July 14, 2016

Having the Appearance of Great Hair

Keep your hair looking good

Keep your hair looking good

It has been said that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory and I agree. Hair is VITAL for a female. Thick, long healthy hair exemplifies youth. The length and style signify clues to your age, health and overall attractiveness. The key to hair is to try and make it appear as healthy as possible. This can be accomplished by taking the proper vitamins, proper conditioning and regular trims and covering any grays.  Also a deep conditioning monthly is recommended especially in summer months.

Internally is where you must start to build great hair. A vitamin such as Biosil will benefit your hair, skin and nails.  Christy Brinkley recommends this product and I have followed in her steps.

FullSizeRender (2)

It is said to promote healthy bones and joints as a side bar plus. I also eat jello which has a lot of protein.

synthetic curly clip on hair extensions.

synthetic curly clip on hair extensions.

FullSizeRender (3)

Bad hair can be a huge detriment to a woman’s look. If your hair is less than healthy looking, you can add extensions, wig lets or a wig. A lot of celebrities and models utilize these options. When I go on stage, I love extensions that clip in. I even have wigs when I want dramatically different looks. Clip on extensions are fairly easy to put on. You need to match the color as close as possible. Start at the bottom of your head and clip in the first row of hair. make another row an inch or two above that from one end of your ear to the other and clip in another row as so on. the last row should be put on top but having enough hair on top so that you are unable to see the extension. If you need side extensions you can attach those as well for desired styles. After that brush lightly at ends and style with your fingers. Extensions give length and or volume. I am not a fan of permanent extensions as i feel that they ultimately damage the hair. The clip ins should be taken out before you go to bed. Wig lets can be clipped on also as well as pony tails. The key is to blend your natural hair into the style. If you wear a wig this is not necessary. Get a wig cap, some bobby pins and place the wig cap on. When it is secured place the wig on your head. Secure the wig to your head and you are good to go. Make sure none of your natural hair is poking out.

It is important that all the frizz is taken out to seal the hair. This can be done in sections or only the places that need it.

It is important that all the frizz is taken out to seal the hair. This can be done in sections or only the places that need it.

Flat irons and curling irons can create dramatically different looks. Curls tend to be viewed as very feminine. The flat iron can make hair smooth and take away frizz. I find that when I get a blow out I can then do either curls or smooth depending on the look I’m attempting to attain.
If you wear hair spray, make sure it is light and doesn’t stick in place. Too much hair spray is often associated with old ladies and it’s just wrong. Stiff hair that doesn’t move isn’t attractive.
Long hair is sexy and can help you look more glamorous. Short hair works for some people, but make sure it is not too short. The finer your features and the thinner and younger you are, the easier it is to pull off short styles. If you are overweight — don’t go too short.
Now let’s delve into hair color and roots. In life we have to brush our teeth, floss, shave, clean ourselves, etc., and when someone lacks the motivation to do these things, they start to deteriorate their self-presentation. Keeping up with your hair is the same thing. There is nothing worse than a girl with roots. Not only do long dark roots look cheap, but they convey a lazy attitude and lack of interest in presenting one’s self in the best way possible.

Some hair issues are harder to take care of than others. Hair color is important and can affect your beauty routine depending on how much maintenance it requires. Remember if you choose a color that is difficult to maintain, it could wreak havoc on your hair if it has to be done too often. Damaged hair is not attractive.

Curly hair can be especially hard to deal with, and this one I know firsthand! It can get frizzy and look unkempt depending on the weather and texture of your hair. Curly hair needs lots of conditioning.

Great over-the-counter products:
Moroccan Oil
Kerastase Bain Satin Shampoo (1, 2 or 3)
J.F. Lazartique Vita-Cream with Milk Proteins
Fekkai’s Serum
Bumble and Bumble Big Shine Serum
Redken All Soft Heavy Cream
Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil
Palvin-Bid Capillary Mask Deep Conditioner and Reconstructor
AG Ultramoist Treatment
Joico Moisture Recovery Intense Treatment

Home remedies for great hair are wonderful. You will find many examples in my chapter specifically devoted to practical applications using items you have in your home. Healthy smooth hair is a sign of beauty. It is important to protect it through good diet , vitamins if necessary and regular conditioning treatments. It is not necessary to wash your hair every day. I usually go a week without washing my hair, but if your hair gets greasy fast then of coarse you may not be able to go that long. If your hair is curly then it will need extra care as it can get frizzy and dry. If it is color treated then it will also need more conditioning especially if it is bleached. I recommend deep conditioning treatments whenever your hair needs it. Here are some home remedies that you can use for your hair. Washing your hair- If your hair is very dirty you can add baking soda to your shampoo. If you want to go chemical free then you can make a paste out of baking soda and massage it into your head or you can get a cup of water and put one table spoon baking soda and stir then massage that into your head to clean it. After that rinse and put 2 tablespoons spoons of apple cider vinegar to one cup warm water and let it sit for a few minutes. After that rinse.
It is important to comb hair gently with a wide tooth comb. You do not want to yank it. The hair should be combed at the ends and work your way up to detangle after washed.

