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October 23, 2018

Air or Sea? The Pros and Cons

Traveling has become so accessible to so many of us that we hardly ever think about the impacts it has on the environment, our budget, or even the quality of our trip. For example, we will often take a plane as the fastest means to get to a destination, without even considering the merits of going on a road trip along the way. So, if you are debating on whether to go by air or by sea to your next destination, here is a quick run-down of the pros and cons for either option:

Traveling by Air

The Pros

There are many pros to traveling by air. From faster travel times (an absolute must when your destination is thousands of miles away) to cheaper travel, flights are the go-to option for many business and leisure travelers around the world. You can also enjoy more protections and rights than some sea-faring options. If you travel within the EU, to the EU on a European airline, or from the EU, then you can enjoy delay and cancellation protections. This way you don’t have to worry about your Thomas Cook flight being delayed, for example, as you can instead make a claim on and receive compensation to cover some or all of the costs.

The Cons

The cons of air travel are primarily due to the massive amounts of CO2 emissions that each flight costs. During this critical period in our history, it is important for everyone to do all they can to reduce their carbon footprint and waste. That being said, this shouldn’t bar you from flying entirely. You could instead join a carbon-emissions offset program to fly guilt-free.  

Traveling by Sea

The Pros

Traveling by sea is a luxurious affair, meaning you won’t likely have to deal with uncomfortable conditions. In fact, the most basic of all sea travels will be a ferry which takes, at most, a few hours. For most sea-travel, your experience will be with a cruise. Cruises are great ways to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. As they often come in packages, they can be easily budgeted for as well. Enjoy the sea, enjoy the sun, and in most cases explore a variety of destinations that help you maximize your vacation experience.

The Cons

When you travel by sea, you are stuck with the schedule. You cannot fall in love with a port town and stay a few extra days. You will also have to double check to ensure that food and drinks are included in your package. Otherwise this could become a huge unexpected cost. Cruises are also not ideal for those who are easily sea-sick or who have a limited amount of time for their vacation.

Knowing all your options when it comes to getting to your destination will help you make the right choice for your next trip. Just remember to stay within budget and to work out tra

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October 17, 2018

Osmosis Colour Creates Think Pink Lip Gloss to Benefit Charity Dancers Against Cancer

Osmosis Colour Mineral Cosmetics is launching a new Lip Gloss today called Think Pink. With a percentage of all proceeds going to the charity Dancers Against Cancer, this creamy, sheer shade has a subtle shimmer and a high shine finish.


Introducing the newest shade to the Osmosis Colour Lip Goss collection, Think Pink ($19) is a beautiful sheer pink with a high shine finish. Robin McGee, Osmosis Colour Founder and Dr. Ben Johnson, Co-Founder along with Kids Artistic Review, a sponsor of Dancers Against Cancer, created this shade to raise money for the charity Dancers Against Cancer (DAC).

Donating a percentage of all Think Pink proceeds, Robin, Ben and their daughters chose this organization because they have witnessed firsthand the impact of this program on those battling cancer. DAC’s mission is to create an alliance in the dance community that provides financial support and inspiration to instructors, choreographers, dancers and their families who have been impacted by cancer.

With an irresistible scent of grapefruit and strawberry, all Osmosis lip glosses feature a creamy, rich texture and 3D pigments to help lips appear fuller and more plumped. The line’s jojoba and sunflower oils hydrate and nourish, encouraging the healing process and turning dry, chapped areas into baby smooth and soft. Enhancing your natural barriers to lock moisture in, each formula will also promote firmness and elasticity. Each swipe of luminous color will even help remove free radicals and block environmental age-factors, all thanks to its antioxidant packed ingredients. Gluten-Free. Oncology Friendly

Price: $19 from

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October 16, 2018

 n:p beautiful by Celebrity Hairstylist David Babaii Launches at Nordstrom

Launching at Nordstrom, n:p beautiful, created by celebrity hairstylist David Babaii, features innovative styling tools (a vibrating flat iron!) along with haircare containing plant stem cells. According to Meghan Markle, this under the radar hair brand is “Life Changing”.  The brand also gives 10% of net proceeds to Pediatric Cancer Research and Animal Welfare charities.

