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June 9, 2012

DNAEGF Renewal care for your skin created by Nationally Acclaimed Beverly Hills Dermatologist Dr. Ronald Moy is a futuristic system that “Repairs the past and Protects the Future” of your skin!

Dr. Ronald Moy ~ Founder of DNAEGF Renewal

Meet Ronald Moy, M.D., Celebrated Board Certified Dermatologist in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Moy’s dedication to caring for the skin has been a life long endeavor, and with thorough research he has developed a skincare system called DNAEGF Renewal.

In fact, Dr. Moy’s motto is (Quote) “Repair the Past, Protect the Future!”

I was very fortunate to be able to try the complete system and personally experience the synergistic solutions of DNAEGF Renewal by using products that in my opinion compliment each other and deliver the results that do exactly what they say they will.

Quoting Dr. Moy,“Our team has researched the impact of time and the environment on your skin for years. We now know that damage can be reversed and prevented with key ingredients in DNAEGF Renewal.”

The perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to the the DNAEGF Renewal Skincare System is with the DNA Renewal Travel Set!

DNA Renewal Travel Set

What is so nice about this Travel Set (Pictured above) is that it’s simple and easy to use, and you’ll not only receive travel sizes of Dr. Moy’s DNAEGF Renewal basic skin care system with a travel bag, but always be ready to go on vacations, business trips, ect. with this perfect portable Travel Kit!

Your DNA Travel Set will include:

DNA Renewal Foaming Cleanser

I really enjoyed this light weight foaming cleanser. After using it my skin felt clean and fresh. A gentle exfoliation completely cleaned my skin, removing top surface cosmetics and other impurities, and my face looked and felt so refreshed!

DNA Renewal Defense SPF 30+

This is a daily “must have” for your skin. It will protect you from damaging UVA and UVB sun rays, and protect your skin from photoaging and cellular damage. It’s also very light on your skin and penetrates nicely.

DNA Intensive Renewal

DNA Intensive Renewal is applied each morning. Once again, this is such a nice lightweight product and it contains the highest amount of DNA enzymes that (Quote) “target the skins natural DNA repair process. Encourages production of critical intercellular water channels for a visible surge in skin’s moisture levels.” It’s very gentle but provides a mild exfoliation that eliminates any impurities on the surface of your skin, and really leaves your face feeling clean and “rejuvenated” !

DNA Night Renewal

DNA Renewal Night is the treatment you’ll use in the evening. (Quote) “DNA- Night “Repairs the signs of photo damage and aging skin with advanced dual liposome delivery system for intensified nighttime recovery.  Provides complete support for cell repair activity during the sleep cycle for fresher, healthier skin.  Contains high levels of DNA Repair Enzymes, peptides, and botanical actives to boost cell repair”.

All of these products in the Travel Set are available in the larger sizes for your home use, and there are two additional products I was able to try that I highly recommend you check out, as well!

The first product is Growth Factor Serum.

Growth Factor Serum

I really was intrigued with the promotional information that came with the Growth Factor Serum and was amazed how silky it felt when I applied it to my face. This is a plant based formula with the main ingredient being “Barley Epidermal Growth Factor” that is used for anti-aging.. Technically, (Quote) “Growth Factor Serum stimulates the growth of healthy skin cells which results in enhanced texture, smaller pores, and fewer wrinkles in three months or less.” I use this product first, after washing and drying my face. I then let it dry completely before going to my next product.

I must say that I recently walked into a major department store to purchase some cosmetics, and was told by two cosmetic counter employees who I hadn’t seen for a number of months, “You absolutely have no wrinkles on your skin. What are you doing?” I was elated, and so pleasantly surprised by their comments!

(Quote)”Growth Factor Serum is the most advanced serum to self correct the negative effects of skin aging and reprogram skin to act young again.”

The other product I was able to try was DNA Eye Renewal.

