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October 18, 2012

Mally Roncal Shares her Beauty Secrets

Mally Roncal, the founder and creative force behind Mally Beauty Cosmetics, is hosting an intimate cocktail party at Henri Bendel on Thursday, November 8th. At this ultimate girl’s night out, Mally will be spilling all her beauty secrets and sharing her must have beauty products for the holiday season. Learn how to perfect the “look” and get glam, just in time for the holidays.


  • Two hour-long cocktail reception hosted by Mally Roncal, revealing her beauty tips and tricks
  • $150 fee redeemable in product
  • 25 spots available
  • Consumers should book appointments via


Thursday, November 8th, 2012      5:00pm-7:00pm

WHERE:      Henri Bendel            712 Fifth Avenue        New York, NY 10019


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October 18, 2012

It’s All About Silk

Curls can be fun and sexy, but to get them that way seems impossible. With all the gel, mousse, and hairspray it takes more time to do your hair then it does to make breakfast.  If you could get that same sexy look with just one product you would do it right? I knew you would.

BIOSILK Beach Texture Spray can give you those fun, sexy just got off the beach curls.  Made with natural silk, vitamins, herbs, and texturizing salts BIOSILK Beach Texture Spray creates curls to look natural and adds just the right amount of volume.  I mean come on right? What curly hair babe wants flat, stuck to the head, curls.

When I started using BIOSILK Beach Texture Spray, I noticed a change in my curls from the first use.  There was a lot less frizz and the look of dryness. BIOSILK Beach Texture Spray gave them a “new life” and they seem very happy.

So throw away all that unnecessary product and go for the one that does it all, BIOSILK Beach Texture Spray and give your curls new life.

Vist and see it for yourself.

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October 17, 2012

Sprayology Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month ~ 25% Donation

When I received this today I had to share it with all of you Glam Gals!

You may order your Sprayology at :

Donations made based on sales made in October 2012

(Quote) cancerandcareers is dedicated to empowering and educating people with cancer to thrive in their workplace by providing expert advice, interactive tools and educational events.

Whether you’re new to Sprayology, or are an ardent user of their wonderful products, here’s your opportunity to make a purchase of any of of their “Women’s Only Formulas” (including Woman Power, PMS Support, & MenoPower) and help support cancerandcareers during Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October!

(Image provided by Sprayology. Quotes or Paraphrased information from client article)

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October 16, 2012

Don’t Shower Without It, It’s Just Cleanlogic

The Cleanlogic Exfoliating Gloves are a great alternative to a wash cloth. They come with two gloves in a pack. They are so easy to use. When I am in the shower, I just put the gloves on and squirt my favorite body wash in my hands. I massage my hands over my body and it creates a nice lather. The material is not rough, and it does a great job smoothing out the rough parts on my skin. I definitely recommend the Cleanlogic Exfoliating Gloves if you are looking to exfoliate your skin inexpensively! They also have sponges, body lotions, body washes and more at


Rachel, Teen Blogger


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October 16, 2012

Somme Institute: Research plus a synergistic approach to skin care and a 5-step skin care regimen, equals results you “can” see!

I personally am a stickler about taking care of my skin and using a synergistic approach for best results with treatment products. I learned that from my Grandmother who looked decades younger in her 80’s and had instilled in me those practices from a young girl on.

Synergy in skin care is the compatibility of ingredients in a product line that work together and support each product in a regimen to promote the optimal results that they are meant to produce! .)

When I was recently introduced to The Somme Institute , I found their dedicated research, and their philosophy of a synergistic use of the Somme 5-step skin care regimen very exciting. I couldn’t wait to try Somme, and now I am very eager to share it with you!

Somme Institute is a Research Company and is quite unique in the way they did their research on cosmetics. In fact, they actually dedicated over ten years in the research process, and (Quote) “tracked the results of more than 5,000 participants to develop their product line.”

Their product formulation is called MDT5. : (Quote) “MDT5 is a molecular compound of 5 highly engineered vitamins that are attached to proteins. Each of the vitamins is in its active form and the proteins enable it to penetrate deep into the skin and result in drastic changes and display changes in skin texture, overall clarity and radiance. We call these vitamins SMART VITAMINS because the each hit a specific skin cell receptor to give the cell what it needs! What is remarkable about this technology is that it works with ALL skin types: severe dry skin, wrinkled and sun damaged skin, oily and acne prone skin, and even rosacea”

(Quote) “We have seen:
• A complete turnaround with mild to severe acne
• Fine line and wrinkle softening
•Sun damage, hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone basically reverse itself

Take a look at some of the Before and After photographs, and then we’ll talk about the Somme 5-Step Regimen.

