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January 4, 2017

From the Pros: 10 Easy Tricks to Improve Your Posture in 2017


Your mother may have told you to walk with a book on your head or stand up straight with chin up, but in today’s tech world, how many of us actually follow that advice? Make 2017 the year you straighten up, feel strong and look your best! Author and exercise physiologist Alice Ann Dailey shares her top ten tips for proper form to improve your posture at any age! Do this every day.


Top 10 Tips to Better Posture:

  1. Stand and walk with knees pointing forward.  This places the thigh bones in the healthiest position into the hip sockets. It will balance core and surface hip muscles, strengthen abdominals, and provide blood circulation and lubrication to the hip sockets.
  1. Point toes, especially the middle toes, forward. It aids in placing the knees forward and improves body balance.
  1. Fit your feet with shoes that do not bind your toes together, but allow movement for your toes. Your toes are your second heart. When the toes are able to move, there is better blood circulation from your feet to your heart and more oxygen to your toes, which can help prevent toenail fungus.
  1. Carry pelvis with tail bone pointing down toward the heels of your feet. Unlike a rooster tail or sad-dog tail position, this places the pelvis in a balanced position that lengthens the lumbar spine, strengthens abdominal and gluteal muscles, and places organs inside the pelvis in a healthy position.
  1. Stand up shoulders wide with the sternum (breast bone) vertical.  This alignment increases inhalation and prevents rounded shoulders, forward head position, and weakened abdominal muscles.
  1. Turn elbows outward.  With collar bones open, shoulders wide, and elbows pointing outward, three core rotator cuff muscles are activated along with core muscles of the front and back of the shoulder girdle and latissimus dorsi (love handle) muscles.
  1. Keep head level.  With the opening of the ear vertical, the chin pointing downward, and back of the ears upward, the cervical curve of the neck will have enough length in the back and strength in the front. The balance sensors inside the inner ears will be in the healthiest position. Before turning your head to look at something up, down, right or left, turn your eyes first as children look. The eye movements activate many muscles of the body.
  1. Unlock knee joints.  Locked knees limit blood flow to the knee joints and eventually will cause knee pain and necrosis. Maintain weight away from the heels and toward the ball of the foot bones with the knee joints unlocked and ready for movement.
  1. Walk like you are walking on a straight line or balance beam.  It will maintain the knees and feet facing forward, narrow your gait, lengthen stride, increase strength of core and surface muscles of the legs, hips, pelvic girdle, and balance sensors. Supermodels do this and so can you!
  1. When walking upstairs, alternate right/left foot placed on the first step. What is your habit when walking upstairs? Which foot do you stand on when the other foot is placed on the first step? There are often an uneven number of stairs.  How we climb up stairs may create an imbalance in muscle strength of our thighs and hips.

Bonus Tip: To avoid “tech neck” discomfort requires correct posture. The healthy seated position for people at a desk/computer all day is to have shoulders and head aligned straight above the hips. Most of us round our shoulders with the head in a forward position. When we must lean forward, it is best to lean from the hips, without slumping at the back of the waist.

Discover Dailey’s Secret!

In a few short minutes, fitness expert and author Alice Ann Dailey can demonstrate her “Top 10 Tips to Better Posture” showing anyone the right way to move and ensure improved posture! Whether you want to walk the runway like a supermodel, present your best self at a business meeting, or glide regally down the aisle on your wedding day, Alice Ann Dailey can help all of us improve our posture.

Alice Ann Dailey is the author of Dailey Strengthening: Six Keys to Balance Core Muscles for Optimal Healthpublished by Brown Books Publishing Group.

The book can be purchased on her Dailey Strengthening website:

It is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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January 4, 2017

Hair Care the whole family will love from MOP


Modern Original Products for Modern Original People: MOP

MOP haircare products are my latest find and the start of the 2017 is the perfect time to switch up my shampoo and conditioner. The MOP line carries a variety of shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, detanglers, a molding creams and sprays among others. What I love most about this line of hair care is that you can mix and match the different types of products and get the same amazing results. With 5 varieties in the MOP line to choose from, Basil Mint, Mixed Greens, Lemongrass, Pear, and C-system, you will love what each product has to offer your entire family.

