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January 24, 2013

AMIKA Is A Brand I Trust !!


My long hair is really important to me. It sounds a little crazy, but I love my hair. Every time I go to the hairdresser my mom begs me to get more than a trim yet I would never cut off more hair then I have to. Because my hair is so long it is important to keep it healthy. An essential way I do this is with hair masks. One of the best ones that I have tried is the AMIKA Obliphica Nourishing Mask. It is a really great product enriched with Moroccan Argan oil and other healthy vitamins for hair. This hair mask also contains Obliphica oil which help with shine, restores vibrancy, and helps repair split endsPlus, AMIKA is a great brand for hair care. I used their line of hair straighteners for years and my trust in the AMIKA brand only increased after the use of their hair mask.

While in the shower I cover my scalp in the mask and let it settle while I wash up. By the time I rinse, my hair is fully moisturized and feeling healthy and strong. It also really helps with tangles while adding lots of shine. After using my AMIKA Obliphica Nourishing Mask my hair feels at its healthiest- it looks it too!

Rachel Aiello, teen blogger

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January 24, 2013

Great Guide for Learning Camouflage Makeup

Gotcha Covered small makeup bookGotcha Covered by Judith August is a complete step by step guide on how to camouflage skin imperfections correctly with the right makeup and proper technique. It reveals ways to cover every flaw that one can imagine.  I found the book very informative with first hand information accumulated from the authors years of experience as a model as well as others who contributed from their experiences. The guide starts out by showing how to cover typical issues such as bags and dark circles and explains how to apply and layer the concealer. Then it gets more in-depth by showing its readers how to cover more sever problems by presenting proper techniques to mask these dilemmas such as covering veins ,birthmark s bruises, tattoo s and burn scar issues.
Additionally, the guide explores topics such as covering facial problems after plastic surgery.

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January 23, 2013



I am a big, big fan of DailyCandy and have been for years! For me, they allow me to keep up with the pulse of what’s going on in the city, from beauty and fashions, to new restaurants, places to go and things to try! Reading their clips has always been an infusion of “hmmmm, need to go there, try that, and gee that sounds like fun!” I’ve actually added a file to email of DailyCandy things to my kept mail! Apparently given they have over 6 million readers, I am not alone in my love for them!

So….when DailyCandy announces that they are launching “DAILYCANDY COLLABORATIONS,” which is their first ever collaboration with established and rising designers of an exclusive collection of limited-editions must-have products created expressly for DailyCandy’s savvy audience, I am in!

The first “DailyCandy Collaboration” collection debuts today with never-before-seen products from ready-to-wear designer Heidi Merrick; artisan jeweler Melissa Joy Manning; fashion jewelry designers Holst + Lee; global beauty product curators Glossybox; and, artist Carrie Marill from art site 20×200.

“With ‘DailyCandy Collaborations,’ our team was deeply involved in the design and creation of each product, working directly with our favorite designers and artists to ensure a unique union of our brand’s aesthetic and our partners’ visions,” said Ashley Parrish, editor in chief of DailyCandy. “With these limited-edition pieces designed specifically for the DailyCandy audience, we are no longer just uncovering the things our readers love most, but now creating them with their sensibility infused.”

The five limited-edition “DailyCandy Collaborations” products unveiled today include:

· Heidi Merrick – Inspired by the work of her father – legendary surfboard shaper Al Merrick – Heidi incorporates the color and clean lines of the ocean into every detail of design. With DailyCandy’s editors as her design partners, Heidi’s exclusive item is a leather clutch with vintage sequins and contrast lining. ($178)

· Melissa Joy Manning – Known for creating unusual, modern designs that transcend stylistic trends, Melissa Joy Manning hand-makes each piece to order from materials mined safely from around the world. For DailyCandy, Melissa made a unique set of pink druzy calcite stud earrings featuring silver metal work inspired by the original DailyCandy swirl illustration. ($250)