Before and After ~ sub-surface (3-4mm deep into the skin)

Before and After ~ Surface

The Somme 5-Step Regimen:

As it reads on the Somme 5-Step Regimen brochure ~ 5-Steps 5-Minutes 5-Vitamins
with MDT5
Molecular Dispersion Technology

I use this regimen plus two additional products for my Eye area and Neck area.
The packaging and color coding is so modern and distinctive! The products do exactly what they are intended to do and here are my comments about the Somme 5-Step Regimen:
Step #1- Nourishing Cleanser
I like the feel of this non-foaming gel. It easily removes any makeup and leaves your skin feeling clean but never dry or irritated. (Use AM & PM)

Step #2- Transport
This step is so invigorating! Pre-moistened Cotton Pads gently exfoliate with alpha/beta hydroxy acids, help encourage hydration, resiliency, cell renewal and unclogged pores. (Use AM & PM)

Step #3- Serum
Here is your concentrated vitamin C gel which will improve elasticity, help even the tone of your skin, soften your skin, and most importantly build collagen. (Use AM & PM)

Step #4- A-Bomb
This light weight moisture cream contains high concentrations of advanced forms of vitamin A & E and helps reduce those fine lines and wrinkles. It has a wonderful feeling and immediately absorbs into the skin. (Use AM & PM)

Step #5- Double Defense
This is such a nice light weight water resistant lotion with an SPF 30. It provides you with a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and is great for the whole body. (Use in the AM).

An additional product I use is:


This is a “Controlled-Release” cream that is again very light weight but really helps hydrate, repair any sun damage, help with puffiness and dark circles, helps increase the dermal matrix (This is really important since your skin ine the eye area is quite thin.) , increases skin elasticity when use on a regular basis, and will not clog pores! I use this AM and PM. It may also be used once per day or as needed! Tap gently under the eye and up to your orbital bone with your ring finger to apply… Avoid your eyelid area!

The final product in my regimen is the “new” product Neckline with MDT5:


I use this AM and PM on my neck and decollete area. When I apply it, I lightly massage it in an upward motion and just over my jawline and around the back of my ears for a nice lifting feel. It has a firming and toning quality while helping with those horizontal lines around the neck and vertical lines in the decollete. Neckline also assists with building collagen in this often wrinkle prone area. I really could feel a firming sensation from the first time I used NECKLINE! It’s been over a month that I’ve been using the 5-Step Regimen and I “Can” see a difference!

Somme also has a great “Try me” kit. It’s the complete 5-Step Regime with product for a week:

The Pillow Pack

In a week I had already noticed positive changes in the appearance of my skin! The Pillow Pack is a nice way to get the feel of these products!

Here’s your perfect solution when you travel: A Mobile Kit that is convenient, easy to pack and will give you ample product for trips and getaways!

MOBILE ~ Somme 5 Step – Regimen for travel!

You’ll always be ready to go when you have MOBILE! The real plus is that all the containers are refillable!!

As promised, here is a link that will take you to the Somme Institute Website . Here you can find out more about the Somme Institute, purchase products online, find lots of additional information about Somme and MDT5, and locations of Spas that carry and provide services using Somme Institute products.

The Somme 5-step skin care Regimen with MDT5 is a real winner! It will provide you with a wonderful synergistic approach to the care of your skin, and it’s a program I highly recommend !

(Credit for Paraphrased and Quoted information from a Somme Informational promotional Packet and The Story of Somme Institute by Simon Erani, Lead Researcher.)

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October 15, 2012

Treat Yourself to a Glass of Tetley Iced Tea

For as long as I can remember, I have been an avid tea drinker.  I have a cup of hot tea almost every night before I go to bed. I always resorted to drinking my ice tea in restaurants because I could never find a good ice tea blendthat I could make at home.  It just didn’t taste the same.  My mom suggested that I try the iced tea blend by Tetley.  I was skeptical, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.  To my pleasant surprise, it was AMAZING!  One tea bag makes four cups of restaurant quality ice tea.  I also love that it is unsweetened so I can choose how I want to sweeten it and adjust the level of sweetness to my liking.  I ended up making a whole pitcher of it and two days later it still tasted fresh.  I just poured it over ice, added a little lemon and…voilà, a delicious glass of Tetley iced tea! 

