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December 11, 2018

Under $100: Ashley Tisdale’s OTK Boots!

Ashley Tisdale was photographed wearing Chinese Laundry while at Z100’s Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden. The singer looked holiday chic wearing the Benita Velvet Lace Up Over The Knee Boots in blue ($90,

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December 11, 2018

The Myths About Tallness & Improving Stature Review


A significant number of people won’t mind adding a few inches to their height. Many of them don’t like their current height, and that makes them vulnerable to misinformation.

Short stature people are more likely to take the available information at face value. They are eager to strike it gold by finding one factor that may finally make them tall.

In a highly consumerist culture, there’s almost a product for every need. And that includes growing tall. So, which claims is wheat and which are chaff? We debunk some of the myths below.

Weightlifting is not good for your height

One of the most popular arguments has been that weightlifting is not good for young growing bones. Typically, the cartilage on young lads is significantly weaker than the bones on mature adults. The growth plates are even more fragile and prone to fractures.

Much debate has centered on the compression of the spine that supposedly inhibits height growth. However, research shows that the effect of weight lifting is nothing but a myth. Therefore, there’s no need for avoiding weight-training entirely.

It is safe, but a certain level of supervision may be necessary, especially for young boys and girls. The blame on most of the injuries that are as a result of weight training is lack of supervision.

You cannot grow farther after hitting puberty

Adolescent years are when most of the growth spurts happen. The stage is characterized by a high endocrine activity. It is the time when the growth hormone and other hormones are produced at optimal levels. In most cases, you reach your optimal height at the end of this period.

The argument is that growth plates close at the end of this stage. However, that is not always the case. Some people may still experience growth even after puberty. And it is not a miracle.

You see, there are various growth plates in your body, and they do not all close at the same time.  The spine is the most critical body part that supports your entire body structure. It is also responsible for most of your height growth. Luckily, it is the last to close, and it may not necessarily be after the puberty.

Drinking milk is critical to height growth

Most blogs and parents do not stop insisting on the importance of drinking milk. Most people believe that milk is at the center of height growth. It is true that milk contains a significant amount of vitamin d and calcium. The two nutrients are vital to growth.

However, other foods contain the two nutrients. There are a variety of fruits and vegetables that can serve as a suitable replacement for the food. That is especially true if you are allergic to milk. One of the blogs we found helpful is the Height Growth Club, they have practical advice on growing taller.

Stretching exercises are helpful

The main idea behind stretching is to decompress the spine. There is some truth in that, but the effect is temporary. You may gain some height by stretching, but you will soon go back to your original stature.

Stretching exercises are quite helpful to your overall health. They help enhance blood flow to all parts of the body by removing any tension. Unfortunately, there is no direct link between your stature and stretching exercises. There’s also no conclusive research that indicates stretching helps you gain a permanent height.

Stretching exercises have the same effect as having a good night sleep. Resting your spine while you sleep helps decompress, and you may notice that you are taller in the morning. However, you become shorter in the evening. And the cycle continues.

Your genes are the only factor that affects your height

There’s no denying that the genetic makeup determines your final height. However, it is not the only factor. Research shows that a good diet can impact your final height by up to 4 inches.

For example, countries with higher GDP have a better average height than the developing countries. Wealthy countries can afford a well-balanced diet, and that helps in growing tall.

Other factors include medical conditions and exercises. Damage to the pituitary gland can inhibit proper production of the growth hormone. Also, a sedentary lifestyle causes unhealthy weight and the eventual decompression of the spine.

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December 11, 2018

CBD Oil Side Effects for Pets – Cannabidiol Review

Most of you may have heard that CBD oil is extremely useful and beneficial for dogs and cats. However, what it exactly is and how can it can help your pet, is something that very few of you probably know. CBD or Cannabidiol is an extract from the marijuana or cannabis plant. Although extracted from marijuana plant, it does not have any psychoactive effects on the user after consumption. This simply means that you will not feel “high” after having CBD oil. This makes it absolutely safe for pets and CBD is also non-toxic.

CBD oil is available in various forms in the market. It is available in the form of liquid tincture and also in the form of CBD infused pet food products. The dosage for your dog is dependent upon the size of your pet. You can easily mix a few drops of the tincture in your pet’s food and it will fail to know the difference in taste or smell. However, if your pet is one of those dogs that simply refuses to have any medicine, you can also opt for CBD infused food products for your dog.