· HOLST + LEE – Designers Natalie Holst and Rochelle Lee met working in New York City’s nightlife, and are now one of the jewelry industry’s most cutting-edge fashion duos. Their bold, mixed-media statement pieces draw inspiration from a wide range of people, places, cultures, and materials. Holst + Lee’s one-of-a-kind item for DailyCandy is an exclusive bracelet featuring a blue ombre color scheme and magnetic closure. ($145)

· GlossyBox – Bridgette Wittekind & Charles Abercon have gained a following by shipping their customers a curated selection of the most coveted beauty products of the moment. GlossyBox’s specially-tailored box of beauty for DailyCandy features products from GK Hair, Le Métier de Beauté, Heartland Fragrance, Make Up For Ever, and SK-II. ($59)

· 20×200 – Art dealer and entrepreneur Jen Bekman created 20×200 with the goal of making great art affordable to everyone. For DailyCandy, Bekman commissioned artist Carrie Marill – an art world darling who draws inspiration from nature. In her exclusive piece made especially for DailyCandy, Carrie makes neon take flight in a dynamic print titled “Fire Tail Finch.” ($60)

The inaugural offerings will be showcased on DailyCandy and sold at The Standard Hotel Shop in New York (Highline), Los Angeles (Downtown), and Miami, as well as online at, from January 23rd – February 28, 2013. DailyCandy editors will handpick design collaborators regularly for the new series, and each collection will be available only for a select time on

The “DailyCandy Collaborations” program and its first round of products will be introduced to the DailyCandy audience via a debut video series featuring DailyCandy Chief Correspondent SuChin Pak in email, on and across social networks the morning of January 23. A launch party at The Standard Highline’s Le Bain in New York City will officially kick off and celebrate the series with many of New York City’s key fashion and design tastemakers in attendance.

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January 23, 2013

CANE + AUSTIN Brings Skincare to a New Height


Most of us who are skincare fanatics, know all about exfoliators and what works best for their skin type. We are all careful when it comes to our face. We wash our face, tone, moisturize, apply makeup etc. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s all about the face. Let’s not forget about our other body parts! Legs, arms, hands, neck, torso etc.

I have found a sensational NEW product, namely, Cane+Austin Retexturizing Body PadsCane+Austin was developed by Dr. Craig Austin  Dermatologist, whose products in this skincare line contain Glycolic Acid as its foundation. At their website you will learn the following,  Derived from pure sugar “Cane”, Cane + Austin uses only purified pharmaceutical-grade Glycolic Acid comparable to a treatment in a doctor’s office. Known as the superstar of the AHA’s, our Glycolic Acid has the smallest molecular size (of any AHA) which enables it to work effectively both as an exfoliator and moisturizer”.

With that in mind, Cane + Austin Exfoliating Body Pads are magnificent. They are designed to remove rough and dry skin, allowing a much brighter and healthier skin to be revealed. The pads are non abrasive and one pad really goes a long way as I was able to use one pad for both of my arms, neck and chest. Cane + Austin Exfoliating Body Pads also contains anti-oxidants of Vitamin A, C, E and COQ10 protecting your skin against free radical damage. Cane + Austin Exfoliating Body Pads are suitable for all skin types.

For acne sufferers, Cane + Austin Exfoliating Acne Treatment Pads will work wonders on your skin. “A one step, easy to use, at home treatment that works to gently exfoliate the skin while combating unsightly acne. Specially formulated to help accelerate the removal of dead skin cells that can interfere with the proper oil drainage. Salicylic Acid 2% helps to reduce the number of acne blemishes and blackheads while allowing the skin to heal. Treats acne while delivering anti-aging results. For all skin types”. You can see for yourself the before and after photographs  and you will be amazed.  As seen on theier website, It has been clinically proven that;

After Just One Week

  • 100% experienced a decrease in blemishes.
  • 90% agreed their skin looked radiant, luminous and healthy.
  • 80% agreed this treatment improved their acne.