-Jenna   Guest Blogger

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October 15, 2012

Shop PINK For A Cause and Help Support Breast Cancer Research

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness, Marimekko has partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundaton this October. Their signature bags and umbrellas are available in whimsical prints and bold pink hues and will donate a portion from each purchase to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with a minimum $5000 guarantee from the company. Visit


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October 15, 2012

Color Your Smile With Lighted Lip Gloss

When I purchased Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss, I figured it would be a cute gift for my 13 year old daughter.  Before giving her the gift, I tried the product to see if it actually worked and I was not throwing my money away on another lip gloss.  Well, Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss really impressed me!  Right now it is in “my” pocket book being used by me!  The convenient mirror on the lip gloss helps me glide the gloss on my lips when I do not have a mirror handy and the light is a incredible idea which helps in many situations!!! The long lasting lip gloss stays on your lips hours  after applied.  Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss comes in several shades.  My favorites are Crystal and Jewel!!  Yes, I had to purchase more to give to my daughter!! Check out all four shades at


Laurie Carcieri, Guest Blogger


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October 14, 2012

Color Blocking for your eyes with rae® Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palettes!

Color Blocking has been a very popular fashion statement on the runways and now the “Eyes Have It”!!! Colorful eyes brightly shadowed with purples, blues, and greens lit up the runways this Fall. So what’s trending? (Quote~ rae Cosmetics) “The eyes will definitely make a statement! Think of the brightly colored plumes of a peacock and you get the idea!”

I was delighted to have the opportunity to try two of the beautiful new colored eyeshadow palettes launched by CEO and creator of rae Cosmetics, Rochelle Rae. Rochelle has created three stunning three well eye shadow palettes (pictured below) with color groupings that all of us can wear with ease, express our own individual look and be right in style!


I received the rae “Extremely Violet” eyeshadow palette, and the “Green with Envy” Shadow palette. A rae “Turquoise Tantrum” eyeshadow palette is also available. A real plus is that these eyeshadow shades are refillable and come in a very chic compact.

I used to model, and still love to keep up with the trends, but I like to be able to adapt them to my current style, and I found these shadows very versatile and nice to work with. They blend very easily and since they can be used wet or dry you may even use them to line your eyes or use them wet and create a bold “High Fashion” statement! Whatever your mood ,you can be as extreme or conservative as you like with the rae eye shadow palette compacts!

To top it off….(Quote) “As with all rae Cosmetics’ products, these new additions are infused with protective anti-oxidants, Vitamins A, C and E and of course, SPF protection from the winter sunshine!” Needless to say, I was very impressed.

Here is an example of a mid range look on my eyes using Extremely Violet on one eye and Green with Envy on the other for comparison. I used the brushes included in the shadow palette compacts, and for lining I used a small tapered liner brush for creating a smudged line by my lashes. These shadows are highly pigmented. I slightly dampened the brush that I used for lining my eyes when using the shadows. These colors are so perfectly shaded that they truly enhance the color of your eyes but don’t overpower them. They also stay put and don’t flake or smear. That is a real plus! I did not put mascara on for demonstration purposes so you could see more of the shadow placement.

1. Extremely Violet is on the first eye. I used a softer lined smudge of color on this eye with the darkest color in the palette.
2. Green with Envy is on the second eye. I used a more defined but smudged line on this eye with the darkest color in the palette.

(Quote) “Rochelle Rae has earned a reputation as a premier makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur.” Her products are “Animal and Earth Friendly”, and I highly recommend that you visit her website : where you’ll be able to view great videos, learn more about all of Rochelle Rae’s products, and be able to purchase your products or find a location that carries rae Cosmetics.

There is no limit to your creativity with these rae eyeshadow palettes !

rae Cosmetics gets an A+ review! Not only will you have fun with these palettes,the colors are beautiful, their versatility is terrific, the health conscious ingredients are a great bonus, and the Animal and Earth friendly philosophy seals the deal!!

I look forward to sharing more of Rochelle Rae’s diverse product line in the future…

(Credit for any quotes or paraphrased information from rae cosmetics PR information, and rae cosmetics promotional kit.Image of rae Cosmetics Three Well Eyeshadow Palettes from

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October 14, 2012

Duality Cosmetics presents the Nail Pak

I have never seen a nail polish quite like this before. It is called the Nail Pak and the color I am using is called Gabriela which is dark red and the perfect fall color. The Nail Pak is quite unique because it is a three in one nail care set. The top half of the bottle contains the nail polish, the lower half of the bottle contains 40 pre soaked polish remover pads and right in the middle of the polish and pads is a mini removable nail file, it’s amazing. The best part about the Nail Pak is that it is the perfect nail care accessory for on the go. I can fix a quick chip with the nail file, and do some quick touch ups or repairs with the polish and/or polish remover pads and its all in one convenient bottle. Brilliant! See for yourself at

Adrienne, Teen Blogger

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