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May 24, 2013

Fabulous is First Aid Beauty Dual Repair Eye Cream


My circles and crows feet around my eyes have been a problem for a very long time. I have tried many eye-creams with absolutely no results. The idea of drastic measures to get rid of the circles was becoming my only alternative, until I tried Dual Repair Eye Cream.  Dual Repair has the ingredients of Soduim Phylate and Glucosy Hesperidin to decrease the look of puffiness and dark circles.  very morning, I crossed my fingers and applied the eye-cream hoping this would be the miracle cream to keep the doctor away.

The results were astounding, within two weeks, my eyes looked unbelievable. The fine lines, circles and puffiness had vanished, and I had regained my youthful appearance. My friends actually thought a surgeon did the work until I gave away the secret of the miracle cream. Dual Repair Eye Crème is very lightweight and provides a great deal of moisture around the eye. The difference between this cream and many of the others were the dramatic results. I can finally say, I found an Eye Cream that actually works!!!!

I found my Dual Repair Eye Cream at and it can also be found at

4481_1046410411674_7883755_nLiz Vachon, LICSW, Wife and Mother of two

National Keynote Speaker on Bulling


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May 24, 2013

Be AcneFree for Good

With the fast paced lives many of us have these days, it’s no wonder that stress and unhealthy eating causes embarrassing acne.  Even though there are many acne clearing products on the market, many of them take 2 to 3 weeks to show any signs of working.  My biggest acne problems are on my back ( I know disgusting right?) I have been using AcneFree 2-in-1 Acne Wipes everyday on my back and I have to say I LOVE IT!!!

AcneFree Acne Wipes are a 2-in-1 treatment to cleanse your skin and treat your acne on-the-go.  Retailing at $5.99 AcneFree Acne Wipes can be found at any drug store and mass market.  AcneFree Acne Wipes are oil-free and feature 0.5% Salicylic Acid. Salicylic acid is a dermatologist recommended medication for acne.  AcneFree does not need to be rinsed off once you have applied it to your skin. AcneFree Acne Wipes is the go to acne treatment for on the go.  They are fast and effective and do not leave your skin feeling dry or tight. Visit for more additional information.

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May 23, 2013

Zensation Beaute offering FREE phototherapy treatments this Saturday & Sunday at Henri Bendel in NYC! Don’t Miss Out !!

If you are in NYC this weekend you won’t want to miss out on the fabulous :

Zensation Beaute is offering FREE Phototherapy Treatments this Saturday and Sunday !

Zensation Beaute FREE Phototherapy Treatments this Saturday and Sunday at Henri Bendel – New York !

Image 3
Image 5
Free Phototherapy Treatments from Zensation Beaute!

Free Phototherapy Treatments from Zensation Beaute!

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity!


FREE phototherapy treatments!

FREE Phototherapy Treatments!

WHEN: This Saturday (May 25th) & Sunday (May 26th)

WHERE: Henri Bendel – New York


(Quoted information from Pr-Fact sheet)

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May 23, 2013

Holiday weekend freebie at Henri Bendel

Zensation Beaute will be offering FREE phototherapy treatments at Henri Bendel in NYC this Saturday & Sunday! In NYC? Stop by.

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May 23, 2013

Get a Complete Salon Manicure at home With Sally Hansen

Skip the salon, and get the same results at Home! Infused in this one bottle is a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, salon-inspired color, top coat, chip-resistance and and a gel finish. It should last for about 10 days it has for me. This is much easier to apply than other nail polishes. I usually do a base and too coat so it can last longer. With the Complete Salon Manicure from Sally Hansen I just had to apply two coats and I was finished! For my design I did a water marble with ” Green Tea” and “Grass Slipper”. Water Marbling is time consuming but easy to do look it up online to achieve this look.