Hair Masks conditioning treatment-
olive oil
almond oil
coconut oil

I keep my hair on the longer side so that it does not kink up. After a good wash, always comb your hair right away. If you put product in it and work it through with your head upside down and scrunch it with your hands it can make nice natural curls. Do not brush it. For smooth styles it pays to go to a blow dry bar. I can leave my hair for a week with a professional blow dry. The other option is Brazilian Blow out. My friend actress business woman Esther Marie is always on the go and loves this option. It makes her hair smooth and shiny. She says its easy to maintain.

Esther Marie with the Brazilian Blow out

Esther Marie with the Brazilian Blow out

If your hair is wavy or straight, a professional blow out can be nice to put body in the places that you want it. Blow dry bars have become very popular. They specialize in blow drying and styling hair, are much more cost effective than full service salons and offer great service. Their employees are quite skilled at doing a great job. As a rule a person cant do as good of a job on their own hair than these people can. The hair comes out smooth and nice and tends to stay that way unless it gets wet. If you aren’t going in for a cut or color but just want a stunning style, opt for a blow dry bar!

Sometimes getting your hair done professionally is not an option so use these tips for the best blow out you can give yourself.
When blow drying your own hair, spray on a heat protector first. If you have curly hair you will need to put some tension on the brush and make sure the hair is completely dry so it does not frizz up! Section off the hair and dry each piece separately until the whole head is dry.

Donna’s Diaries- My hair is naturally curly so it takes some work to make it behave and keep it properly conditioned. I really like to spend my money on my hair including professional deep conditioning at a salon but you can do this yourself at home also.


It is important to have a style that suits your personality, but it should also be current. Since a mane of hair can make all the difference in your look, it is important to make time for regular trims. Sometimes it is fun to try on wigs of various colors and styles to see what looks best on you. I even think it is fun to have wigs to wear on those days that you want a totally different look. Beauty is all about putting things together to make the style and look that best fits you. Don’t make drastic changes! Always experiment slowly. But if you do make a mistake, there are always extensions…

Hair Extensions
There are many different types of hair extensions that can look quite beautiful when added to the natural hair; however, this choice is high maintenance and usually very expensive. The plus side is you can shower with them in and carry on as if they are part of your natural hair. The downside is that it sometimes causes damage to your natural hair. This can result in breaking and potential hair loss.
Professional Falls, Wigs and Clip-ons
Today, we have many choices when it comes to clip-ons and hair pieces, which can create a quite glamorous look when added to our natural hair. I like clip-ons because they are easy and low maintenance. I use them to enhance my natural hair when I want more dramatic styles. They do not damage your hair, so they are essentially risk free. Plus, you can get top notch human hair clip-ons for a reasonable price. If you get synthetic ones they are not expensive and great for occasional use. DO NOT TRY TO CURL THEM WITH A HOT IRON! The manufacturer already has them straight or curled. They will melt if you try.FullSizeRender (3)

Natural hair clip on’s are wonderful but cost much more.  The bottom line is to make sure your hair is as healthy as you can get it to look and if it needs help then move forward with both internal and external choices. Do not ever leave clip ons on constantly. I wear mine for a night or day then remove them so my hair does not get pulled out.

My girlfriend who is a Beauty Queen & actress, Shanna Olson says that she uses these clips for easy styling.


Beauty Queen, Shanna Olson

Beauty Queen, Shanna Olson

All of these options will help make your hair look better if utilized properly!

If you have any further questions you can email me below! Thank you Donna Spangler 🙂

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February 28, 2016

Watch Monday, It’s a Glam Thing Elizabeth Colen “Paper Plate” workout

Paper Plate set

Elizabeth Colen, Fitness Expert,  with It’s a Glam Thing presents The “Paper Plate”workout on “Your Carolina with Jack and Megan

Paper Plate Workout

Hold paper plate in your hand.