My husband is thoroughly enjoying Basil Mint Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Formulated with Basil, Mint, and Sage, these extracts stimulate the scalp, regulate dandruff and control excess oil production which is his major scalp problem. It also has a sweet minty scent that he is a huge fan of.

The Mixed Greens Shampoo and Conditioner add extra moisturizing and leaves my hair soft and silky for days. If you have a sensitive scalp, Pear Gentle Shampoo is the right choice. The Pear Detangler is perfect if you have curly hair like myself. Try mixing it up a little with Pear Gentle Shampoo and Mixed Greens Conditioner. MOP haircare products smell fabulous.

Orange Peel Molding Cream is perfect if your hair needs a little extra texture. My kids are using the molding cream and the Licorice and Orange Peel produce a textured look adding depth and a matte finish to their hair style. If you like your braid to look perfect, without frizzies and flyaways, Orange Peel Molding Cream will do the trick. If you can not find MOP at your favorite salon, you can order directly from their website at

About MOP Products (taken from the website)

For over 15 years, MOP® has been making some of the best products available in salons. Our mission from the beginning has always been to make products that use the best ingredients while never sacrificing our Modern Original Performance. What does this mean… well, it simply means that we will never sacrifice performance for the latest ingredient fad, but we always want to make our clients feel good about what they use on their heads. That is why we use vegetable and fruit derived ingredients, botanicals and natural extracts wherever possible in our formulas. It also means that we never test our products on animals and that wherever possible we try to make all of our formulas Vegan. We know that this is a Modern Original Perspective and we hope that you will embrace it too.




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January 4, 2017



Tamara Duarte is one of Hollywood’s upcoming big names – not just for her on-screen abilities, but her fashion tastes while walking red carpets. With a starring role in the new film Badsville, while also starring on hit shows such as the Netflix series Longmire, Hard Rock Medical and Degrassi: The Next Generation, Tamara knows a thing or two about being in the spotlight and always looking her very best!

It’s A Glam Thing caught-up with Tamara at her new home in Las Vegas to dish about how she is keeping it fabulous now that 2017 is here, as well as what her favorite Instagram filter is…

NN: How would you describe your own personal style – both while at home and on the red carpet?

TD: At home my style depends on how I feel and what I’m doing that day. On a workout writing day I’m in yoga paints and sports bra ready to take on the world. If I’m running earns it depends on the weather! I have these really comfortable silk goddess attire created with love in Goa. They are sexy, colorful, flowly and comfortable! Made by Sun.Child. On the carpet I try to change it up but my Boho Chic style really does bleed into the spot light. I love prints on the carpet!

NN: What are some of your favorite beauty products that you use to get red-carpet ready?

TD: I love using the Carlene K shine Bronzer body glow bombshell bronze. I don’t like tanning and put SPF on even in the winter months. So the Body Glow give a nice sun kissed look on the carpet without the gross self tanner smell and stains. I’m really loving Becca right now. There bronzers are unreal!

NN: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?

TD: I really love Lidija Kolovrat. I love her bright colors and prints. What I also like about her is that she isn’t just a fashion designer she’s an artist that creates sculptures, and interior design. Giuseppe Zanotti is such an incredible shoe designer. I went to his opening and dinner in Berverly Hills when I first moved to LA. It was such a surreal experience and introduction into the Hollywood Fashion world. I sat and had dinner with the likes of Kayne West and talked fashion which I truly didn’t know much about at the time. Giuseppe was the most lovely man. He sketched me a shoe on a piece of paper and signed it as we chatted during dinner.

NN: Do you hate it when the paparazzi catch you in certain outfits?

TD: No. I don’t mind because I think clothing is a representation of you…all of you. And I’m not amazingly fantastic everyday. I don’t ever want to be. And I’m cool with people seeing the not so put together side of me. Like walking out of a hot yoga class. Perfect people who are always done up are boring. I like a little grift and un-doneness. I think there is beauty in that.

NN: What is your favorite Instagram filter? Or #NoFilter?

