March 4, 2018

Designer Bags: The Next Big Thing in Wearable Tech

Purses haven’t changed much over time; they’re still basically cloth or leather pouches that hold your things. And that’s pretty boring. It’s long overdo that these accessories do more for you. With the emergence of wearable technology, your designer bag can now incorporate your everyday technology to make your life a little easier. The following are some of the best designer bags and their technological upgrades:

Electronics Compartments

You carry your smartphone with you everywhere, and it easily fits in your purse, but what about your other devices? You carry a laptop, tablet, e-reader, cords, chargers and batteries with you to and from work and when you travel. Unfortunately, your standard bag doesn’t account for these valuable devices. This is why designer bag company Knomo has created purses that keep everything safe and organized. Their bags include a padded laptop pouch, tablet holder and phone slip pocket for your devices. They also have a pen holder, key loop and a deep pocket to keep your other items without having to worry that they might scratch your electronics’ screens or get lost down at the bottom. When your purse feels like a black hole, this is the tech solution for you.

Charging Capabilities

You’re not always going to have access to a wall outlet where you can charge your smartphone, and you don’t always want to carry an external battery that can easily unplug inside your purse. This is where Kate Spade and Everpurse made a great technological partnership. Both parties were unwilling to sacrifice style and design for charging technology. They want to provide women with a seamless way to charge their phones without advertising it to the world or having ugly, flashy wearable technology stamped on the bag. They came up with a charging pouch inside the purse that is unobtrusive on the inside and invisible on the outside. It works with most major phone designs and sizes, such as the durable Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. They want this type of technology to become the standard where you don’t think of it as an add-on, but simply a part of the overall design.

Fashion Statements

Not all tech is meant to blend in; it’s meant to make a statement. VanDerWaals has come up with a line of bags that does just that. These purses are meant to have the ultimate customizable function with the ability to change color on a whim. The outside of the bag looks like a normal leather until you connect it with an app that enables you to change the colors of the outside. This provides you with the ability to change your look from day to night with the press of a button. Or, if you decide that you want to wear a different outfit that doesn’t match your purse, you can easily change the outside color. The bags also have charging stations inside of them to make sure your smartphone battery isn’t drained. With this type of technology, there are limitless options for customization with the help of apps in the future.

Purses no longer have to be sacks that can only carry your things. The major designers are starting to join the future with technology use and integration. With wearable tech advancing rapidly, these accessories are sure to become smarter, more useful and more stylish with each upgrade.


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