Stand tall with feet hip width apart.

Step forward with your right leg, lift your left leg and bend forward and place the plate on

the floor.  Smoothly, come back to standing position (try to keep your left leg bent if you

can, working on balance as well).  Once you get your balance bend forward and pick up

the plate, coming smoothly back up.

Repeat on the other leg.


3 sets 5-15 reps

Hold paper plate in both hands

Stand tall with feet hip width apart, then step out one step wider and turn toes outward.

Squat down and place the paper plate on the floor come back to a stand.  Squat down

and pick up the plate and stand tall.


3 sets 5-15 reps

Repeat on the right side.

Place the paper plate between your thighs and squeeze tight as you squat down, don’t

let the plate slide.  Keep feet together.   Return to standing, keeping those thighs tight

not letting the plate fall.


3 stets 5-15 reps

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September 3, 2015

Get the look of Vanessa Hudgens at the VMA awards

Schwarzkopf celebrity hairstylist, Richard Collins, created Vanessa Hudgens’s bohemian chic, dreamy look at the 2015 VMAs! See below how you too can achieve this look!

Vanessa Hudgens VMA awards

Vanessa Hudgens VMA awards

Step 1: Start with dry hair; work in Schwarzkopf styliste Crystal Shine & Hold Heat Protection Shine Spray throughout the hair for hot tools protection and initial shine.

Schwarzkopf styliste Crystal Shine & Hold Heat Protection Shine Spray

Schwarzkopf styliste Crystal Shine & Hold Heat Protection Shine Spray

Step 2: Leaving a few thick pieces around the face, use an inch curling iron to begin creating soft, deconstructed waves. Prep and finish the curls with Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume & Texture H2O-Free Hair Spray for added texture and hold.

Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume & Texture H2O-Free Hair Spray

Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume & Texture H2O-Free Hair Spray

Step 3: Take the remaining pieces of hair left in the previous step and create a braid on either side of the face. Once complete, bring the braid to the opposite side of the face and secure above the ear with bobby pins. Repeat with remaining hair on other side of the face; creating a full braid crown. Apply Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Crystal Shine & Hold Laminating Shine Hair Spray to secure the look.

Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Crystal Shine & Hold Laminating Shine Hair Spray

Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Crystal Shine & Hold Laminating Shine Hair Spray

Step 4: Dust Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Diamond Color & Radiance Shine Boost Tonic over the hair for added shine and glimmer.

Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Diamond Color & Radiance Shine Boost Tonic

Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Diamond Color & Radiance Shine Boost Tonic

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August 17, 2015

How to: Get Bethany Mota’s red carpet look with AVON

How to get Bethany Mota’s red carpet look at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. Celebrity makeup artist Lauren Andersen gave Bethany bronzed, glowing skin and a stunning smoke eye.

How to get Bethany Mota’s red carpet look

How to get Bethany Mota’s red carpet look

Lauren’s Inspiration: Fun, fresh and radiant.

Face: I started by prepping Bethany’s skin with By Terry Foundation in Matte Finish and applied Hourglass Ambient Bronzer in Radiant Bronze Light and Chanel Narcisse Blush. I also applied Laura Mercier Illuminating Powder on the cheeks for added glow.

Lip: We wanted to keep Bethany’s look natural, so I used Avon Ultra Color Indulgence Lip Color in In Bloom for the perfect neutral hue.

Eye: To create Bethany’s smoky eye look, I used Avon True Color Eye Shadow Quad in Mocha Late and Avon Always On Point Eye Liner in Brown on the upper outer lash line as well as smudged on the lower lash line. To finish the look I applied several coats of Avon Big & Daring Volume Mascara in Black to the lashes.

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August 15, 2015

From Kim K. West to Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra

Pat McGrath Transforms Kim Kardashian West into

Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra for The Violet Files

Today, (8/12/15), on the latest cover of The Violet Files, the editorial site of Hollywood insider and beauty guru Cassandra Grey, Kim Kardashian West is transformed into the iconic Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra through the artistry and makeup design by Pat McGrath.

“I would have done anything—I would have trusted Pat’s vision no matter what she wanted—but I was really excited that it was the Cleopatra vibe,” says Kim Kardashian West of the collaboration with makeup artist Pat McGrath.