Before painting my nails I usually file them.  Although,  the old fashioned file is not like Sally Hansemn’s Sapphire Nail File. To shape begin with the medium-grit inner curve to change  nail length and shape. Hold file at a slight angle to nail and file in one direction to help prevent nails from splitting and peeling. Work from the sides of each nail to its center. Use the fine-grit outer curve for a smooth finish. After you’re finished wash the filer to keep it like new.

       Leiyana, It’s a Glam Thing Nail Enthuiast
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May 23, 2013

Smashing Smashbox Creates Killer Eyes



Smashing results for your eyes – wow – I have never used SMASHBOX before, but I recently came across the SoftBox PHOTO OP EYE SHADOW PALETTE IN SOFTBOX II.  The gorgeous ‘little black box’ the most beautiful colors – soft, warm, highly pigmented and creamy. With my dark, almost black brown eyes sometimes I need a pop. With this color palette I can go from day to evening in almost no time at all, but the colors stay on all day too.

The first time I put the makeup on, my daughter actually did the eye makeup. She’s an incredible budding makeup artist and I said – okay, why not? This day, believe it or not, she had been at the dentist and had five teeth pulled out, about five hours earlier.  (She had impacted baby teeth that would not come loose with adult teeth growing in).  She wasn’t completely recovered but was sitting on the couch and really not feeling too great.  As soon as the words, ‘Let’s try out that Smashbox Eyeshadow’ came rolling off my lips, she leapt off the couch and was in full force doing our eyes in no time.  Then of course we had a major photo shoot before she fell back into a lump on the couch. She claims her teeth hurt but I actually think Sponge Bob just pulled her back into TV Land.

The colors are highly pigmented and so creamy. And, they stay on all day long – looking as good in the morning as they do in the evening.  Recently I had one of those long, long days where I had two meetings, a lunch, an event at night, and then had to pick up my beau from the airport! Literally when I picked him up at 9:30 he said, ‘You look beautiful honey!’ Wow.

The other nice thing about this eye makeup is that its good for sensitive eyes. Sometimes makeup can irritate me, but not Smashbox!  I love the neutral colors. Perfect for my brown eyes! I’m Smashed!

You can find Smashbox Cosmetics at Sephora, Sephora inside JCPenny, Ulta, Nordstrom,, and select Macy’s      Price: $39.00

0Guest Post by Julia Tanen

Julia is a writer, blogger, book author

and mom from Boston, Massachusetts


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May 22, 2013

Celebrity Hairstylist Jonathan Hanousek uses White Sands Products to Create Brooke Burke’s “Dancing With the Stars” HairStyle

As a stylist I use and LOVE White Sands Infinity Hairspray. I use it in the salon I work at. It is the best hairspray I have ever used. See how the stars love White Sands too. 

Brooke Burke Charvet’s look for the Dancing with the Stars performance finals was inspired by her dramatic Michael Costello gown,” reveals celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Hanousek.  “Her pompadour faux hawk with an oblong braided chignon helped balance the strong shoulders and textures of the dress.”

First I layered Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray and White Sands UnderCover Styling Spray on damp hair.

From the outside corners of the eyes, make 2 clean parts back to the crown and pin the section out of the way. Then, blow dry the rest of the hair with a medium round brush to create a smooth finish.

Take the sides of the hair and gather into a ponytail in the back. Fasten with a small rubber band. Clean up fly always using a fine tooth tail comb and White Sands Infinity Hairspray.

Using a small round brush blow dry the top of the hair concentrating on lifting the roots for volume. Spray a few pumps of Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray all over to smooth and add shine.

With your fingers and the blow dryer, push the hair up and towards the center to create your pomp. Use a few pumps of the White Sands Infinity Hairspray to hold the shape.

Place crisscross bobby pins down the center of the pomp and roll one side over to conceal, fastening with invisible hairpins. Think loose French twist and look in the mirror and adust the shape that’s best for your face. It’s best if it is not too symmetrical, it will look more interesting.

Let the rest of the hair cover the first ponytail. Fasten with a couple pins. Then, gather all the remaining hair and create a single braid.

