December 24, 2011

There’s a new Red X Stick by Smart Cover and some great product kits that will get you into the new year looking great!

Cosmetic Icon, Flori Roberts, has been a trailblazer in the Cosmetic Field and is not only widely known for creating the first line of cosmetics for African American women, but also developing the corrective makeup Dermablend helping so many regain confidence covering flaws through camouflage. Her newest advanced corrective line is called Smart Cover Cosmetics.

Flori’s latest endeavor is an easy to use product called Red X Stick. Are you troubled with Rosacea? Do you have problems with too much red in your skin, menopausal problems that cause patches of discoloration on your skin, or do you use some of the injectables like Juviderm or Botox that can often cause some bruising?

I believe we can all relate to the frustration of redness at one time or another, and now Red X Stick is here to help.

Having a very translucent skin I can really relate to issues with redness, and also using injectables, I too, have had to deal with bruising. This little portable stick will help you out and is very emollient and blends quite easily. It eliminates the red and allows you to confidently put on your makeup and not worry about breakthrough redness.

I think the best example would be to show you a before and after picture, and I’m just delighted that Ms.Flori Roberts has been kind enough to send a before and after picture of herself after an injection of Juviderm.

Thank you so much Flori 🙂 The results are extremely incredible!

I have some darkness in the inner corner of my eye area by my nose, and find that just a touch of the Red X Stick blended in that area eliminates the darkness. I then apply one of the Smart Cover concealers over the top of the “Red X” and it eliminates the problem. My eyes are brighter and look wider apart without the darkness.

You can find out more about the Red X Stick and other fine products from SmartCover, along with a lot of before and after pictures, by going to :

There are so many events during the Holiday Season with New Years Eve right around the corner. Smart Cover has some great kits that are not only nice for gift giving, but wonderful to have for your own collection.

It’s so nice to have kits like the ones I’ll be showing you to achieve certain looks and be able to create a flawless look each time you apply your makeup, whether it be for a natural daytime look, an evening outing with friends, or an elegant holiday or New Year’s Eve gala.

This is “The Flawless Kit to Go” : These products will have you out the door in minutes, with a nice finished healthy flawless look. You’ll receive:
• A “Perfect Touch Camouflage Cream” to take care of dark circles and any imperfections to even out your skin.
• A Smart Cover “Finishing Touch Powder and Brush” to dust on your face to achieve a “no shine” look for that nice “last all day” finish. (The powder is one shade and is a user friendly neutral color.)
• A “Two in One Glow stick” that you can use on your lips and cheeks for a nice healthy color that is fresh and gives you a very finished yet natural look!
The Flawless Face to Go Kit is a “Must Have” for every Glam Gal who wants to look great and travel light! Price: $29.50 in a travel case!

For beautiful lips here is the “Anti-Aging Pick Up Sticks Collection”:
The Lip Pumice Stick exfoliates the lips to create smooth lips that look and feel so good.
The Tea Tree Oil Softening Stick: (quote) Tea tree oil helps heal and lubricates the tender lip area while chamomile and safflower extracts impart a soothing texture.) Apply this over your freshly exfoliated lips for hydrated healthy lips.
The Lip Anti-Feathering Stick is applied around the lip area to help keep the lips from feathering. It really helps any lines you may have around your lips look less obvious.
The Lip Plumper Stick is applied to the lips before you apply your lipstick. With your fingertips, rub the plumper into your lips until it is absorbed.
•The final step is The Two-in-One Glow Stick. This multitasking stick will add a glow to your lips and cheeks that is soft and very youthful looking. Price: $24.95!

There are even more kits on the website listed above, and you can also purchase the Smart Cover products individually as well!

From dark circles to birthmarks, tattoos, to red skin, and so much more, Smart Cover will not only do the job quickly, but you’re skin will always maintain a natural health look!

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