Beauty begins the moment you open the box

It’s sleek and sexy, but natural and conscious too: giving back is the new beautiful.

Created by celebrity hairstylist David Babaii, n:p beautiful is a new line of revolutionary hairstyling tools and products utilizing the science of stem cell technology just launched at Nordstrom. 

After seven years of research, David Babaii, Chief Global Creative Director, is proud to introduce plant stem cells into his now, patent-pending haircare. Working tirelessly to capture the essence and wonder of Mother Nature in a bottle, he managed to bring plant-based proteins to hair — proteins that are rich and restorative, fully delivering key nutrients to each strand. Whether naturally fine, thick, curly or frizzy, n:p beautiful is ideal for all types of hair. The products are also free of sulfates, parabens and artificial dyes for an elevated, all-natural experience. Plus, the entire line is dedicated to giving 10% of net proceeds to pediatric cancer and animal welfare charities. Because what’s more gorgeous than giving back?

David Babaii is the man who styles the most beautiful women in the world including Meghan Markle, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie and more.

n:p beautiful’s hair styling tools are innovative, sexy and beautiful with sleek Italian design, matte black packaging and rose gold accents They include a lightweight, high-wind performance blow dryer, a fast-heating ergonomic tourmaline barrel curling iron and an innovative flat iron with vibrating plates that pulse as hair passes through to minimize tugging, pulling and heat damage. Hair is sleek, shiny, and manageable.

Continuing the matte black theme with delicate touches of rose gold, n:p beautiful’s 10 styling products will transform your hair the minute you open the bottle. Containing the amazing restorative ingredients mother nature is famous for, plants are incredible self-nourishers with the unique ability to repair and regenerate and lead astonishingly long lives. Whether it’s his Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, sexy Beach Spray, or Miracle Serum, each formula delivers nature’s healing ingredients like: Royal Jelly – which provides nutrition to the Queen Bee herself so of course it’s good enough for you, Lotus Flower – which increases hair strength and elasticity and Wild Ginger Root – which promotes fullness and volume. The results are smoother, thicker, glossier, hair.

“I have spent 17 years of my career working with some of the most famous people in the world, all of whom have different hair types,” explains Babaii. “Throughout this journey of creating different hairstyles for my clients, I never found a product that allowed me to fully achieve my goals… I would always have to use multiple products to achieve these looks. So, when given the opportunity to create a new hair care line, I wanted to develop something that really does what it says it does.”

As a result, the style, the feel, the results — they’re all special with n:p beautiful. Designed for the modern woman who wants glamorous, healthy looking hair, but also cares about the social impact associated with her products, the line’s presence is evident from the moment you open the box. For n:p beautiful, it’s all about finding the beauty in the world.

To learn more about n:p beautiful, please visit  or and follow us on social media via @npbeautiful.

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October 4, 2018

Whitney Port wears Ritch Erani! 

Whitney Port was photographed wearing Ritch Erani NYFC shoes last night at the celebration for Who What Wear x Tacori Launch Party. The fashionista showed off a chic black look with her Ritch Erani NYFC’s Vertigo Pumps($585,; available for purchase on
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October 4, 2018

Turn back the clock with clean beauty from Arbonne


15 years ago the botanical based beauty brand, Arbonne, premiered the cleanest healthy-aging skincare line on the market – RE9 Advanced Look at the below before/after results – 15 years later!! Free of parabens, toxic chemicals, animal byproducts, fragrances, and dyes, RE9 Advanced works by using gold standard ingredients like orange stem cells and pineapple and papaya extracts to rewind the clock, protect your skin with SPF 20 daytime options, and repair with their best-selling RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum. Best of all is the RE9 Advanced Night Repair Cream — your skin works to turnover new skin cells while you sleep. Wake up looking refreshed and renewed with a healthy glow. 🙂

This set is on a REWIND special…taking you back to its 2003 debut pricing this month only (a $364 value for $212.80)! Stock up or get on this skincare regimen that lasts 3-4 months and with a 45 day money back guarantee.