Kim K. West as Elizabeth Taylor's famous Cleopatra

Kim K. West as Elizabeth Taylor’s famous Cleopatra

“Elizabeth Taylor’s makeup in Cleopatra has been re-created countless times, but for Kim I wanted to create an interpretation that has never been done before, a futuristic 3D version,” Ms. McGrath explains. “I wanted to portray a luxurious decadence by using elements of ornate facial jewelry constructed into shapes that pay homage to Egyptian culture, and of course to the rich exotic character that Taylor portrayed in this role.”

“Her eyeshadow was made from ground lapis stone and gold pyrite flecks,” notes Ms. McGrath. “Incorporating three-dimensional gold metal into the makeup design explores the concept of makeup as jewelry. I wanted the images to be luxurious, evoking a modern take on the opulence associated with Cleopatra’s makeup.”

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June 15, 2015

Effortless “Flower” hair from Butterfly Studio

The best summer hair accessory? Flowers! Take your hair to the next level by adding beautiful flowers. Try this effortless braided look from the owner of Butterfly Studio Salon, Kattia Solano. This style is ideal for any hair length and perfect for summer outtings. See below for a step-by-step hair tutorial.

Flower Hair

Flower Hair

How To: Flower Hair
1. First step: set the crown area with a small curing iron.
2. For the rest of hair, take random sections and simply wrap the hair vertically around the rod. This will give it a bit of wave and texture.
3. Spray with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray before you brush out for hold, grip, and a better style.
4. Softly brush out to amplify waves and enhance texture. (Don’t worry, we are not looking for perfection – think more along the lines of rolling around the garden instead!)
5. Braid hair over to one side and secure.
6. Open the braid and create a soft frame (wave/swoop) in the front.
7. Take your flowers and cut to desired length, keeping the stems long and choosing wider and fuller flowers.
8. Place the flowers by sticking into the braid and secure with a bobby pin.
9. Design your own way, follow your inspiration, and break the rules. An added idea to create a look with more drama is to apply flowers through the length of the braid.

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May 6, 2015

Met Gala: Olivia Wilde hair how to

Olivia Wilde Looks Striking at Met Gala with a Simple, Smooth Hairstyle

olivis wilde

Olivia Wilde looks stunning on the red carpet tonight in a Prada gown for the 2015 Met Gala. Celebrity hair stylist, Ben Skervin, wanted to accentuate her style with a beautiful headband knotted in grey silk. “I wanted to keep the hair slick and simple, but I also liked the idea of keeping it graphic.” See below for steps from Ben on how to get Olivia’s look using Goldwell.

Skervin applied the Goldwell Style Sign Naturally Full Bodifying Blowdry & Finish Spray which not only helped add thickness to the hair, but it also created the beautiful, satin smooth finish that he needed to achieve with this style.

Goldwell Naturally Full

Goldwell Naturally Full

Once the hair was dry, Skervin then used a straightening iron to get the hair pin straight. He parted the hair down the center and used the Goldwell Style Sign Big Finish Volume Hairspray to smooth down the baby hairs around the hair line and along the part.

Goldwell Big Finish Spray

Goldwell Big Finish Spray

Lastly, Skervin added the headband and did one final straightening with the irons over the ends of the hair. He used a small amount of the Goldwell Elixir Versatile Oil Treatment on the very ends of the hair for smoothness. And then finally, he applied a small amount of additional hair spray to keep everything in place

Goldwell Elixr

Goldwell Elixr

For more information on Goldwell products visit http://www.goldwell.us/

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April 30, 2015

Get Anna Chlumsky’s wrap up braided bun

Sarah Potempa was behind Anna Chlumsky’s wrap up braided bun for her “Living For Love” Broadway opening on Monday night. See below how you can get this gorgeous ‘do.

Anna Chlumsky

Anna Chlumsky

1) Start by creating a clean center part. Smooth all the hair from the roots to the ends with the SARAHPOTEMPA Ceramic Styling Iron.

2) Section out all of the hair from the left and right side and brush back in to a low ponytail, clipping out a circular section from the back of the crown with the SARAHPOTEMPA Darby Clip. Smooth the sides down with Aussie’s Miraculously Smooth Anti-Frizz Cream.

3) Using the SARAHPOTEMPA Wrap Up, pull the ponytail through, pinch it closed, wrap it up and bend it into a perfect bun.

4) Take the remaining section out of the clip and braid down. Secure with an elastic and wrap the braid around the bun and pin in place.

