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April 27, 2018

Leven Rambin Wears Pikolinos!

 Leven Rambin shared a photo on her Instagram story wearing Pikolinos over the weekend! The actress posed in her Pikolinos Javea sandals in black ($150,
Photo courtesy of Instagram



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April 26, 2018

Not Your Momma’s Hair Mousse 20-Year Stylist and Natural Curl Guru with Tips on Mastering Mousse

Styling mousse first came on the scene back in the 80’s when big hair was the thing. Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston were the ladies who set the hair trends back then. I’m sure if you see pictures of your mom from the 80’s, you will see the waterfall bangs and curls that were teased, fried and crunchy. It was a cool look then. It’s not cool now. Hair styles and the products we use have changed over the decades.

Maya Smith, International Master of Natural Curls and founder of The Doux®, a haircare line she created specifically for naturally curly hair, has seen the evolution of mousse from the very beginning to now. We caught up with Maya and scored some amazing tips and insights to help you know which ingredients to look for and how to best use mousse to maximize your modern style.

Q: First to get things clear, what is the purpose of mousse? How has it changed from when you first saw it back in the day? What is the main difference from the mousse we see today and those from the 80’s and 90’s? Were they intended for different kinds of styles, textures?

A: When I started in the industry, the 90’s hair was in full effect. Naturally curly girls used mousse to create the Hillary Banks (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) “wet” look. For volume a diffuser was used to get hair to stand up at the roots. The visual results were awesome, but if you tried to re-style your hair once it dried, you were in big trouble! While it was used on curly weaves, extensions, and wigs, mousse wasn’t even an option for girls with super-tight curls or kinky textures. These days, mousse is still used to achieve great definition and shine, but less emphasis is placed on how high your hair stands up, or how stiff the overall look is. It’s much more about softness and movement.

Q: What are some ingredients to look for? What’s good and what should be avoided?

A: Always be sure to look at the ingredients when shopping for products because this can make a big difference. Ingredients such as sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), Isopropyl, and Prolyene have been found to cause breakage and dry out your hair. The best way to achieve healthy hair is to have that balance between protein and moisture.

Q: What causes that crunch and what were some of the problems with the mousse options available that inspired you to create your own? Can mousse be combined with other products? What are the benefits of combining products and steps?

A: It’s common for mousse to be combined with gel or cream because most mousses on the market contain alcohol to make the hair dry faster. They are also polymer rich, which creates a sticky coating on the hair, much like a hairspray. This can leave hair feeling dry and stiff. We formulated our Mousse Def as an all-in-one solution for this problem. It creates the shine and definition of a mousse, yet leaves hair soft and touchable with no flaking.

Q: How does mousse compare to gels and balms? Are gels a thing of the past? Can a balm be used in place of a mousse?  

A: Mousse and gels are water-based products that contain polymers and holding agents that “stiffen” on the hair shaft in order to hold the hair in place. On the other hand, balms, pomades, and control pastes are what we call emulsions, are a mix of oils and water. The Doux’s Bonita Afro Balm is an emulsion developed for moisture and softness that also contains a small amount of polymer for a softer, more flexible hold.

Q: Finally, are Salon or Professional brands worth the money? Do they contain better ingredients?

A: Yes. Products that were formulated for salon use typically contain a higher quality of ingredients. They also contain less water and fillers, so you’re getting a more concentrated product with longer-standing results.

Q: What other advice can you offer to girls with natural curls who want to mix up their hair styles?

A: Try something new. Gone are the days when heavy pomades and gels were your only styling options. Girls who have natural curls deserve to enjoy lighter products that are easy to apply, and create bounce and movement. Maximizing your natural God given hair is what’s popular now.

About Maya Smith:

Maya Smith is an International Master Stylist and Founder of The Doux Salon and haircare line now available in Target. With over two decades of styling experience Maya dedicated two decades to cracking the code on curl care, maintenance and expert styling. When it comes to caring for one’s natural hair and styling it, according to NaturallyCurly, Maya is among the best there is.

