Donna Raheb
December 21, 2017


Soap & Glory Gifts Sets are back at Walgreens this holiday season and we couldn’t be happier. Soap & Glory is one of our favorite Bath Spa Lines. The brand has everything you need for extensive pampering. Soap & Glory make fabulous gifts too! The packaging is fun and the fresh scents are amazing.

We can’t resist the  Big Pink Gift box (shown above on the left). This box contains everythin from soaps to scrubs with products like Clean On Me Shower Gel, Scrub Of Your Life Body Buffer, Righteous Butter, Hand Food Hand Cream, Heel Genius Foot Cream and  a super-sudsy shower puff and headband. Did they miss anything? I think not.

Another Fabulous gift waiting under ther tree for someone special is Soap & Glory Extrava-Glamza Gift. Featuried a spectacular pop-up-boudoir make-up box that will take center stage in any girl’s will find Thick & Fast HD Mascara, Supercat Liquid Eyeliner in BlackSexy Mother Pucker Lip Glosses in Candy Queen and Plums UpGlow All Out Luminising Face Powder and Lid Stuff Eyeshadow Palette in Fair Dues, How Nude!, Twinkle Belles, Mauve On Up, Iced Coffee and Plumple.


Don’t miss out on these remarkable gift sets at remarkable prices this holiday season. Shop or find a Walgreens near you at

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December 20, 2017

If you love makeup you will love deck of scarlet

Deck of Scarlet

DECK OF SCARLET, the latest in makeup subscriptions, is a “must-have” this holiday season. As you can see below, my daughter Adrienne created the most glamours doe-eye look with the palette shown above. This stunning Edition #5 features eyeshadows in Dream, Gold Digger and Luna Lip Liner in Luna, Eyeliner in Twilight; Lip Color in Sass Queen and Pinky Promise; Cheek Color in Dusk and a Highlighter in Prosecco. The glamorous or subtle looks you can create with Palettes from Deck of Scarlet are endless.
A little about Deck of Scarlet: “Approximately 6 times a year, a Deck of Scarlet makeup subscription service will send an exclusive, new, YouTuber-designed palette to subscribers’ doorsteps. Each palette contains everything you need to get a full-blown glam look, and is delivered together with a tutorial. As for the makeup itself, the brand focuses on the hallmarks of a truly good beauty product: color payoff, wearability, and multidimensional shades”.

One of the features I love about Deck of Scarlet Subscription is that you can preview the next palette shipment online before they ship it. If you want to skip it, then skip it. You only pay for what is shipped and you can cancel anytime. I Love it!!!

Find more information about Deck of Scarlet here: and start your subscription now. Deck of Scarlet is the perfect gift for the holidays or any occasion.




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December 15, 2017

Everyone needs a Little Sally Hansen for the holidays

I decided to pamper myself with Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oils  and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Mini Sets. My nail tech constantly tells me that my cuticles are dry and really need to be moisturized. Sally Hansen  cuticle oils that are working quite well.

For a limited time only, Sally Hansen’s Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oils come in two fabulous holiday scents, vanilla buttercream and refreshing peppermint. The oils are applied with the attached brush applicator. These amazing scents will linger on your hands for hours. Sally Hansen’s Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oils are enriched with a natural essential oil complex with Vitamin E, its formula leaving skin and nails feeling hydrated, soft, and healthy while helping to protect nails.These oils make a perfect stocking stuffier or gift topper.

 I have one of the  Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure™ holiday mini sets, my only problem is choosing a shade. All four of these colors are perfect for this holiday season. My girls love Sally Hansen Nail Polishes as do I. The chip-resistant polish with Keritin feature makes these the nail polishes superb. The Complete Salon Manicure mini sets are ideal for stocking stuffers and holiday gift exchanges or just a little something extra. You can’t beat the prices and you can find them at most retail and drug stores.

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December 15, 2017

wunder 2 Pure Pigments are pure beauty and perfect Stocking Stuffers

Imagine the fabulous look you can create with WUNDER2 Pure Pigments Ultra Fine Loose Color Powders on your eyelids. Imagine no more….our beautiful “I’s a Glam Thing” Guest blogger Maryiah, demonstrated her looks using Pure Pigments

Maldives Blue with Pearl Powder on the inside lid

Maldives Blue with Pearl Powder on the inside corner lid

There are 5 pigments to choose from; Midnight Blue, Lavender Fielc, along with Mariyah’s choice of colors; Maldives Blue, Sunkissed Gold and Pearl Powder. These intense pigments are waterproof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof. Each shade will last up to 24-hours.