Twist the braid up, tuck in the ends and fasten with bobby and invisible hair pins. Lock everything in with White Sands Stuck Up Mega Hold Hairspray.



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May 22, 2013

Lancôme partners with Rent the Runway to create a “Dream” Prom for Rockaway High School students affected by Hurricane Sandy!

I love our Beauty Industry! It’s a hard working, generous, and caring group of people who, not only with their expertise… share their knowledge, educate, and make the world a more glamorous place, but… are always available to step in and create their “magic” when needed!

Image 2helped give Rockaway High School students affected by Hurricane Sandy the prom of their dreams, thanks to a recent partnership with Rent the Runway. The mega styling party took place at the high school’s gym last week, where students were given a prom-night makeup kit courtesy of the artistry team at Lancôme.

Lancôme's Mega Styling Party took place in the RockWay High School Gym.

The Lancôme Artistry Team did Prom makeovers on
Rockaway High School students.

The excited students were also invited to take part in tutorial sessions led by Carin Gustavson, Lancôme Director of Makeup Artistry and Training. While the makeup artists did each girl’s makeup, they also provided them with step-by-step instructions on how to recreate the look at home for their big night.
Image 1
Image 8
The most requested look? “Definitely a smoky eye,” says Gustavson. “It felt great to give back to these students who have obviously lost so much. I loved that we were able to teach them and give them product—with the know-how and the right tools, I know they’ll all look beautiful.”

Each student received a Lancôme makeup bag containing:

Color Design 5-Pan Palette (a must-have for smoky eyes)!
Lancôme Color Desigh 5-Pan Palette.

Vernis in Love Nail Lacquer
Vernis in Love Nail Lacquer

Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss
Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss

Bi-Facil Makeup Remover

BRAVO Lancôme! You helped create a memory these young ladies will never forget!!

(Quoted or Paraphrased information and images provided by a PR-Fact Sheet)

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May 22, 2013

Get The Look of the Stars

At this past weekend’s Billboard Awards, stars kept their hairstyles clean and off the face. Here is one of our top choices, along with a step-by-step from UNITE Hair on how to recreate this style at home:


Step One: Prep hair with a lightweight volumizer by spraying it throughout on damp strands. Try the UNITE Boosta Spray ($26.25).

Step Two: Section off hair from the front of your hairline and tease it back, using a comb. Next, pin this (now voluminous) section with a bobby pin to secure it in place. Step Three: Create a bouncy ponytail by pulling hair up and wrapping it with an elastic band.

Step Four: Spray hair all over with the UNITE GO365 Hairspray ($31) to complete this look.

All UNITE Hair products can be found on


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May 22, 2013

M3K Beauty

It’s a Glam Thing‘s East Coast Editor sent some new product info my way recently and here is the scoop on one product in particular that I found interesting…

“The Fountain of Youth may be a legend that many are familiar with, and don’t we all wish that maintaining a youthful appearance was as easy as drinking water from a fountain. But let’s face it; preserving a youthful look takes much more than that. Although there are a plethora of anti-aging creams and rituals in the market today, there’s a new affordable anti-aging cream that’s ready to restore your skin to that youthful luster without harsh chemicals, painful needles and is easy on your pocket book.

M3K’s Regenerative Anti-Aging Face Cream is a beauty must have. Believed to be the most advanced optimized matrix regenerative face cream on the market, M3K’s formula is scientifically formulated and uniquely combines the market’s top five key ingredients cited as critical to the anti-aging process: Matrixyl 3000. L-Carnosine, Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE Bitartate, and Alphia Lipoic. M3K will leave you feeling beautifully hydrated and refreshed from the first use and its light rich texture is a pleasant change from the myriad of thicker and oily products on the market today. M3K also offers this unique formula in an anti-aging hand cream, which is a rare find in today’s market.”

Check out for more products for the face, hands, for him and for her.

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