December 26, 2011

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dpl® NüveBeauty Deep Penetrating Light Therapy treats fine lines and wrinkles. This light therapy is non-invasive and safe to use. I am about to begin Day 1 of the 15 Day treatment schedule for perioribtal wrinkles. Yes, I have them. They are the wrinkles and lines around the eyes commonly known as “crow’s-feet”. Mine are mild and I am set to keep them that way or even better, knock them down a notch! It’s a hand held system and it works like this… There are two heads. One is red and one is purple. You alternate between those two color treatments with a rest Day in between each one. Each treatment lasts 20 minutes. So, you have treatment on Day 1 with the red head and none on Day 2. You have treatment on Day 3 with the purple head and none on day 4. You have treatment on Day 5 with the red head and none on day 6 and so on to Day 15. You can do this yourself at-home. Now, I am OK with this and I am dying to see the results but if you have any concern learn more about it at the web link below and/or consult with your doctor.

(Taken from the home page at It’s a Glam Thing)

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