Pure Pigments Maldives Blue with Pearl Powder

PURE PIGMENTS are ultra-fine, highly concentrated loose color powders that will help you  create both a soft, eye-popping makeup look. Below, for a beautiful shimmery effect is Pearl Powder.

Pure PigmentsPearl Powder

Just in time for the holidays or any time for a sleek golden finish Mariyah uses Sunkissed Gold.

Pure Pigments Sunkissed Gold


Pure Pigments Sunkissed Gold


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December 14, 2017

Whether you’re Naughty or Nice You need Luscious Lips


Luscious Cosmetics has recently introduced a 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free Makeup, the Pout Marker. If you are obsessed with lip colors like I am, you need to snag a Pout Marker in one or more of your favorite shades.  This collection of Lip Contour Crayons are each named after different archetypes of strong women and consists of 14 part lipliner/part lipsticks in creamy matte shades.

You apply the marker like you would a lip liner, then fill in your lips. The color lasts all through the day or night. Pout Marker can be use as a lip liner only and you can add a bit of gloss for an added shine.

Pout Markers are infused with nourishing argan oil to keep your lips moisturized and  the Built-in-Sharpener at the opposite end of the marker is an added bonus.

Pout Markers are 100% VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE and makes the perfect Stocking stuffer gift for the holidays or any occassion. View the line of Pout Markers at


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December 6, 2017

7 Essential Things You Need for Flawless Business Website Designing

For designing business websites, it is important to have a few things. Those things are discussed in the following section of this article. We all know about website designing, and we understand the benefits of proper web design. If your business website has not been designed properly, your online business may suffer lack of exposure. The business would not flourish without a good website or web platform. In the following section, we shall know about the essential things that you need for seamless website designing. From hiring a good service provider to using the best tools, complete guidance has been offered in the following section.

  1. Finding the Right Service Provider

The most important thing is to find the right service provider for website designing. You need to get in touch with a designer who has experience and expertise in this field. You need to find someone who has a vast knowledge of designing exclusive websites with seamlessness. Designing a business website is different from personal websites. At business websites, many pages are required to be added. For e-commerce website designing, veteran developers should be contacted. With experience and expertise, it is not easy to create a vast and meticulous web platform for running businesses.

  1. Designing Business Logo and Website Banner

Before having a professional website for hosting online business, you need a proper logo as well as website banner. The business logo has to be professional, and it should be used on the website for effective business branding. Every business owner wants to enhance business brand value. For that purpose, corporate designing is important. Symbols play important roles in business marketing. A business logo is always considered as essential for this purpose. A properly designed business logo can fetch excellent business recognition. Along with the business logo, the cover picture or banner of the website should be designed with perfection. Without these two essential elements, there is no point of starting the job of website designing.

  1. Web Hosting Server

For professional website designing, it is crucial to have secured as well as cutting-edge website hosting server. For effective website hosting, you need to find experienced as well as a reliable service provider, which offer secured server for website hosting. The hosting server should be used properly. If you want to create a dynamic website through the integration of content management system, you should opt for professional assistance for this purpose. Veteran personnel can deliver seamless CMS integration with your website hosting server. For this, you need to get in touch with LasVegasWebDesignCo.

  1. Website Contents

A website is nothing without its content. Thus, the content should be ready to be inserted on the website once it has been developed. For website content writing, a lot of care should be taken. One needs to write contents properly. The content should reflect the sole purpose of the website. The content should be informative and formal. It should have the flair to attract the readers. It must be unique or not copied from anywhere else. Overall, the content should be precise as well as meticulous to make a business successful.

  1. Product Photographs

If you want an e-commerce website, you should keep your product photographs ready. To sell products online, you need to offer pictures or photographs of products from different angles so that buyers can get a better feel for the particular product. The products should be photographed professionally. Dingy or unprofessional product photographs will not fetch revenues as you had expected from your e-commerce store. These photographs play an important role in e-commerce website designing.

  1. Google Guidelines

Website owners need to read and follow Google guidelines if they want their website to fetch money. Your website will gain maximum exposure through a search engine, especially through Google. That is why Google guideline is important for your business. Every ethical online based business should follow the guidelines of Google for designing as well as developing its business website. You must adhere to the rules of optimization to climb on top of the search results. The website must be optimized with proper keywords. It must have simple as well as responsive interface. Moreover, the website should be updated, when there is a policy change for Google. Adhering to the guidelines of Google will fetch excellent business reputation.

