD Spot Treatment

MURAD Spot Treatment

MURAD was created by a Doctor to bring you the utmost in skincare to target your problem. After I cleanse at night, I put just one small dob on my finger (making sure my hands are clean), warm it up on my fingers and rub onto my acne spots. As I sleep, its like a little miracle is happening beneath the epidermis lol. In the morning the sore pimple spot gets smaller and hurts less. After about 2-3 nightly treatments my spots are gone for good.

Depending on the deepness of the pimple, how well your skin reacts to the product and how often you do these treatments will determine how fast they are treated. MURAD is very gentle, perfect for sensitive skin, and cost effective. So whether you have rosacea, acne, anti aging or just need a great skincare regimen try MURAD. For even more information on MURAD check out and check out your local ULTA to find how you can get your hands on some!

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September 5, 2015

Do the “TanGo”

Lately my career has me on the road up to 2-3 weeks sometimes more. Even though I love it, Its hard to adjust to my daily skincare routine. With that includes wanting to do some self tanner being that we are now going into the fall months. I have always loved self tanning because the sun and I are not the best of friends lol. And on top of the that, sometimes I don’t get it even enough. With TanGo exfoliating mitt, applicator mitt, removal cloth and glove I can get the perfect tan.



TanGo’s products are non abrasive so you don’t have to worry about it harming your skin, and the cloth and glove are even great for removing makeup. No product. Wet the towel down and just wipe away. Its that cool. Also, lets say you no longer want your tan just use the tan removal glove and instantly your tan comes off. The applicator applies your tanner evenly, thoroughly and leaves your hand feeling less sticky and mess free. And all products are reusable!

TanGo is by far one of the best tanning supply I have ever used. With so many different uses in the glove & towel, the applicator giving a flawless finish and the exfoliator mitt making you feel squeaky l=clan, its no wonder I can’t get enough. I swear I’m beyond addicted to all these products (especially the exfoliator mitt). For more information on how you to can purchase these products check out

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August 27, 2015

Head to Toe Glow


Summer skin glow begins in the shower, your shower. You don’t have to shell out big bucks to have younger looking skin. Jump into the shower with dull, dry, dead skin and let Aqua Beauty Ocean Fresh Salt Scrub + Polishing Glove system turn back the hands of time.

This Dual exfoliation set comes with the Salt Scrub and 2 Skin polishing Gloves that works like magic. Aqua Beauty truly turns your shower into a “traveling hot tub.” Just jump into the shower, put on your Skin Polishing Glove and squirt a generous amount of the Salt Scrub in the palm of your hand and rub away that dull, dry, dead skin to renew your skin to smooth, youthful glowing skin.

We all want that youthful, glowing smooth skin that we once had. Your glow is just a click away. With Body Benefits Aqua Beauty Ocean Fresh Salt Scrub + Polishing Glove System in your shower your younger looking skin glow is just a scrub away.

Click on the video to see my results after using Aqua Beauty and get a bonus DIY exfoliating Coffee Mask for your face. Get your head to toe glow. <a href="http://[youtube]” target=”_blank”>

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August 12, 2015

Go Nude with 3Lab Anti-Ageing Cream

3Lab me 4
I am speaking to the women who are fighting those fine lines, dry skin and just overall dull looking skin. At the ripe age of 43 my day to day make up is Mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss my skin is nude and needs to be able to stand all on its on. I want that youthful glow for many, many years. I know that it is time to step up my game and really focus on my skin care. 3LAB Anti-Ageing Cream is luxury in a small package. It is so simple to use, which is important to me, I am not ready to do 12 steps when I wash my face. With 3LAB Anti-Ageing Cream it is a quick 2 steps process… clean your face, then apply a small amount of 3LAB Anti-Ageing Cream to your cleansed face and let the recharging begin.
3LAB Anti-Aging-Cream
This velvety buttery anti-aging cream will spark your skin and return that beautiful youthful afterglow, you thought was lost. This creation makes my skin radiant and shine like the stars on Hollywood Boulevard and your skin can too
Don’t be afraid to go nude at any age!

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