While still in high school, Maya got her hair cutting license and graduated from beauty school. Soon after graduating high school, Maya began following her passion and worked as an assistant for celebrity stylist Tracy Johnson. She learned from Johnson and progressed as a hair stylist for celebrities and entertainers. Years later the military wife would relocate to Germany, where Maya opened up her first salon The HoneyComb, a mecca for textured hair care for women from all over Europe, The UK, and as far as Africa. Maya’s unique system of textured hair styling sparked the development of The DOUX® haircare products, first launched overseas, and distributed throughout Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Currently, Maya leads a carefully selected team of stylists at The DOUX® Salon in Macon, Georgia and celebrated the arrival of The DOUX® in select Target stores nationwide. Maya Smith, wife, mom of 5 and savvy business woman is an example not just for women of color but for all women who believe their gifts can impact the world, striving for entrepreneurial endeavors with grace, ease and hustle.

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April 26, 2018

Stella Hudgens Wears Miranda Frye!

Stella Hudgens shared a photo on Instagram wearing Miranda Frye while at Coachella! The actress accessorized her festival look layering Miranda Frye’s Bella Choker ($98) and Alex Chain ($66;
 Photos courtesy of Instagram
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April 25, 2018

Janelle Monae Wears Cynthia Rowley!

Janelle Monae posed in Cynthia Rowley at Z100 New York earlier today! The singer paired a bomber with her Cynthia Rowley Custom Made Maxi Skirt (price available upon request,
  Photos courtesy of  Instagram
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April 25, 2018

notes to self socks: Celebrate Dads and Grads in Your Life

The upcoming months are filled with countless special occasions including Father’s Day celebrations and Graduation parties. If you’re looking for a fun, unique way to remind the special people in your life of their value, uniqueness and potential to be their best, look no further than notes to self® socks-founded on the belief that ‘words make all the difference’® . What could be better than wrapping your feet in affirmations each morning and being reminded each night that “I am STRONG,” “I am HAPPY,” “I am BRAVE,” I am BEAUTIFUL,” or “I BELIEVE.” notes to self® vast array of custom socks will add the perfect pop of festive fun to all of your spring and summer soirees.
Notes To Self socks Offers Stylish Socks with Positive Quotes to Inspire and Motivate 
notes to self® socks come in sizes from newborn to men’s 16 shoe, so you can find them to fit most anyone. Most of them are  low-cut, running style socks, but they also carry  crew socks and dress socks. The one thing they all have in common is a positive message. Most of the socks say “I am: strong, beautiful, amazing, courageous, etc.” There are also socks that state “I have: faith, hope, a story, etc.” The affirmation is woven on the top of the toe with the main word large on the sole of the sock.
They also carry socks for roles in life like the high school or college graduate! 
Notes To Self socks are manufactured in the U.S. The low-cut socks are made from comfortable cotton. The athletic crew socks are made from high-quality, moisture-wicking polyester. Schmidt selected these superior blends to provide soft comfort and performance. The sock designs also have a breathable mesh top and arch support. In each case, the positive messages are woven into the socks during knitting to provide long-term exposure.
Visit for your inspiration. Connect with them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
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April 23, 2018

Tips to enhance the visual appeal of your fashion website on Instagram

Fashion and beauty are a demanding industry, and there is much competition in the field. You will find many people looking for ways and means to get access to the latest products and brand to look and feel good. Now, if you are the owner of a fashion website, it is smart to use Instagram for promoting and marketing your business. Instagram is a visual platform and ideal for you to convert leads into sales.

How can you optimize Instagram for your fashion website and business?

Instagram is the ideal social media platform for your fashion website however it must be optimized to the full extent for you to get noticed. The following are some salient tips you can use for enhancing visual appeal for your fashion website-

  • Be unique- You should be different and unique in your posting strategy. Do not do the same thing what other companies are doing. The mission here is to stand out and be different from the others. To present ideas and fashion images, be creative and create an impression that leaves a positive impact.
  • Quality matters- Your targeted audience deserves good quality posts, and this is why it is wise to post pictures that have high resolution. They improve credibility for your brand and look attractive. This invokes trust and confidence in your buyers.
  • Post pictures of people- Pictures of people are very popular on Instagram, and as per a study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology with Yahoo, it has been observed that social media posts with faces get more likes over other things.
  • Bright colors- Bright colors have a distinctive appeal, and the use of them increase sales and engagement.
  • Use longer captions- Long captions help you provide more reader information. They are effective for you to gain better sales and increased engagement.