CBD Benefits for Your Dog

CBD has been tested and studied by many scientists and it has been concluded that it contains anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. CBD has also been proved to have anti-anxiety properties. Thus, it makes it one of the best natural options when it comes to a number of health ailments in dogs such as allergies, cancer and tumors, arthritis, anxiety related problems, seizures, hip dysplasia, loss of appetite, mobility problems, pancreatitis, inflammation, and epilepsy, to name a few.

CBD Side Effects

Although studies have identified the various health benefits of CBD oil, there have also been tests that reveal the possible side effects CBD might have on pets. Some of these side effects are discussed below.

  • Dry Mouth: It may so happen that your pet may experience dry mouth due to CBD. According to tests, CBD tends to alter the productivity of saliva in your pet’s mouth. The best way to counter this problem is to give plenty of water to your pet if you give CBD to the dog.
  • Drowsiness: As discussed above, CBD has anti-anxiety effects on pets. It is highly beneficial to treat any anxiety related problems and panic attacks in dogs. Thus, the compound tends to make your pet feel drowsy due to its calming effect. The higher the dosage of the CBD oil, the greater will be the drowsiness.
  • Lowers the Blood Pressure Level: Higher doses of CBD oil has a possibility of lowering the blood pressure level in your pet. Although this drop in the blood pressure level is quite small, it may still make your dog feel light-headed.

Inhibition of Drug Metabolism: If you give greater doses of CBD oil to your pet, it may increase the chances of inhibiting the liver enzymes of your dog. As a result of this, your pet’s metabolism of some specific drugs would get interfered.

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December 11, 2018

End of the Year News from YouCam Makeup

As 2018 comes to a close, Sharing amazing end of the year updates from award-winning interactive augmented reality beauty app, YouCam Makeup. YouCam Makeup, provides users the opportunity to digitally try on different looks and trends, becoming an integral part of the consumer beauty journey. (What’s better than trying on makeup from your phone? MUCH cleaner than swatching!) This year, the app has garnered over 6 billion global look try-ons – a 16% increase from 2017!

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December 10, 2018

7th Heaven has a face mask for every Christmas Stocking

With over 2 dozen face masks to choose from, Montagne Jeunesse’s 7th Heaven has a face mask for every stocking this holiday season. If you don’t have a stocking, I suggest snagging an assortment of 7th Heaven face masks as they are very reasonably priced at only $1.99 each. They will make the perfect gift for anyone who loves catering to their skin. Last year I picked out one of each kind for each of my girls. They are fun, easy to apply and everyone feels refreshed after their treatment.

7th Heaven has a new mask that will definitely be in my girls stocking this year, Charcoal & Black Sugar Peel-Off. I have tried it and loved it. The main ingredients in this mask are Black Sugar, Witch Hazel and Charcoal. The activated charcoal draws out the dirt and impurities and the Black Sugar hydrates and smooths your skin. It’s quite refreshing and after you peel off the mask your skin will feel so soft. Use this mask once a week for best results.

7th Heaven has made stocking stuffing for guys much easier this year with 2 new masks formulated just for men. Deep Pore Cleansing Peel-Off and Rescue Mud Masque are quite unique and the guys will enjoy this “at home” facial treatment. My husband has already tried them out with positive results.

Dead Sea Salt, Spearmint Oil and Purified Water are the main ingredients in The Mens Peel Off Mask. This mask lifts dirt and other impurities out of the pores with deeply cleansing sea salt. His face will feel smoother and softer. Peel ff masks are gentler and more effective than scrubs leaving skin incredibly purified and smooth. Use once a week for great looking skin.

While the peel off masks works at taking the dirt out of your pores, The Dead Sea Rescue Mud Mask helps minimize the dirt buildup in your pores. This mud mask will energize your skin with a burst of natural orange oil. Used weekly, mud masks optimize your daily cleansing routine to keep skin super clean and less prone to blemishes and uneven skin tone.

7th Heaven has an array of masks formulated for many different skin types. The assortment includes Exfoliators, Muds, Creams, Peel-Offs, Self Heating, Mens, Spa, Pores and one designed just for Feet. Fill those stockings today.  7th Heaven Masks can be found in Target, Walgreens and many retail stores nationwide


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December 8, 2018

Stay Fab with Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks

You know what they say: you can never have enough lipsticks. Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick is bound to be an essential addition to your collection. In addition to their wide array of eye-catching shades, these velvety, 12-hour wear liquid lippies will top of any look imaginable all while staying put all day long.
PRICE: $4.99
WHERE TO BUY: Target, Walmart, and Walgreens
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December 6, 2018

Things To Do On A Ladies’ Night That Don’t Involve Hitting The Bar and Getting Drunk.

