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May 23, 2015

Easy, breezy summer on Good Day Carolinas

I presented an assortment of Fashion & Accessory items to enjoy for this upcoming “Easy, Breezy Summertime”. And all items are under $65!

on Good Day Carolinas

on Good Day Carolinas

Watch the segment here:

Laura Ashley Crochet Pintuck Top is the perfect top for the summer season, this pretty style will become your new favorite. Boasting beautiful crochet and pintuck detailing this sleeveless top is an easy-to-wear piece that looks just as good dressed down with chinos as it does teamed with a tailored pencil skirt. $62

This Panama Jack cute Ladies Natural Toyo Cowboy Hat (Toyo Straw is a shiny smooth straw made of shellacked rice paper) features woven straw trim and front Panama Jack coconut accent. This front coconut accent is great to help you from putting your hat on backwards! (A huge “no no”). It features lightweight construction and a shapeable hidden wire brim that looks great on every lady. When wearing a Cowboy/girl hat, don’t think too hard on matching it with your outfit. Just pop it on now and then to see what works with it. The right look can work especially for a casual beachy look. Go with a neutral shade of straw to play if safe. $19.95

The Isabelle Grace Bar Gemstone necklace is available in a variety of different colored gemstones. These are a perfect accent for everyday. Wear one, two or layer them with other pieces. Semi-precious Gemstone Bar necklace of your choice is on a 14kt gold filled chain accented with stardust roundel beads. Choose from- Amethyst- Black Onyx- Blue Zircon- Garnet- Moonstone- Peridot- Ruby $56

These Reef brand Gypsy Macrame Sandals ($40.00) have Classic, flip flop styling with a slender contrast woven strap, Suede leather toepost overlay; woven polyester toepost,Soft suede leather footbed with anatomical arch support with a Durable rubber outsole. This is a perfect summertime flip flop/thong sandal!

You can get creative wearing belts this summer from leather classics to cloth braided designs with an accent color that “pops”. If done right, adding a belt like a Nautica belt design to a summer dress is a great way to change the silhouette. Be sure to find the right position for the belt and opt for a versatile belt instead of a fashion belt. The simple classic belts in block, stripe or neutral colours are more versatile and always wearable. They can be worn with multiple wardrobe items but of course, some outfits call for bold and dramatic statements and fashion belts offer the perfect way to create these. It is better to start off with a more classic belt if you are not a pro at this. Nautica Belts $39.50

You’ll have it “in the bag” this summer with My Other Bag Pouchettes a convenient zipper pouch with major “My Other Bag” style! My Other Bag pouchettes have a convenient zipper pouch . They are made in the USA, My Other Bag is an eco-conscious and socially savvy line created by fashion addicts. Choose from designs like Marilyn Red, Marilyn Ice, Stella Metallics, Olivia Gold Dot and more. Perfect to carry alone or throw in a My Other Bag Carry all or any beach bag. $45

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May 22, 2015

Josie Maran’s TSV on QVC May 24th…Don’t Miss It!


Josie Maran’s TSV will be featured on QVC, May 24, 2015.

Introducing, Josie Maran Argan Total Confidence Collection, Love and Light, exclusively available on QVC’s Today’s Special Value! This collection of argan oil goodies will love and care for you so that you can focus on showing the world your amazing, unique, totally confident light! 100% Argan Oil will deeply moisturize your skin, while Aragn Daily Moisturzer SPF 47 Protect and Perfect delivers all natural protection with a light tint. The Argan Black Oil Mascara will lengthen, condition and nourish your lashes and finally the Argan Color Stick will add pop of color for natural looking cheeks and lips!

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May 21, 2015

Cleanse your hair with “Gold”

A shampoo & conditioner that does what they say! I had been using up shampoo & conditioner at home to not be wasteful. It really didn’t seem to be a problem until after I had some highlights put in my hair and spent a few days at the beach. The split end look arrived big time and it was definitely noticeable! I asked my “cosmetology” daughter what to do & she suggested Goldwell Dual Senses.

The first thing I noticed in using it was the wonderful light fragrance. It smelled a bit “fruity”, but not overwhelming; perfect! Then I noticed the texture of my hair was softer & it actually felt lighter. Now I was getting impressed. My hair in just a few short minutes smelled good and felt good. Wow! I couldn’t help but wonder if the disappointment was yet to come later. After my shower, I was anxious to get to my mirror to see how manageable my hair would be. First I noticed the ends actually looked better and when I ran a comb through, their was no tangles; that’s right, no tangles. The highlighted color looked great and showed no lightening or change in shade. So far, I thought this shampoo is perfect, but I didn’t want to make a final judgment until I had used these products a few times.