For more info on the styling tools and products used check out http://sarahpotempa.com/ & www.aussie.com

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February 24, 2015

Jenny Balding’s Favorite Academy Award Styles

87th Academy Awards honored the best films of the year and stars showed off glamorous, elegant and chic hairstyles to compliment their red carpet look! Jenny Balding, Cutler/Redken Stylist, shares her favorite Oscar styles.

Margot Robbie’s deep side part sleek bob



This sleek style proves that an updo isn’t necessarily the best option for evening wear. Margot Robbie accents her Saint Laurent gown with a sleek, just above the shoulder, deep side part bob.
•Ask your stylist for a cut just above your shoulder with a very subtle slant towards the front
•Part your hair into a deep side part, whichever side suits your face shape best.
•Blow dry smooth and straight, slightly bend the ends so it is not stick straight.
•Finish by using Redken Diamond Oil Airy mist for glossy finish.

Reese Witherspoon’s luxurious smooth wave



•Create a precise middle part
•Blow dry using a large round brush creating a wave throughout the mid-length to the ends.
•Take the section in front of the ear on both sides and smooth back into a small ponytail at the nape.
•With a small oval type brush, blend the back and front together.
•Mist Redken Fashion Works hairspray throughout for versatile hold and shine.

About Jenny Balding:

Jenny Balding

Jenny Balding

Jenny Balding New York City Salon, Fashion Week & Editorial Stylist
As one of New York City’s most sought after hairstylists, Scottish born Jenny Balding brings nearly two decades of experience in both the UK and NYC. Her salon, Fashion Week & editorial experience have shaped her into the expert stylist she is today.

Jenny is a Senior Stylist at New York City’s Cutler Salon and specializes in cutting and styling women and men of all hair lengths, textures, colors, and special occasions. Her personal mission is to help each client find the cut and style that works best for them and their lifestyle, not just the hottest trend, and she achieves this by working with the hair’s natural texture to create maximum versatility and fluidity. Jenny also lives the salon’s motto “bringing runway to reality” as she consistently leads shows each season during New York Fashion Week including Paola Hernández, Red Dress Show, Diego Binetti & 5:31 Jérôme. Her work backstage has also been seen on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Cynthia Rowley, Betsey Johnson, Proenza Schouler, Badgley Mischka and Carmen Marc Valvo. With inspiration from Fashion Week around the world, Jenny translates the season’s hottest trends into wearable, achievable, musthave styles for her clients.

In addition to her salon and Fashion Week work, Jenny’s hands have also styled the locks of Princess Eugenie of York, Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, Karolina Kurkova, Chanel Iman, Alyssa Milano, Jillian Michaels, Rachael Ray, Gabby Douglas, Dannica Keller, the Foo Fighters, and Kendall & Kylie Jenner, to name a few. Jenny also serves as Redken’s Grooming & Styling Expert and consults with the brand on new launches and styling techniques.
Prior to moving to New York, Jenny was based in the UK where she pursued her love of hairstyling at the early age of 18 and became Art Director & Director of Education at the legendary Rita Rusk International in Glasgow, and then Creative Director of the Alternative Hair Show, the most prestigious hair show in the world. Jenny has been featured in top publications such as Allure and Harper’s Bazaar, and on television programs including The Rachael Ray Show, Extra!, Good Day New York, and the CW 11 Morning News. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys rollerblading in New York and watching films and theater with her husband, Patrick.

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February 23, 2015

Straight from the stylist: get the look

Rosamund Pike’s look was a showstopper at last night’s 87th annual Academy Awards.
Her hair was styled exclusively with Oscar Blandi products by Kylee Rae Heath. Here is the breakdown straight from Kylee:

“It was key to have it look easy and untried. We wanted to create tons of texture.”

Kylee Rae Heath

Kylee Rae Heath

1. Starting on damp hair I sprayed Oscar Blandi Protein Mist throughout the hair.

2. I then applied Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Mousse and combed the product through.

3. Next, I blew her hair out creating volume and movement. Before using a Sultra 3/4 inch sized barrel and a 1inch sized marcel iron to create texture, I sprayed Oscar Blandi Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray.

4. Once the texture was in place, I used a comb to section from behind the left ear, over the head to the top of the right ear.

5. I pulled the back section into a ponytail. Then, looking in a mirror together, I pulled the front section back to meet the ponytail securing with bobby pins.

6. I sprayed the look into place and twisted the ponytail into a bun and pinned it. Then finished the look with the Pronto Lacca Medium Hold Hairspray and applied the Polish Glossing Creme to the short hair of her undercut.

Oscar Blandi

Oscar Blandi

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