December 13, 2011

Take a trip back in time with Amy Barickman’s newest book, VINTAGE NOTIONS

This is the perfect time of year to get into a “nostagic” mood and take a trip back in time with Amy Barickman. (Quote) Named one of America’s most creative women entrepreneurs by Country Living Magazine, Amy has made frequent guest appearances on television, including HGTV’s “The Carol Duvall Show, “America Sews” and “Sewing with Nancy” on PBS. She is frequently featured in national lifestyle magazines and industry periodicals. Her business websites and personal blog resonate with the thousands of creative spirits who follow her work and buy her books.”

This book has captured my heart, and every time I sit down to read a chapter (which is presented as a month of the year with pertinent topics and ideas for the month), it’s an amazing learning adventure. VINTAGE NOTIONS , as Amy states, (Quote) ” I was inspired by the wisdom of Mary Brooks Picken, a pioneer in the domestic arts and international authority on dressmaking and fashion.”

Mary Brooks Picken was born in 1886. Sewing and design was meant to be her forte from an early age on. Married at a young age Mary’s home life actually guided her on her way to become, (Quote) “the first american authority on home arts and founder of the Women’s Institute of Domestic Arts in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Her school founded in 1916 also offered correspondence courses teaching women everything from “cooking, fashion design, beauty, and homemaking.” I found it so fascinating that the school actually enrolled near 300,000 women from around the world. Keep in mind, we’re talking about the early 1900’s. I can only imagine what a wonderful opportunity these women must have felt at that time when they didn’t even have voting privileges.

VINTAGE NOTIONS is truly an “inspirational guide” for readers of all ages. It offers so many ideas, about everything from beauty recipes, thoughts about growing old gracefully, meal planning, lingerie, picnics, wonderful costumes for Halloween, and yes…. even gratitude, and that’s just to name a few.

This book presents all of the wonderful teachings that have been passed along through generations, and are perfect to keep the tradition alive by sharing with our families. It is a beautifully written and illustrated book, that will be treasured in any home.

So take break, turn off your cell phones, no texting, or any 21st Century distractions! This is one of those times where you’ll want to savor the moment and treat yourself, maybe a group of close friends, or a daughter or granddaughter to an experience that I promise will be memorable.

Since we’re in the Holiday Season, here’s a preview of a page from VINTAGE NOTIONS called December Clothing 1925… Enjoy!

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What a perfect treat to get for yourself, and what a thoughtful Holiday gift for a friend!

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