  1. Website Designing Plan

Every job starts with planning. The key is to plan things properly so that you can get the exact result that you would have wanted. Your website designing plan should include many things. It must have a proper guideline for the website designer. When you have clear guidelines for your service provider, it will get better for the service provider to match your expectations. So, you should be careful about building the plan for website designing. It is essential to sit and discuss things with the service provider before finalizing the website design.

Hopefully, with the tips I have shared above you will manage to come up with a seamless website design for your company.

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November 30, 2017

Fill some stocking with gifts from Cricket

How many times have you heard your kids say: “Mom, do you have any hair ties on you?  I need to put my hair up”, “Mom, do you have any bobby pins on you?”, Mom, I can’t find bobby pins anywhere!  If you have a figure skater, dancer,  athlete or anyone with long hair, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Problem solved! This Christmas my girls are going to find Hair Ties and Bobby Pin Tins from CRICKET in their Christmas stocking. offers adorable fashion tins which are perfect for keeping your elastics and/or hair ties together.  The tins, packed with elastics or bobbypins, will be their best friend.

The nice feature about the tins is that they store perfectly in the medicine cabinet. The Tins are perfect for on the go. They fit in your hand bag, sports bag, Dance bag and Car Console.  You will never have an “elastic mess” in your draw or handbag ever again.

Hold it all together Bobby Pin Tins coms with 75 black bobby pins.
 Fix Your Ponytail Ties Tin gives you 50 classic black, no metal (no ouch), hair elastics

Cricket Co.  Hair Ties Tin ($8.95) & Bobby Pins Tins ($8.95) are available at Ulta while supplies last

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November 30, 2017

Holiday shopping is so much fun when shopping for Hard Candy

If you didn’t start your holiday shopping yet, head on over to Walmart. Specifically, the perfume section where you will find Hard Candy Black Eau de Parfum Fragrance Spray and Hard Candy Pink Fragrance Body Mist, both for women. My girls and many of our bloggers love Hard Candy Cosmetics and the Hard Candy scents are no exception. 

Hard Candy Pink Fragrance Body Mist features top notes of fruit, mid notes of floral and lower notes that embody sweet flavors. Hard Candy Black Eau de Parfum Fragrance Spray is a fruity, floral blend, a flirty, feminine scent wrapped with a delicious sugarcoated mix of sweet and gourmand notes all wrapped in a creamy, exotic bouquet. If you love light floral and sweet scents, you will love these fragrances.

Hard Candy Pink Fragrance Body Mists and Perfumes are perfect to start your day or end your day after bathing. Pack you body mist in your gym bag for a quick spritz, you will smell amazing.

Hard Candy Pink Fragrance Body Mists and Perfumes make wonderful gifts at affordable prices.  This Holiday season Hard Candy has you covered.



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November 30, 2017

Step into the Season with mooshu TRAINERS!

Help the little one in your life step into the holiday season in style with mooshu TRAINERS

Brooke Shields

The perfect present for under the tree, mooshu TRAINERS are well-designed shoes with flexible soles and soft materials that bend with each step. Cute, comfy and fun, these stylish shoes are gentle on growing feet and encourage a proper heel to toe gait. Dress up your little darling in shoes that even Santa would envy! Adored by celeb parents such as Savannah Guthrie, Jenna Bush Hager and Sarah Haines, mooshu TRAINERS are the perfect stocking stuffer for any toddler’s first holiday. mooshu TRAINERS will delight both parents and kids this holiday season!

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November 7, 2017

For your makeup coverage The makeup Drop is a Must-Have

I use a makeup sponge from time to time. One thing that annoys me about it is that it’s difficult to clean. When I do wash it it always looks dingy. The sponge also absorbs quite a bit of make-up and that aggravates me too. What’s the solution to these issues?  The MakeupDrop.
The MakeupDrop is an accessory you won’t want to give up once you have tried it. The MakeupDrop is a silicone, Non-toxic, Paraben-Free and Cruelty-Free product. The MakeupDrop is anti-microbial so it will not harbor bacteria or promote mold growth. My favorite aspect of The MakeupDrop is that it’s so easy to use, and I use only 1/8 of the makeup I would use with a sponge. It’s so easy to clean !!. It looks brand new after each cleaning. The teardrop shape allows you to apply makeup in the narrowest places on your face.
Click on  The MakeupDrop and get yours today

It’s a Glam Thing’s Julia Nell features The Makeup Drop in her video “Acne Coverage Foundation Routine! below:

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