After Just Two Weeks

  • 100% agreed this treatment improved their acne.

*Third party lab consumer panel test after 1, 2 and 4 weeks of use

Shop at for Exfoliating body pads, Acne treatment pads,retexturizing treatment pads, sunscreen pads new sunscreen and moisture cream

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January 21, 2013

Eco Tools are Friends of The Earth

Eco Tools have been mentioned in many magazines. I have not seen them in any of the magazines that I have read lately but my Mom has seen Eco Tools in a few magazines that she likes to read. Eco Tools are friends of the earth! They are animal friendly too! No animals were hurt or used to make these. The  bristles are made of synthetic fibers and they have handles made of bamboo and recycled aluminum.The Eco Tools brush set I have comes in a hemp and cotton case. The case has a mirror in it which I love. It’s really easy to throw this in my bag, back pack or gym bag for when I am on the go and right now I am always on the go!

Teen blog by Rachel

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January 21, 2013

EPILADY is the best for Silky and Smooth Skin

My daughter Adrienne was thrilled to receive her first Epilady. She has wanted one for a long time and now she is the proud owner of a Legend 4 Epilady.

Having used it for at least a month, these are her thoughts on this remarkable shaving appliance. “The only things more uncomfortable than itchy socks are stubbly legs after shaving. Waxing may get rid of the stubble but leaves a sticky mess. How do you  remove hair at the roots without getting wax everywhere?  The Legend 4 Epilady is a fully rechargeable epilator that removes hair at the root without having to reach for any razors or wax strips. You can use Epilady while its plugged in charging, or you can use it wireless. The Epilady will leave your legs soft and smooth without any stubble much longer than shaving, at least 4 weeks or longer”. “I like the fact that there is a rubber grip on the handle which makes it easy to grasp.”

The Legend 4 is Epilady‘s latest best selling epilators. The Legend 4 safely removes unwanted hair just about everywhere on your body, but please, Epilady warns Do Not use around your eyes.

Some of the Epilady Legend 4 product features, which I obtained from their website include the following:

Legend 4 Epilady has a wide epilating head with perfect angle guide to keep you at the perfect angle for the best epilation and has 2 operating speeds; It removes even the shortest and finest hair leaving skin smooth between 4 and 6  weeks and with 40 tweezer discs delivering 32,000 tweezes per minute, how could your legs NOT be silky and smooth.

The Legend 4 Epilady also contains a dual voltage adaptor for use throughout out the world and is available in 2 color schemes, pearl-white and red. Your purchase of a Legend 4 Epilady will include an adaptor, perfect angle guide, cleaning brush, carrying case and instruction manual.

Why not try the very best epilator and purchase your Legend 4 Epilady today at You can also find the Epilady at many department stores like Target and Walmart.











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January 21, 2013

Aveeno Dry Shampoo is a Real Root Booster


I have the type of hair that gets oily very quickly. I can’t put a lot of product in my hair so I have to rely on shampoos and conditioners to keep my hair frizz-free.  Because of this, I have tried many different types of dry shampoo.  After about a year of experimenting, I’ve finally found one that I’m going to stick with, Aveeno’s “Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo.”  I spray it on the roots of my hair the day after I blow dry and straighten my hair and it instantly gives my hair a cleaner, dryer look.  It also gives my roots a little bit of a boost which adds volume to my hair.  The Active Naturals formula used in this product is also safe for color-treated hair.  So whether you dye your hair or not, this dry shampoo will definitely give you that freshly washed and styled look that every girl wants.  So don’t waste your time and money trying all different types of dry shampoos to figure out which one works best.  Just take my word for it and start using Aveeno’s Dry Shampoo.

As stated by their website, “This exclusive ACTIVE NATURALS® formula is infused with Balancing Seaweed Extract which instantly revives hair for healthy manageability. The formula is sulfate-free and designed to remove excess oil and impurities to help boost volume. Developed by our expert team of scientists and eco-friendly celebrity hair stylist, Patrick Melville”.