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October 4, 2018


When most people think of Botox the first thing that usually comes to mind is wrinkle reduction. Indeed, Botox is the world’s most popular treatment for eradicating wrinkles and fine lines. The toxin is specifically FDA approved for treating frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) and lines around the eyes (crow’s feet). In addition to being the gold standard for wrinkle reduction, Botox can also be used to treat a variety of issues, both cosmetic and non-cosmetic. Dr. Stanley Poulos is a San Francisco area board certified plastic surgeon. He provides a list of conditions that Botox has been used to treat.


Botox can curb oil production, reducing breakouts. “To totally treat acne, you’d need to use doses of Botox so large they’d prevent you from constricting your facial muscles,” says Dr. Poulos. “But tiny amounts of Botox injected very superficially help reduce oil production, and you can still have facial expressions.” Though he’d recommend it for almost any patient struggling with acne, Poulos would likely advise trying another dermatologist-prescribed treatment, like spironolactone or birth control pills, first. And though it can technically be used to quell oil production anywhere on the face, he cautions against using it all over because of potential effects on muscular activity (a.k.a. frozen face). The most effective and common area for using Botox to curb oil production, he says, is the forehead.

Gummy smile (not FDA approved)

A “gummy” smile, one that’s characterized by a smile that shows too much of the gums, usually results from “excessive lip elevation” when the upper lip rises too far above the upper teeth when smiling. Injecting Botox into the upper lip weakens the upper lip’s retractor muscles so that it won’t raise as high and your smile will seem better-balanced. It can be done in about five minutes. Usually lasts for four to six months. Costs range from $200-$300. Dr. Poulos says, “This technique is not for the novice Botox injector. Too much, and your lip won’t raise enough, too little and you will need more, or if injected asymmetrically, you might have a funny asymmetrical smile.”

Urinary incontinence

Overactive bladder problems affect up to 20% of women over 40. For severe cases where medications do not provide complete relief, Botox injections into the bladder wall may provide relief lasting about 6 months.


Psoriasis is uncomfortable, itchy, and not exactly easy on the eyes. Luckily, this flaky skin condition could be a thing of the past thanks to Botox. Though psoriasis is technically incurable, Botox minimizes the activity of inflammatory cells that bring on outbreaks.

Excessive Sweating

For those who suffer from excessive sweating, however, summer isn’t always the sunniest time of the year. Thankfully, Botox could be a saving grace for those attempting to manage this condition, which is officially known as axillary hyperhidrosis. Studies show that just a handful of injections can reduce underarm sweat for up to TWO years. Um, where do we sign up?


The benefits of Botox® may be more than skin deep; two recent studies suggest that it may help alleviate the symptoms of depression. In a study published in the May 2014 issue of the Journal of Psychiatric Research, more than half of participants who had moderate-to-severe depression showed a substantial improvement in depressive symptoms following one injection of Botox® between the brows. This improvement lasts longer than the cosmetic effects, suggesting that the effect may be more than just feeling better about your appearance. Botox® is not approved to treat depression.

Teeth Grinding

Injections of Botox® were used to control involuntary muscle tension and spasms long before it became the go-to wrinkle buster. Dr. Poulos says that, “these neurotoxin injections may weaken the chewing muscles enough to reduce bruxism (teeth grinding) without affecting your ability to chew, talk and smile. Results last about four months. Botox® is not yet approved to treat bruxism.”

Migraine Headache

Botox® is approved by the FDA to treat chronic migraine headaches in adults who have 15 or more headache-days a month, each lasting four hours or more. Studies that led to this indication show that BOTOX®® prevents up to nine headache-days a month (vs seven for dummy injections). Other research hints that the neurotoxin may also help with low cerebrospinal fluid headaches and cluster or “suicide” headaches.

Brow boost

Much like lines form over time, your brow may also drop or droop. Botox cosmetic treatments can also be used to improve the appearance of the brow. Dr. Poulos explains that, “weakening muscles that pull the lateral brow down while selectively leaving the brow elevators intact can give a subtle lift and gives the brow more stability. Lifting the brows in this way leaves you with a less tired and younger, fresher appearance.”