It’s probably been a long while since the last time you went out with your girlfriends. You’re excited to meet them again and to have another night out with your closest friends. Then a realization suddenly dawns upon you—Oh no. Not another night out, drinking alcohol in a bar.

The thought of “just another night of drunken bliss” seems to lack the appeal that it once had. And that’s understandable. Things get pretty old pretty quickly after all. So, no, you aren’t going to cancel your night out, not at all. But you’re also unsure what else there is to do. A dreary cycle of bars and drunkenness is bound to get boring really fast.

Well, we’ve got you. These are some fun alternatives that should not only keep your night fun and lively, but also provide a lot of opportunities to deepen your bond with one another:

Host a Wine Tasting Party

Well, sure, you’ve got alcohol involved. But you aren’t in a bar. So, this technically makes the list by way of omission. It’s still a great way to spend time with your lady friends and wines will always be classier than bar drinks. Buy a slew of different bottles and ages and you’re bound to get a taste for the finer things.

Go Old School With a Classic Sleepover

Remember when you were teenage girls and you’d spend sleepless, yet, fun nights at each other’s house? Well, relive the nostalgia of a time when life was much simpler and when the boys were… well, boys. You’ve got privacy, good company, good food, and lots of pillows. Who doesn’t want a PJ party after all?

Concoct a Group Recipe

Hunker down in your kitchen and concoct whatever baked, cooked, or what-other-cooking-process-have-you, treats. You’d have to be horrendously unskilled at cooking to mess this up. And well, even if you were, your friends would be there to guide you. Nothing strengthens a sisterly bond like a little treat-hatchery does.

Watch an All-Male Revue

But, if you really want to go out and have some fun, well, an all-male performance ought to get you a good time. That, of course, was a euphemism. Men with Greek God bodies, chiseled chins, and the enthusiasm that lives in every performer’s heart. What more could you ask for? One good example of such a show would be the Hunks the Show Male Revue which is one of the most well-received shows on tour. Because well. Hunks forevs. <3

Fake Bachelorette Party

Now, if you really must insist on going to the bar and getting drunk, well, do it differently. Go to your local variety shop, get some penis toys, a fake veil, and a bottle of wine and hit the bar like it’s your last night as a single lady. The fun part? You’d take turns being the lady of the night.

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December 6, 2018

Celebrity Hair stylist Linet K. customizes a style just for you

celebrity hairstylist Linet K ( is a certified master hair stylist specializing in color, cuts and extensions. She specializes in hair color including balayage, ombré, sombre, highlights, hair extensions, fashion colors, color correction, and grey coverage.

About Linet

Los Angeles native, celebrity hairstylist and colorist Linet K., is favored for her highly customized and perfectly achieved hair color, cuts, extensions and styling skills. Giving the best balayage in Los Angeles, Linet’s home base is in Beverly Hills. However, her creativity and attention to detail have allowed her to stand out in the competitive world of colorists taking her work to New York and San Francisco. Linet focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of each clients’ features. She specializes in all types of hair color and is well known for her artistry in sun-kissed balayage and perfectly blended color, cuts and extensions.  Don’t let her long list of celebrity and model clientele intimidate you, Linet will make sure you feel at home and secure the first time and every time you sit down in her chair.

Linet is a certified master hair stylist specializing in color, cuts and extensions. She specializes in hair color including balayage, ombré, sombre, highlights, hair extensions, fashion colors, color correction, and grey coverage.

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December 6, 2018

Alopecia: What it is and Ways to Deal with it

It can be difficult to cope with alopecia when you are first diagnosed, especially because it can make drastic changes to your overall appearance. Despite millions of people suffering from the condition, it is still relatively unknown in terms of research and support. It can leave you feeling alone, but you aren’t, and we have a little bit of advice on how to deal with it – as well as further explanation as to what alopecia is and the way it can affect those who have it.

What is Alopecia?

Technically, it is classed as an autoimmune condition, and is also known as a chronic inflammatory disease. What this means is that your immune system is tricked into thinking that your hair follicles are actually a foreign body and so it attacks them – causing your hair to fall out. Additionally, it can impact men and women alike, as well as all age ranges.

There are three main forms of alopecia, each of which varies in terms of severity. Below, you will find each of them listed from least severe to most:

  • Alopecia Areata. Partial hair loss and general patchiness on the head.
  • Alopecia Totalis. Total hair loss on the head.
  • Alopecia Universalis. Total hair loss across the entire body (including lashes and brows).