Patrick Melville’s quick how-to for achieving polished party hair (low chignon):

1.       Blow-dry hair with Mason Pearson Brush or round brush, when hair is dry, spray hair with the AVEENO® Dry Shampoo at the root to create texture

2.       Take a small tail comb and tease very gently at the root throughout the head, flip hair upside down and break up hair with your finger

3.       Grab hair at the nape and secure with hair tie, this should create a little texture and softness around your face

4.       With the tailcomb, gently tease the ponytail to create more texture, spin ponytail around to create a chignon at nape of neck and secure with a straight pin or bobby pin

5.       Break up with fingers on the bottom, use a lightweight hairspray to secure in place, finish with a sparkly headband or clip.

You can find a complete range of Aveeno products from skin and hair care to baby care at

n1581430698_30125611_4667Guest Blogger, Jenna Raheb

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January 20, 2013

SANTALIA™ Daily Balancing Serum is an ideal product for your oily skin!

Do you have skin that tends to be “acne-prone”, yet “sensitive”? Have you tried products that were too harsh for your skin, too drying, or just ineffective?
When I was younger, I had to deal with oily skin, and it was very frustrating! Oily skin can be present at any age, young, old and anywhere in between. My brother is 51 and still remains oily. The key to this dilemma is finding a product that will balance your skin!

For that reason, I’m so delighted to introduce you to a new product line called SANTALIA™ , it’s (Quote)”founded on the principal of providing acne-prone, sensitive skin with a natural, clinically proven solution and simple regimen based on the incredible Sandalwood tree that is proven to quickly reduce and clear blemished skin without over drying!”

SANTALIA’s Daily Balancing Serum is ideal for “oily” skin of all ages! It’s infused with Organic Sandalwood which is used to “calm irritations and fight bacteria”. With Daily Balancing Serum by SANTALIA™ you’ll be using (Quote) “a lightweight formula the helps to counter excess sebum (oil) production and prevent blemishes.” The benefits are ~ (Quote) clear, stable and balanced skin.

SANTALIA™- Daily Balancing Serum
Retail Price: $38

Skin Care and Sandalwood Expert Danae Cristensen stated, “Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Just like regular exercise is important for your body, maintaining a healthy skincare ritual is also vital. I recommend using the Santalia™ Balancing Serum on a daily basis. This helps keep pimples at bay by regulating your skin’s natural oil balance.”

SANTALIA™ was launched in January 2013, and along with their Daily Balancing Serum they have an amazing Acne Therapy Kit.
The Acne Therapy Kit includes:
• A Daily Cleanser
• A Refining Mask
The Daily Balancing Serum
• An Intensive Spot Treatment

The SANTALIA™ products infuse all of their products with:
Organic Sandalwood Oil:To calm irritations and combat bacteria
Lemon Myrtle: A traditional Australian plant extract for antibacterial properties
Kakadu Plum: An Australian Bush Food know to be the worlds richest source of Vitamin C which is essential for healthy skin
Laminaria Digitata Extracts, an extract of seaweed rich in minerals for balanced skin, and zinc that help reduce 5-alphe reductase activity and P.acnes

You may purchase both the Daily Balancing Serum , and the Acne Therapy Kit at the SANTALIA™ website:

I encourage you to visit the above website and find out more about SANTALIA™ and say “Hello” to ~ (Quote) “A naturally sourced, clinically proven acne solution that offers new solutions” to a (Quote) “healthy skin from an ancient source !!

You and your skin deserve, SANTALIA™…..