Jaw Reduction (off label use)

Botox can be used to perform jaw reduction (commonly called jaw line softening). Injecting Botox into the masseter muscle (the primary muscle used in chewing actions) reduces its overall size; transforming an overly square and masculine appearing jawline into a more feminine oval or heart shape.

About Dr. Stanley Poulos

Dr. Poulos is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Co-Founder with Yngvar Hvistendahl, M.D of Plastic Surgery Specialists recognized as one of the premier aesthetic surgery clinics in Northern California.

Dr. Poulos helped pioneer the quick lift facial rejuvenation surgery in California and has extensive experience in body contour procedures. With over 30-years’ experience in aesthetic procedures, Dr. Poulos has been on the forefront of innovative procedures such as the quick-lift facial rejuvenation, mommy makeover, and vaser lipo-contouring. Dr. Poulos combines his consistent knowledge of new treatment options with his mastery of facial and body symmetry.

His recent focus has been on the gastric balloon, a groundbreaking, non-surgical, medically assisted, outpatient procedure offering weight loss to those seeking to lose between 30 and 75 pounds who may be ineligible for the more invasive gastric bypass surgery. This exciting new procedure allows patients to achieve optimal health and, when combined with exercise and proper nutrition, the results have been exceptional.

A graduate of the University of Texas Medical School, Dr. Poulos completed his internship and residency at UC San Francisco. He completed surgery and plastic surgery training in San Francisco prior to entering private practice in Marin County where he co-founded PSS (

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October 4, 2018

Kick your hair care up a notch with Clean Enhanced Organics

Summer is over and it’s time to assess the damage. If you have curly or color treated hair you really need a treatment. I mean  Clean Enhanced Organics Repair Intensive Restructuring Treatment. Clean Enhanced Organics Repair Intensive Restructuring Treatment is a mask for your hair. It has done wonders for mine. I use it once a week and I can feel the softness and bounce restored. My hair always gets a little drier in the summer and the hair dying doesn’t help matters. What I love about Clean Enhanced Organics Repair Intensive Restructuring Treatment is that after shampooing you hair, you apply the treatment and leave it in for 3 to 5 minutes. I’ve used hair masks that you have to leave in for 15 minutes. This is ok if you have the time but I usually don’t. The treatment is fast, easy and has an incredibly delightful scent which is a plus. The Lavender and Lemon Balm extracts really stand out. The results are great!

As stated by Clean Enhanced Organics, “Repair Intensive Restructuring Treatment repairs and restructures hair damaged by environmental stress, heat styling or chemical treatments. It’s purpose is to not only repair hair but restructure strands in order to provide healthy, fully bodied look. It is designed to be used as a treatment product with other Clean Enhanced Organics shampoos and conditioners and in conjunction with Repair Style Spray and Repair Hair Oil Treatment. Formulated with organic Aloe, Camomile, Lavender and Lemon Balm extracts. This restructuring treatment fulfills its promise of healthier hair without the use of harsh chemicals. Clean Enhanced Organics prides itself on providing the highest possible level of product performance without sacrificing the importance of natural ingredients.”

Clean Enhanced Organics offers an array of haircare products including styling and repair creams and sprays.


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October 4, 2018

The reason why people love jewelry


Jewellery is the most desired possession that a woman has to themselves. This is the thing that most women love to have and wear it frequently. They are no doubt expensive but to have them on the body makes the person expensive in a whole. That might be one reason why womenlove to have them on the body.

With the popularity of the jewellery in the market, the jewellery designinghas been a great moving ahead in the field. Now you can get all the Jewellery Online. There are one many designs that are available in the market that one lures to have all at once. The jewellery doesn’t come in cheap and hence are a symbol for luxury as well.

One of the questions that keep popping in the head is why is he jewellery such a desired possession among the women. The reason to that may be many but there are some benefits that are a concrete proved to why are the jewellery worn by women. With the list down you are sure to be more influenced to have jewellery on your body.


The jewellery has the same impression on the body similar to the clothes. The types of clothes that you wear have a special effect on the body. They make the person look beautiful more than they would be otherwise with a different set of clothes.

The jewellery is one of such types of clothes that every woman looks beautiful into. There are several designs available in the market and each design has a differentenhanced effect on the body of the wear. The types of jewellery one wearto make them stand out of the rest. The bridal jewelry is one of such thing that adds a different beauty to the bride.