Make people discover your fashion brand better

After you take consideration of all the above factors, the next step is to make people find your brand and begin their purchases. There is no point in creating a fashion website and page on Instagram without people noticing you. Now, the question is how they will find you?

Hashtags – Make use of them for people to find you

Hashtags allow people to find you and know more about your brand. Hashtags allow you to be specific and this helps your customers to find you faster. When you use hashtags, you can increase followers for Instagram. Many people are looking for you. If you use the wrong hashtags, people will not be able to find you. The hashtags should be relevant to fashion and beauty. At the same time, you must make sure that you have trending hashtags that are popular and widely searched in the market.

Create sharing content and links

Merely sharing content on Instagram is not the key to attracting customers to your fashion brand. The content you share must also contain the links to the products you sell in the market. These links in the content will make the post fun and interactive. It is crucial for you to create a relationship between fashion brands and your followers. You as a fashion website owner should know what your targeted audience likes to respond to. This will help you create the right mix of content to share with your targeted audience online. You may use product reference numbers along with the links to make your products shoppable.

Create inspiration for the targeted audience

You may create inspiration for your fashion brand when you may ask your targeted audience to come forward and share their style. This inspires followers to come forward and get featured in your posts with their unique styles. You can also highlight the scene inspiration where you can post pictures of what goes on behind the scene in your business. This gives you the opportunity to get personal and close to your followers. In this way, you can give them a different perspective of your brand.

You can also create inspiring Instagram Stories that highlight fashion shows. These Stories are online for 24 hours, and they promote prompt sharing. In this way, you can share pictures of a fashion show with your targeted audience and introduce them to the amazing world of fashion and the latest styles that are available in the market.

Instagram is an amazing platform for you to promote and market your fashion website. Use it to the optimal and allow your targeted audience to see the inspiration behind your style and designs. In this way, you can reach out to a large section of society with success. Instagram is the right platform if you have a fashion brand and using it to reach out to your customers is indeed a wise and prudent choice!

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April 19, 2018

Winnie Harlow Wears PacSun x Bravado Tee

Winnie Harlow wore her PacSun x Bravado last night at the Party with a Purpose x PacSun WE Day event in Los Angeles.  The model rocked the Migos Culture II Tee ($30) from the recently launched collection as she walked the red carpet (
photo credit Getty Images
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April 17, 2018

Teddi Mellencamp wears Ryderwear and Lukka Lux!

Teddi Mellencamp was photographed wearingRydwear and Lukka Lux recently in LA! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star looked chic and casual running errands in her Ryderwear Elevate Tights ($55) and F-Lo shoes ($115) that she paired with Lukka Lux’s Tunnel Crop – Optic White ($98).
  For photos, please contact Startraks Photo
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April 12, 2018

Five Useful Tips To Get Good Home Design and Renovation

When planning out your home designing or renovating your home, you have to realize that it isn’t just about looking at what looks pretty. There are many details to consider, from hiring the best building designer down to figuring out your schematic plans and finalizing the material and color selections of the home you plan to design. It can get quite daunting, especially for those who aren’t knowledgeable on home renovation and interior designing!

So to help you out, I show you five tips to get good home design and renovation to get the house of your dreams!

These five tips can be done with or without a designer in mind. They are simple changes you can do for your home or implement for a new property to have it look better than what’s planned!

1. Divide and Conquer

Effective planning is the crucial factor for successful home designing and renovation. You’ll have to focus on all the big and small parts, devising a plan for each rare in your house. Brainstorm for what you need to improve in your home and write down your end goals. After that, move on to budgeting, deciding your total expenditure and limit. Keep the budget underestimated and do your research on how much the materials cost. It’s best to take time doing your research to find the best deals at inexpensive prices. Shop online, head on to thrift stores, and start thinking economically.