Sometimes I have to wash my hair more often than I should because after working outside in the yard I have to head to the shower. Two or three times the first week, I washed my hair using Goldwell Dual Senses and I got the same great results, so I am now a “user” of this fine product. It has made a difference in not only how my hair looks, but also how it feels.

I read the shampoo/conditioner containers and noticed it is made in Germany and is a salon exclusive product, so ask your hairstylist about Goldwell Dual Senses Fade Stop Shampoo, especially if you use any color.

For more information on Goldwell and where you can get your own check out

Guest post by my mom.. Sharon Hatcher

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May 21, 2015

DIY on the FLY™-Dip-Dyed Stationery

Photo Credit: Dana Gallagher

Photo Credit: Dana Gallagher

As the owner of my own greeting card company to say I am passionate about paper and people is an understatement! There is nothing more sentimental in this day and age of technology than that of a hand written note. I believe everyone needs a personal set of stationery and handmade stationery for mom will make her think of you each time she sends a note. This is a simple, fun project that the whole family can enjoy and it also makes a great gift for teachers or other important people in your life.

Step One:

Find some plain white, uncoated stationery, envelopes or gift tags from your local craft or paper store.

Step Two:

Using a plastic cup or Tupperware dish fill it with hot water and your desired color of Rit liquid dye. Let the solution cool before dipping your stationery or envelope.

Step Three:

Carefully dip the paper about an inch into the solution until you have your desired color. Don’t worry about creating a straight line. Perfection is in the imperfection. Each piece is unique and that’s the true beauty of this project!

Step Four:

Lastly, you will want to hang your paper to dry before you package it together and embellish it with a beautiful decorative ribbon and a handwritten gift note.

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May 20, 2015

Light up your Style with Mia Beauty Flashion Flowers

Not just a festival accessory, flower crowns are growing their way into high fashion and everyday street wear.  Rock these big, bold blooms in the day and at night with four different light settings. Perfect for frolicking in warm weather, the Mia Beauty Flashion Flowers make the perfect spring/summer statement.


Mia Beauty Flashion Flowers are available at CVS and Target stores for $19.99

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May 19, 2015

The Villages goes Global

I bet your wondering about that competion that was held at TSPA and Salon Jaylee for Global Beauty Masters? Who got chosen, who’s going? Well, I am happy to announce that the teams from TSPA and Salon Jaylee will be participating in the qualifying rounds at Premiere Orlando on Saturday May 30th!

Before I introduce you to the teams let me recap a little on what Global Beauty Masters is. It is a televised competition held every year where teams from all over the world compete to see who will win the title. From this round at Premiere, the teams who are chosen will go on to compete in Las Vegas. This is a full body competition meaning that more attention to detail and creativity the better. As you can see from the teams (photos below) creativity and detail was on point. (These photos are the editorial shots they submitted. A new theme will be chosen by the teams for Premiere)

The teams who will be participating are: (there have been a few substitutions to the teams)
From Salon Jaylee:
Shear Force (villainess)

Model-Bethany Bandy Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Model-Bethany Bandy
Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Lindsey House – hair
Tyler Sponaugle – makeup
Livia Chestnut – nails
Bethany Bandy – model

Teasetastic (Egyptian)

Model- Shereza Abedeen Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Model- Shereza Abedeen
Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Jerri Taylor – hair
Brandy Smith – makeup
Ivette Marti – nails
Leigha Miller-(will model at Premiere Orlando)

From The Salon Professional Academy
TSPA Totems (headdress)

Model- Alexa Stafford Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Model- Alexa Stafford Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Cameron Balmer- hair (Original stylist. Zach Brazier will be the stylist at Premiere)
Robbie Coy – makeup
Estefania Patino – nails
Briana Rideout–(will model at Premiere Orlando)

TSPA Candy Crushers

Model- Kaitylnn Smith Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Model- Kaitylnn Smith
Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Manna McCloud – hair
Alexis Cruz- makeup (original artist, Cierra Mills will be artist for Premiere Orlando)
Joslyn Richards – nails
Katlyn Smith – model

This team will not be competing at Premiere but I want to showcase their hard work:
Jaylee’s Steam Punks

Model- Brittany Oyen Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Model- Brittany Oyen
Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Sabrina Langston – hair
Gino Canessa – makeup
Amanda Mastrapa – nails
Brittany Oyen – model

Congratulations to all the teams! I am so happy for all of you and I wish you the best of luck at Premiere Orlando! Bring it on

For more information on Global Beauty Masters check out for The Salon Professional Academy check out and for Salon Jaylee check out and Brain Sumner Photography check out

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May 19, 2015

Orly’s Color Blast is BRILLIANT!!!

