December 31, 2011

Salon Perfect Lashes ~ The ultimate everyday beauty accessory !

Lashes aren’t just for special occasions any more, and Salon Perfect lashes are so “light weight”, flexible, and easy to apply that it might just be easier to put on a pair of eyelashes instead of your traditional mascara when you head out to work in the morning.

They have a multitude of eyelash styles from extremely natural, mid range, and a bit more dramatic for evening or a dressy night out on the town.

I started wearing false eyelashes on stage in the theater when I was fifteen years old, and always loved the way they enhanced my eyes. There is no comparison to what I wore back then as nice as these soft,lovely lashes from Salon Perfect ! On the pictures below I decided to do a very natural lash and as you can see they just add that finishing touch to my eyes, and are perfect for any daytime or casual look. They are very easy to apply as they contour so nicely to your eye. Once on, they actually feel lighter than the mascara I use. I generally forget that I’m even wearing them!

For me, they really save a lot of morning prep time. Even if I’d choose not to wear a lot of makeup, I’d never leave the house without defining my eyes. A lash like the one I’m wearing gives a real boost to my own lashes yet still looks so natural.

Here are the lashes that I’m wearing in the picture below.
Did you notice that they are one of the PRESS ON “Self Adhesive” sets that are pre-glued? You just put them on and you’re ready to go! (The kit comes with 2 additional adhesive strips.)

You can find out more about all of the Salon Perfect lashes when you visit their website at:

Salon Perfect lashes are available exclusively at a WAL-MART store near you.

I wanted to show you a very lovely younger model who is an on the go Mom with two little girls and likes a natural look with minimal makeup. Stacy is my daughter-in-law, and was really excited to try something different without going overboard!

That’s why I like the Salon Perfect lashes. We chose more of a “Glam” lash, but as you will see on Stacy’s pictures, she still has a soft look, and the lashes just enhance her eyes without being over done. She was delighted with the look and felt very comfortable wearing the eyelashes. In fact, she mentioned that she didn’t even feel like she was wearing false eyelashes at all!

Here are the lashes that I put on Stacy and her pictures are below:

Notice this is the “Starter Kit” which was just perfect for Stacy. It comes with glue, and a handy applicator that makes you a “pro” at putting on your lashes even if you’ve never worn lashes before!

Stacy looks like “The girl next door” with a very soft natural look and a modern fashionable appearance to her eyes that will get her a lot of complements.

Salon Perfect gets a 5-star review for their easy to wear versatile styles of lashes for any occasion…

In closing, here is the link to a video from the Salon Perfect website that will show you how easy it is to put on your new Salon Perfect Eyelashes:

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