SANTALIA™ Daily Balancing Serum

(Quoted and/or paraphrased material in this article provided from PR-informational fact sheets and )

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January 20, 2013

Great Product for Lean Muscle "Royal Whey Protein Isolate"

royal whey I was first introduced to this product by  bodybuilder- actor Roland Kickinger who owns Sexy Nutrition vitamin stores. I want to share this product that I use after workouts and between meals that has extensively helped my overall feeling of health.  Royal Whey Protein Isolate has promoted lean muscle growth  and quick recovery and repair of muscle tissue.  For women that struggle with following high protein regiments, it is a tasty way to get 27 grams of protein between meals. Not only do I enjoy the taste but I like the way it mixes. If you blend it with ice, it tastes almost identical to a shake, minus the staggering high calories.  Additionally, this rockstar protein powder has strong nutritional value with low carbs. It is easy to digest and enhances energy levels.  When on the run, it fits easily in your purse so that you can add with water without stopping your everyday routine.  Flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, sensation and bonilla delight.  This product helped me build the lean muscle on my body that I am so proud of. I highly recommend it!

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January 19, 2013

Let Jergens® new 24 hour Dry Skin Moisturizer rescue you from dehydrated skin, and learn about the connection between dry skin and your emotions from Body Language Expert, Tonya Reiman!

I knew the opportunity to write about a new product from the well known skin care company Jergens® , and interview Body Language Expert, Tonya Reiman, would be an informative and fun assignment!

During this seasonal cold weather I believe we can all relate to dehydrated skin issues. Do you experience dry flaky skin?

Jergens® Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer~The new formula that moisturizes for 24 hours!

Jergens® Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer and its new 24 hour moisturizing formula is great! It contains (Quote)”Moisturizing Silk Proteins and a Citrus Extract blend.” Not only will your dry skin look and feel “healthy and smooth” but your senses will come alive with it’s unique invigorating scent!

Tonya Reiman is a Body Language Expert.
After I read Tonya’s reflections about how the condition of a person’s skin actually related to their emotions, I was quite fascinated and wanted to find out more!!

According to Tonya, when your skin looks and feels smooth and healthy your mental state will improve!

I found that very interesting and asked Tonya the following questions about the condition of your skin and how it affects your emotions. I believe you’ll find her answers very enlightening!

“My Interview with Body Language Expert, Toyna Reiman”

1.VICKI: With the cold weather and dry uncomfortable skin how can a person’s mood and attitude be affected?

TONYA: : The winter weather causes our skin to dry up and flake, leaving our skin craving constant moisture and hydration. During these colder months, dull, dry skin tends to leave us feeling less motivated and energized.

2.VICKI: When moisturizer is used on a regular basis (like Jergen’s new 24 hour daily moisturizer),and your skin starts to become more hydrated on the outside, how will this impact your inner mood and attitude?

TONYA: If your skin is moisturized and feels good, you’re not only better prepared mentally for your day, but also primed to make an impression on people—from your gestures and movement to your appearance and voice.

3.VICKI: What actually causes these external changes to bring about an internal response?

TONYA: When our skin looks good and we feel confident, it also affects our body language. We walk with our heads held higher and our chins elevated, which adds to our height. Healthy skin gives us a sense of security that’s expressed through our stance — we tend to take up more space [demonstrate akimbo stance and broadside display]. During the colder months of winter, dull, dry skin tends to leave us feeling less motivated and energized ,so be sure to give your skin tons of moisture to restore a feeling of confidence.

VICKI: Thank you,Tonya, for sharing with us the correlation of our skin’s sense of well being and how it influences our Body Language! That certainly encourages a person to take the time to care for their skin!

Thanks also to Jergens® Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer for providing us with a 24 hour product to help our skin stay hydrated, and as a result provide a more confident feeling about ourselves!

Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer can be purchased at mass retailers, grocery stores, and drugstores across the nation. It’s retail price is $6.99.

In closing, (Quote) “By combining superior 24-hour hydration and skin smoothing benefits you can see, Jergens® Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer leaves skin looking four times smoother immediately and visibly increases skin’s smoothness all day.”

(Quoted and/or paraphrased information in this article from provided PR fact sheets,, and interview commentary from Body Language Expert -Tonya Reiman.)

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