January 31, 2017

5 Fashion Tips for Lab Workers


Every morning, we face the sometimes tricky question of what to wear. On workdays, the answer to this question becomes a bit easier. After all, formal wear is easier to choose than casual wear. But if your workplace is a laboratory, you will have a hard time finding something stylish to wear to work.

A lab setting is different from that of an office, as you will find out when you start your medical laboratory scientist program online. For one, your dress code must adhere to strict safety regulations. And to be honest, a ubiquitous white lab coat hardly makes a fashion statement. But, you can still be stylish. If you try hard enough, you can even overcome the public perception of “scientists” as unkempt workaholics.

Dress Stylishly, but Follow Safety Regulations

Labs are full of hazardous materials and equipment. This makes them dangerous places to work in if you are not careful. For this reason, regulations require lab workers to adhere to a strict dress code.

Wear Your Hair in a Ponytail, Up-do, or Bob

Although you are free to dress as you please in a lab, how you do your hair can put you at risk of injury. Bunsen burners can singe or burn long hair if it is not in a bun or up-do. To avoid having to hold your hair up every time you visit a lab, try a ponytail or short bob style.

Leave Sandals and Open Toe Shoes at Home

As stylish as they might look in an office, open toes shoes have no place in a lab. You are also not allowed to wear sandals, even on casual Friday. These two types of footwear leave your foot or parts of it exposed to chemical spills. So, to maintain a sense of style in the lab, go for cute loafers or better yet, tall riding boots. The latter are sexy and contrast sharply with the “unkempt scientist” stereotype.

No Short Skirts, Dresses and Shorts

Showing a bit of flesh is all well and good outside the lab. After all, having pursued a medical laboratory scientist program online is no reason to wear drab clothes. But in the lab, short hemlines expose your skin to hazardous chemicals.

So, as much as you love being sexy, keep hemlines below the knee. And if you detest wearing long skirts or dresses, wear leggings or pants instead.

Wear Short Sleeved Tops

Billowy or long sleeves peek under the lab coat and risk being stained by chemicals or ignited by Bunsen burners. To avoid the possibility of this happening, wear short or three-quarter sleeves.

Avoid Bulky Clothes

As most labs are cold places to work in, freezing is part of a lab workers job description. That is, unless you are working with Bunsen burners. So to keep warm, you will be tempted to wear bulky clothes under your lab coat.

A good alternative to bulking up is wearing thin layered clothes. You can peel off a few of them if it gets warm. And when temperatures drop, make sure you have a light cardigan or jacket nearby.

Despite the sterile environment and strict dress code, being fashionable in a lab is still possible. Simply mind how you wear your hair and although the lab is cold, avoid the temptation to wear bulky clothes.


About the Author: Maggie Hammond is a retired nurse and freelance writer, exploring and writing in the U.S. in retirement. An advocate for public health and nursing qualifications, she feels passionate about raising awareness of the current strain on public health organizations.

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