It is a painless condition, but there are some sufferers who have experienced skin irritation and soreness as a result of the balding areas. It tends to be caused by a combination of genetics and the environment, with conditions like depression or severe stress often acting as the trigger for the condition.

Alopecia and Mental Health

It is possible for alopecia to cause mental health issues as well as be triggered by it. Depression is the most common occurrence for those who suffer from the condition, and it can become quite serious if left untreated. Here are some of the symptoms to look out for if you think that your or a loved one is depressed:

  • Feeling down, upset, or tearful
  • Feeling restless, agitated, or irritable
  • Feeling guilty and worthless
  • Feeling empty and numb
  • Feeling isolated and unable to relate to other people
  • No longer finding pleasure in life or things you usually enjoy
  • Gaining a sense of unreality
  • Losing self-confidence or self-esteem
  • Feeling hopeless and full of despair
  • Feeling suicidal
  • Avoiding social events and activities you usually enjoy
  • Self-harming or suicidal behaviour
  • Finding it difficult to speak or think clearly
  • Losing interest in sex and general intimacy
  • Difficulty in remembering or an inability to concentrate on things
  • Using more tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs than usual
  • Difficulty sleeping, or sleeping too much
  • Feeling tired and drained (emotionally and physically) all the time
  • No appetite and losing weight, or eating too much and gaining weight
  • Physical aches and pains with no obvious cause
  • Moving very slowly, or being restless and agitated

Coping with the Reactions of Others

Other people are not always going to react kindly, and you may find that there are quite a few who are joking with you in a way that leaves your feelings and confidence shattered. A lot of the time it is because people don’t know how to react to conditions they do not understand, or they don’t want you to think that they pity you. Regardless, it is not something you should have to tolerate.

The best way to deal with the reactions of others is to embrace yourself and brush it off, but this is a lot easier said than done. It can be really hard to deal with the stares and comments, but over time many with alopecia state that it does get better. Therapy can be a massive help, especially as it gives you a chance to pour out your emotions and learn healthier coping mechanisms.

Sometimes, those with alopecia have found that running fundraisers and educational events have really helped with reactions because it ensures people understand the condition, that it’s not cancer, and it also isn’t contagious (something many fear with an illness they don’t understand). It’s up to you, but we are sure you will find the perfect way for coping.

To Conclude

Whether you are suffering, or someone you know has been recently diagnosed, we hope that this guide has been able to answer some of the questions you have been asking. If you want to learn more about alopecia and the ways in which you can try to overcome the emotional pain that often comes with it, we have a detailed guide on the topic that we know will be able to ease some of your distress.

Francesca Jaques is the author and editor of, Beauty therapist by day and writer by night. She reviews every hair product available, finding the best of the best and giving you all the tips possible to make life easier for you. For hairstyle ideas, tips and reviews, you can find them on her FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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November 29, 2018

Fierce, Metallic Manicures with Sally Hansen and Crayola

Metallic manis are a fierce fashion statement, and the new collection from Sally Hansen and Crayola, Insta-Dri Glam Rock, has something for everyone. Boasting 12 metallic inspired shades, this collection evokes childhood nostalgia and adds a touch of glam. The upgraded, longer lasting 3-in-1 formula boasts a built-in base and top coat and 1-coat coverage offers shiny, extended wear in a single step.
Price: $7.99 each
Where to Buy: Drugstores and mass merchants nationwide
From a high-shine, beautiful berry hue to a shimmering, gorgeous green, you’re bound to find at least one favorite color in this collection.
Sally Hansen + Crayola Insta-Dri Glam Rock Collection shades include:
Razzmic Berry This blue-tinged raspberry hue radiates with gorgeous gleam.
Shimmering Blush Don’t be bashful about donning this medium pink glimmering tone.
Big Dip O’Ruby This sparkly true red hue is a gem.
Bittersweet Shimmer A pink tinged with red, this multi-faceted shade is bold and confident.
Alloy Orange You’ll bond alloy-style with this tangerine tone spiked with a glitter finish.
Metallic Sunburst Catch early fall’s last rays of warmth in this marigold shimmer polish.
Sheen Green This lustrous lime green with a touch of sparkle will amp up any autumnal ensemble.
Metallic Seaweed This metallic teal conjures the calm of the sea.
B’Dazzled Blue This sapphire shade glints in the light just like the real deal.
Sonic Silver Feel the need for speed in a stunningly sleek silver metallic manicure.
Deep Space Sparkle A cosmic sparkle-tinged charcoal shade that goes with everything.
Blast Of Bronze This radiant deep copper tone is a subdued take on the rose gold trend.
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