TD: I love all the insta filters! Depending on the lighting of the photo and my mood. If I HAD to choose it would be lo-fi!

NN: What Top 3 Fashion Trends in Hollywood do you LOVE right now?

TD: I’m loving the denim! Rocking a high wasted denim skirt with booties and a cute sweater is definitely a fall fav. Over the knee suede boots. They can make any outfit look sexy. The Stewart Weizmann’s fit like a glove! Plush Pink. I love that color in almost anything!

NN: What Top 3 Fashion Trends in Hollywood do you HATE right now?

TD: Clurb Dresses!! Even if you are doing a surprise trip to Vegas please stop yourself from wearing it! These dresses show too much skin and body and scream no style. But maybe they are still in?! I don’t think the round toe and tapered heel and hidden platform is in anymore but man do some girls still rock it. The modern take on the 70’s platform. But I’m starting to get used to them!

NN: What is your definition of Hollywood “Glam”?

TD: Confidence. That Glam thing that people talk about is only possible when an individual is poised, classy and simple. You can have two women wearing the SAME outfit but one will have the Hollywood Glam and the other wont. It’s this innate sparkle of life, love, happiness and self-assurance. Its magnetic and undeniable. Its not for sale.


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January 4, 2017

Yogalosophy for Inner Strength


by Lisa Gal

by Lisa Gal

Celebrity fitness and wellness expert Mandy Ingbers latest book Yogalosophy for Inner Strength provides you a self-care program to help reduce stress with 5 quick stress reducing postures that you can do in the comfort of your own home. This 12-week wellness program is a perfect way to start out the new year by providing you with an inner balance and an emotional strength to carry you through the year.  Twenty years of teaching experience draws her clients in, but her compassion, encouragement and support is what keeps them wanting more. Don’t take my word for it, get your copy today! Nominees and guests of the Four Seasons Hotel this weekend will find a copy in their Hollywood Swag Bags to take home.

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January 3, 2017

Bentwood by Northwood


by Lisa Gal

Looking for a unique gift or wedding band that is in harmony with nature? Northwood bentwood wooden rings has you covered. Created from mostly reclaimed wood, Northwood stands behind their support of preserving forests and only acquires any other materials from respectable companies. They “work to bring together the best of the heritage of wood-crafting and durability, with the modern tools and techniques that give each ring a unique character.” The technique to their creations is one used for canoes and rocking chairs. Their expertly handcrafted rings are finished with 5 layers of a waterproof coating that compliments the wood grain while sealing the all surfaces. Their gorgeous rings will be gifted in the Hollywood Swag Bags this weekend at the Four Seasons hotel honoring the nominees and guests staying at the hotel for the red carpet event.

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January 3, 2017

SeaSnax for a Better you


by Lisa Gal

Start 2017 off right with a little seaweed in your diet to add a little spring in your step.  SeaSnax are the lightly salted strangely addictive nutrient-rich roasted seaweed snack that is great with any meal. Get them in sheets, stix (my personal favorite), sprinkles or the snack style Chomperz. 100% organic extra virgin olive oil and just a pinch of sea salt. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Best of all, SeaSnax is a low fat, cholesterol and sugar free, crunchy and delicious snack enjoyed by adults and kids alike. So dump the chips, and snack on with SeaSnax! Always a Celebrity favorite in the Hollywood Swag Bags gifted at the Four Season Hotels during award season.

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January 3, 2017

Timeless Portraits Worthy for the Ages


by Lisa Gal

Reminiscent of Rembrandt, G.E. Masana’s heirloom portrait style is so unique he is sought out by art directors, actors, graphic artists, and fashion designers alike. One look at his work and you will see how he garners $5,000 a session as his commission. Evoking true emotion in his clients while adding his artistic brush strokes in post gives you the sense of a classical art piece that has been around for ages. Worthy of display in the finest of locations, you too will want one for yourself. A $1,500 Gift Certificate for a portrait sitting with NYC artist Masana will be gifted in the Hollywood Swag Bags to guests and nominees staying at the Four Seasons this award show weekend. For more information please visit


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January 2, 2017

How tech is making Next the next big fashion name



Have you ever heard about Next? Next is a British owned multinational corporation selling clothes, shoes and household furnishing. They are the biggest retailer in the UK in terms of clothing. They have recently opened branches in Asia and the Middle East. They have over 200 shops in the UK alone and approximately 200 overseas.