2. Choosing The Right Paints and Color

Are you planning on painting your rooms? Don’t forget the door as well. If you have a dark room, paint the ceiling, doors, and the trim 50% lighter than the walls. This is to avoid overpowering the space and optimize the room’s lighting.

For those on tight budgets, you can opt for a black and white palter to avoid overspending on different colored pallets. It gives your home a sophisticated look that way! But for those who do want different color schemes, search up for quality and inexpensive paint available in local hardware stores. Wallpaper is also a good choice!

3. Kitchen and Storage Tips

When you are decorating or renovating your home, then you should also maximize your storage as well, particularly in the kitchen. It’s best to utilize the kitchen to the maximum capacity, decluttering everything you don’t need and purchasing more storage that can have you place your kitchen needs in an organized and clean manner. You can follow DIY projects to create your own kitchen cabinets or find thrift shops that sell quality secondhand furniture.

If you do have enough storage room in your kitchen, then there’s no need to replace them. You can repaint it to have the kitchen look newer.

4. Bathroom and Floor Renovation

You’ll be surprised to know that there are a ton of inexpensive products you can invest in for your bathroom to make it look better. Check out anything that needs to be repaired or redesigned to ensure a working toilet and shower. Look into the shower and toilet fixtures or change the paints of your bathroom wall and countertops.

Floor renovation can be quite expensive but giving it a new finish will lengthen its lifespan. Make sure you do your research when hiring someone to repair and change your floor design within your budget. If it isn’t possible, then you can renovate the whole room according to your floor design instead.

5. Lighting and Mirrors

Last but not the least, think about the lighting. This can make or break what your room will look like. After all, having a well-lit room will have it look brighter and bigger! I recommend that you have light that comes through the windows and utilizing mirrors to make your small room look even bigger, which is an inexpensive technique to add beauty to your rooms.

Additionally, you can paint your windows one shade lighter than your room to maximize the natural light that comes through the windows.

Wrapping It Up

Home building and renovation isn’t as easy as hiring people and hoping for the best! There are a ton of steps to do and ways to make the seemingly complicated process even easier. Through learning all about the ways to have a successful home design and renovation, you won’t have any problems with getting the beautiful house you wanted.

Hopefully, these tips to get good home design and renovation gave you an idea on what you can start with, may it be on your own or with a designer. So don’t wait any longer and implement any of these tips today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on home design, then comment below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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April 11, 2018

Treat your body to Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Retexturizing Serum Lotion

I finally got my hands on a tube of Arbonne’s RE9 ADVANCED RETEXTURIZING Serum Lotion, and just in the nick of time. My entire body has been so dry from the winter months. A friend of mind told me about Arbonne Skincare and now I am crazy about this lotion. Not only is the scent fantastic, but the lotion is luxurious. I have been using Arbonne’s RE9 ADVANCED RETEXTURIZING Serum Lotion night and day and my arms, elbows, legs, feet and hands feel hydrated and soft. The light citrus scent makes it even more enjoyable to use. The only precaution you need to be aware of is due to the alpha hydroxy acids, avoid use on freshly shaved skin.•

Arbonne’s RE9 ADVANCED RETEXTURIZING Serum Lotion has a unique quality. This lotion doubles as a hydrating creme for your skin and acts as a gentle exfoliater which is why my skin feels amazing.

This serum has some unique ingredients like stabilized vitamin C which will boost and maintain moisture by supporting collagen; “Sea buckthorn ceramide, their proprietary moisture barrier-protecting complex consists of sea buckthorn oil and olive fruit oil, which are rich in omega fatty acids; Alpha hydroxy acids smooth and refine the appearance of skin through gentle exfoliation; Avocado oil, with moisturizing properties, helps skin appear soft and silky with a renewed glow.”  You will find more information at .

Arbonne’s RE9 ADVANCED RETEXTURIZING Serum Lotion for all skin types Dermatologist-tested which makes this the perfect moisturizer for all the adults in the family to use.

Arbonne, has been on a green journey since 1980 and always will be. From botanically based ingredients to forward-looking green improvements, being earth friendly has everything to do with who we are and how we choose to grow.

Learn more about Arbonne at

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