All want to be noticed. This is the human nature. The jewellery that a personwears makes then stand out from the rest of the crowd. The jewellery is the last touch that could be given on a woman to enhance the beauty. The jewellery cannot be worn to just as a random thing, it has to be maintained with the outfit that you have to make sure that you are looking great.

You might have seen model wear the jewellery. However, the jewellery is the standalone factor that makes them look better. However, with the jewellery fitting their clothes they look the best.

An asset

The jewellery isn’t just an ornament. It is more than that. Peeking into the past you will see that the kings used the jewellery as a possession. The jewelleryis made out of many valuable metals. This makes it more than just a jewellery. This is more of an asset that can be used in times of distress. That what the past reign did with the jewellery.

Since the past, the jewellery is a sector many people have invested in so that they could be exchanged in time of problemin life. This has also been converted into an investment scheme, among a lot of rich men. You might have seen the gold to be used to exchange in return of money. The jewellery serves the same purpose in life.

Prestige and status

The jewellery one wears define the status of the person. It is no new tale that the jewellery is one of the most expensive things that one could have in their life. The kings and queens in the past have used the jewellery to show their rank for the rest of the crowd.

The trend has changed. The people with the most amount of cashare the one who can afford the jewellery. This is the thing that differentiates them according to the status. It is often believed that the more jewellery you have on your body the status or rank you have. This has been incorporated in the recent centuries following the past.

You will often find the most expensive jewellery among the person what has the most amount of bank balance. Everyone wants to display their status and there is nothing better than the jewellery to do so. Action speaks and not worlds. This is the bestexample to display the proverb.


There are also several functions of the jewellery. This is also the reason why people love to be into it. The watch is also considered as a jewellery. There are also a lot of designs that are present that add an extra charm to the person. Along with that extra charm, it also allows the person to be working according to the time. Time is money, people say. Hence it is important to play both time and money.

Hence the jewellery is not just adding beauty to your body but also providing you with the functionality to get things easier for you. There are much more functionalities that these jewellery provide.


The jewellery has created a lot of employment for the people so that they can fill up their stomach.The material used for the construction of the jewelleryis being extracted. Hence a workforce is required to make that happen. In return, the people are getting a better life to be living in. This raw material extraction has the most number of employees. Then comes the frustrating process that has the second largest employees.

The jewellery business has made a lot of people to dream about a secure future. This is the most important reason why the jewellery is so important in this world.


Buying a jewellery to make yourself look beautiful is an important reason why you should be buying them. If you haven’t worn a jewellery ever then you should be trying them because they give a confidence that to carry yourself when you are in public. It gives you much confidence over your body.

You will better learn to love yourself with the jewellery on you. Now you don’t have to look for jewellery by visiting a store. In fact, the store hasopened an online portable for you to see the jewellery and purchase over the internet as well. All you have to do is judge them wisely so that they suit you to the best.




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October 3, 2018

How Dermal Fillers Make You Look Younger


Are trying to look younger without doing anything too drastic like facial augmentation or surgery? If that’s you, then dermal fillers may help you achieve a younger, more attractive appearance without the risks that come with surgery. Dermal fillers are safe, and they come in different types, giving you more options to achieve the type of look you want. In some cases, they are completely reversible and will give you a full-fledged 10-year rewind.

Here’s how dermal fillers can make you look younger:

  1. Reduce wrinkles and lines

Aging causes a gradual decrease in volume and fat on the face, and this, in turn, causes lines and wrinkles to appear. Certain lifestyle habits like smoking or sun exposure can make the skin look worse as you age – but the good news is you can make the lines disappear by using dermal fillers like Juverderm or Vollure, which add softness to your face and restore youthful plumpness.

Dermal fillers can also be used alongside other recognized skin treatments like Botox, microneedling, or chemical peels.  The end result is soft, smooth skin without the wrinkles and fine lines that come about when volume is reduced.