Age makes them gold

Next was founded in 1864, making it one of the largest and oldest retail outlets in UK history. They boast state of the art infrastructure especially with regards to customer service. You will love how well they communicate with you and how delicately they handle customer service issues. Age makes them classic, not old. Next day delivery is now standard and comes at no extra charge. This is quite appealing, right?

As if that is not enough, Next has a team of focused and dedicated customer service team who specifically focus on dealing with and correcting customer complaints and while you can contact them via mail, it takes relatively longer time.

They are easily found via the telephone. This is the most effective and efficient way to communicate with them especially if you want clarification on different things you did not understand well from their websites. Among the reasons that can make you call Next customer service includes:

  • You were sent the wrong item
  • You want to obtain a refund
  • Information about returns and refunds
  • Resolve an issue with the service
  • Cancel or change your order
  • Update your personal or delivery information
  • Your delivery is overdue

Powered by tech

Now, the internet is expanding in terms of usage as the world sinks deeper and deeper into the digital sea. Next has developed an impressive tech to give you a great shopping experience. They call it personalized shopping. They look at how you purchase items, your taste of goods and the price range and then use this information to give you suggestions. Say you search for a white dress; they will bring you a variety of white dresses according to your shopping trends. Is this not a great move? This is what we call personalization, they call it customer experience.

Next are also using the increasing smart phones penetration to their advantage. They have developed a mobile app that can be found in Google play store or app store. This app can enable you to do the following:

  • Browse search and purchase products on the go.
  • Page through the digital version of Next directory.
  • Locate your nearest store
  • Scan barcodes to access product information quickly and order online
  • Browse designer branded products in the label section
  • Read products ratings and reviews from customers
  • Sign in to view and access your account details, make payments and arrange FREE returns

Is this not revolutionizing fashion? Next is interested in moving fashion from the boutique shops to the comfort of your rooms just at the click of a button. Beautiful, right?

For your fashion needs, be sure to be sorted out by Next.


Mark Anthony is a fashion consultant. He is also passionate about technology. He writes a lot about using tech to revolutionize the fashion industries. His latest blog is about Next customer service and how one can benefit by being a Next customer.


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January 2, 2017

A Truly Classical Pinot Noir


by Lisa Gal

Steeped in rich history the Oregon lands of Del Rio Vineyards, which started as a one acre orchard and soon boomed to 800, is now a flourishing vineyard with over 300,000 vines. Not only do they produce their own label, but they are a key supplier for other fine winemakers. Their rocky hillside and southern facing location yields itself to a well drained soil which is the perfect blend of climate and terrain for growing premium wine grapes. The state-of-the-art winery is located inside the historic Del Rio Orchard packing house. Guests are in for a treat when they visit the tasting room inside the original Rock Point Stage Hotel which was built in 1864. If you are ever in the Rogue Valley, be sure to stop by. A bottle of their Pinot Noir will be gifted to the guests and nominees staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills next weekend for the red carpet awards show.

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January 2, 2017

Project 7 = Products for Good


by Lisa Gal

Gummy bears for adults? Yes please! Not just any gummies, Champagne Dreams gourmet gummies. Brut and Rose’ flavored with no artificial colors or flavors. Can I tell you a secret? They are actually non-alcoholic, but the kids don’t need to know, just tell them it’s mommy’s special treat and they’re all yours! We deserve some fun too, right?

The mission behind Project 7 is to impact both America and abroad, by partnering with non profits. Great Tasting and World Changing. They do this by selling specialty gum and mints dedicated to bringing great flavor back into your day while at the same time giving back to 7 areas of need. All of their products are proudly made here in America.

A pack of their luscious preservative free bears will in the Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted next weekend to guests and nominees staying at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills for the Red Carpet weekend. Live. Give. Smile.

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