If you want your nails looking fabulous this Memorial Day weekend and beyond  ORLY has the perfect lacquer shades to jumpstart summer!




Check out the amazing selection of colorful shades from ORLY’s Color Blast collection, all colors are available for $7.00 each at Kohl’s, Kmart, Fred Meyer, Harmon and Maijer.

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May 18, 2015

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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May 18, 2015

Love Your Skin Again!


clay-mask Purity of Elements

Tell your large pores so long with this luxurious, soft, creamy product, Purity of Elements Pore-Minimizing Clay Mask is remarkable! Lather your face with Pore-Minimizing Clay Mask and feel the richness.  It goes on so velvety feels like heaven on earth.  It is made of all natural ingredients that helps draw out toxins and oils from your skin. Your skin instantly feels pure and clean, you can actually see the difference.  Your skin will just glow.

POE - face-serum

Radiance Face Serum goes on even and has a scent so delightful that it brings a smile to your face.  I have oily skin and this product soaks into my skin so well, not too oily and not so drying that your face feel likes it is going to crack.  Radiance Face Serum is just the perfect product that helps fight those fine lines and wrinkles.

When on a quest to find a great skin regiment for me, I look at ingredients and products that focus on the problems I face as a women over 40, huge pores and those fine lines that creep into the corners of my eyes when I’m not looking.   Purity of Elements is just the line for me, it is made out of all natural products.  The Pore-Minimizing Clay Mask helps control my pores and the Radiance face serum helps even out my complexion and give me that bright, glowing youthful looking skin again.  Check out the website and get the line that works best for you and your skin type,


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May 17, 2015

Sock it to me — the best gift ever: K. Bell Socks !


What do you get for someone who has it all or what do you want to receive as a gift assuming you don’t need a single thing!  My children were so undecided as to what to get me for a special Mother’s Day gift this year.  Many ideas popped up into their busy minds …… chocolates (NO, always trying to eat healthy), perfume (have so many bottles, I could open my own perfume store), flowers (allergies), Italy trip (too expensive)!  How about SOCKS!  Not just any socks but K. Bell Socks.  Socks are a lot like shoes, an everyday essential which need to be comfortable yet colorful and different to pull together an outfit!   I have a passion for socks …… unique patterns, pretty colors, different styles and of course high-quality material!  I love all the different styles, crew socks, footie socks, holiday socks or over the knee socks, you can choose from whether you need fun in your life or some sophistication.  K. Bell has everything for everyone in your family.  My favorite is the Women’s Leg Sleeve or called Sport Legwarmer.  I wear these socks running and working out!  They are so comfortable and cozy but not bulky.  I also decided to wear them lounging around my house!  Many socks I purchased in the past restrict my legs and ankles and when I take them off, I literally have indentation from the tightness.  I hate that so much!  I end up throwing the brand new socks away in disappointment.   My second best sock is the Leopard Panel Knee High Sock.  It adds style to any outfit.  Believe it or not they actually make your legs appear thinner because of where the leopard panels are located.  Flair and comfort thats what you receive with K. Bell Socks!



They have funky slippers socks, feeling like a kid again!  There is not one Novelty sock I don’t want from cute cow patterns to musical notes.  Love them all!!!  After I received my K. Bell socks, I went directly to and purchased The Girls series socks for a few of my stylish, sophisticated female friends and family.  The Girls series are socks that celebrate women’s passions.  I bought the wedding girl socks for my niece about to get married.  She loved them so much, she is planning to wear them with her going away outfit!  Wine girl socks for my friends who only drink wine!  Texting girl socks for my daughter who obviously can’t live a second without texting!  There is so much to choose from ….. women’s, men’s, sport, holiday, kids and Laurel Burch Design which K. Bell partnered with 15 years ago (all of Laurel Burch Design are original artwork representing her artistic vision).  So spread some comfort, style and a smile, give the gift of K. Bell socks to someone!  Easy gifting that the receiver will appreciate and wear !!!

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