  1. Add volume to cheeks and chin

As we grow older we lose a large amount of the fat around the mouth and eyes, and on top of this reduction, the remaining fat tends to shift downward. This is what leads to loose, sagging skin in the area around the jawline and on the sides of the eyes. Much of this fat goes to the neck and chin, causing a double chin, general bagginess, and other unpleasant results.

So how do you stop this from happening? Dermal fillers fill those shallow contours on your face that don’t have the plumpness of youth. During treatment, the doctor will inject the fillers in areas of your face that need restoration and if you want a more pronounced chin to minimize the appearance of sagging, you can get it with some types of fillers.

  1. Make thin lips appear fuller

Full lips are not always a by-product of good genes. Dermal fillers can give you great lips and make you look younger by giving you a youthful appearance and sensual volume to a part of your face that everyone notices. Remember this treatment is safe, in some cases reversible; and your doctor will work with you to create the look you want.

Should I get dermal fillers?

Unless your doctor says otherwise, you can use dermal fillers to reduce lines and wrinkles on your face without any major risk; however, you need to know what to expect. While the procedure is considered low-risk, it can change your appearance in a drastic way. Note down these points as you go for treatment:

  1. a) Your appearance will change. A lot of times people want to use fillers and still maintain a perfectly natural look. While it’s important to look yourself, the whole point of fillers is to change how you look by altering the shape of your face – so you’re bound to come out different. In small amounts, fillers can be used to make subtle changes, but in the end it’s about creating the kind of change that makes you look better.
  2. b) Once it’s in, you may not be able to remove it. There are some types of fillers like Artefill or Sculptra that once they’re injected into your skin, they can’t be taken out; at least until they wear off. So if you hate your new look, it may be a while before your features look normal.
  3. c) There are always risks with any cosmetic procedure. Because you are injecting a substance into your skin, there is a small risk of a reaction. Most of these procedures go smoothly with no serious reaction to the fillers, but its worth noting the potential risks.    

The best way to decide whether dermal fillers is a good treatment for your skin is to book a consultation with skin specialist so you can discuss the different filler types and the look you want to achieve.

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October 3, 2018

How To Select A Bathroom Mirror

It goes without saying that when a house is being constructed, renovated or remodeled, we tend to take time to find the best fixtures for the house and this includes the bathroom. The type of vanity, the sink, the faucets, the bathtub and the like are all meticulously researched before we purchase them. But what is usually forgotten is the bathroom mirror, we tend to remember the reflection but forget the mirror that reflects our image. The bathroom mirror can add the touch of class that you so desire, in fact it should be the centrepiece of your bathroom, it should be the centre of attraction.

There are many types of mirrors that are available in the market and selecting one can be really tough. The following points should help you select a good bathroom mirror:

  • The first point which you should consider is to whether go for one mirror or to opt for two mirrors. Usually due to space constraints one mirror is enough but if you have two sinks in your bathroom you can think about getting two mirrors or one large mirror that covers the entire length. So sit with your loved ones and/or with your interior designer and decide what you need.
  • The next point to consider is the size of the mirror. The size of the mirror is usually a major point of contention in the family. While some like full length mirrors, others tend to feel that the mirror should be the size of the vanity or should be lesser in width than that of the vanity. The unspoken rule is that the mirror should not be wider than the vanity as it can hamper the overall design of the bathroom. Again the decision on size rests upon factors such as the available space, type of vanity etc.
  • The most important point to note while selecting a bathroom mirror is the frame. There are many types of frames available that will match your bathroom aesthetic. However, it all comes down to personal preferences. If you like you can opt for a frameless mirror which is a very good option because maintaining it is easy when compared to a mirror with a frame. Taking care of the frame can be a difficult task. If the mirror is going to be the centrepiece of attraction then you can opt for an ornate frame or one that looks like an antique.
  • Another option that you can choose is an illuminated bathroom mirror. If you are a person who likes to shave at home then the illuminated bathroom mirror will look like a godsend as you can shave up close and any hair that you missed will easily be seen. If your beloved loves to apply makeup then the illuminated mirrors will surely help. Some manufacturers even provide demister pads that keep the mirror clear at all times. However, you need to provide for a power source to light the LED bulbs.

The above mentioned points will surely help you to select a bathroom mirror, but in the end it all boils down to personal choices and preferences.

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