DNA Eye Renewal

The DNA Eye Renewal quickly absorbs into the delicate eye area and works on dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and crow’s feet. I did notice the texture of my lower eye area was nicely hydrated, and smoother after continual use. That was especially noticeable to me after applying my under eye concealer. My eyes remained soft without product separation as often occurs under my eyes, and as a result, has me applying hydration throughout the day! With DNA Eye Renewal, I only need to apply it once in the morning and my under eye area stays smooth and unwrinkled all day long! That is very impressive and saves me a lot of “touch up” time!!

By using Dr. Moy’s complete DNAEGF Renewal Skin Care System, as I mentioned earlier in this article, the synergistic combination of products really showed a difference in not only the appearance of my skin, but the tone and texture is definitely moving in the right direction and looking firmer! My makeup application has a nice finished yet natural look, and the products are very easy to use.

When you go to the website, you’ll be able to get a variety of information about DNAEGF Renewal, the science behind the product, reviews, press & news about the products, and much more! You will also be able to purchase your products right on the website!

I give 5-Stars to Dr. Moy’s DNAEGF Renewal and all of the dedication and research he has put into the creation of such an advanced skin care system !

All of the products above are also available at Dr. Moy’s Anti-Aging Clinic in Beverly Hills, California.

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June 9, 2012

Skin Fitness for Men has arrived….Just in Time for Father’s Day

When I think about skin care products I rarely think of men.   The more I thought about this the more I realized that men need skincare too!  With Father’s Day just around the corner, I had a great idea.  As an early Father’s Day gift, and a way for me to make him feel extra special,  I surprised my husband with a fabulous gift set which was recently introoduced by Pevonia called  Skin Fitness for Him Pack.

My husband showers with soap, regular shampoo and regular shaving cream.  I thought I would give him a treat with some sensational products that not only will make him feel great but will  also help fight the aging process as well.

Pevonia’s gift pack includes a refreshing gel cleanser, Aqua-Gel Foaming Cleanser.  This cleanser hydrates, cleanses and is rich in Saponaria Root extract, Green Tea and Lemon Verbena Extract and offers a fabulous masculine aroma. I really enjoyed the scent.

The Easy-Glide Shaving Emulsion shaving gel is equally aromatic, which is very important because all men want to feel and smell fabulous and the secret is out (their women want them to smell great too!) This shave gel offers a non-irritating close and smooth shave, leaving his skin smooth without razor burn or sensitivity.

Last but not least, the Age-Defying MYOXY-CAVIAR BALM,  will smooth the look of fine lines in his skin.  Pevonia’s Age-Defying MYOXY-CAVIAR BALM  is formulated to repair, smooth, firm and reenergize for youthful looking skin.

The three products combined offers the Gift of Skin Fitness.  Also included in this set is a zippered pouch which is a great accessory for him to store his skin care products when traveling.

At give the gift of fitness and save while shopping for Father’s Day.   Now until June 15, 2012, save 20% on your online order.

This Father’s Day, give the Gift of  Skin Fitness from Pervonia.



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June 8, 2012

My Awesome Trip to The Beauty Show in Orlando Fl

I just returned from the Preimere Orlando Beauty Show a few days ago and I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun I had. It was like Disney World for hairdressers. While I was there I met Nick Arrojo from TLC’S What Not To Wear and Michael O’Rourke of “Rock Your Hair By Michael O’Rourke”.

Even though I didn’t get to take many classes I still learned alot about my industry and rediscovered my love for doing hair. To hear more about my trip stay tuned throughout the month of June for all my Beauty Show Discoveries.

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June 6, 2012

Tried and True Beauty Products Segment on “Your Carolina”

Just thought I’d share a few photos from my latest television appearance for It’s A Glam Thing!  It was great talking to  “Your Carolina” hosts Jack and Kimberly about some of our team’s favorite tried and true products.   Love those Carolina accents!

Watch the segment:

Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly

For more information on the featured products, please visit:

Judith August Cosmetics Everything Pencil

TrendTweeze Waterproof Tweezers

Charleston Girl

LASHEM Eyelash Gel

Rockstar White Teeth Whitening

Rock Your Hair

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June 5, 2012

How To Copy Those MTV Movie Awards Minimal Eyes


At last night’s MTV Movie Awards, these stars chose the less dramatic eye approach. They dared to be different with minimal eyeliner along their bottom lid, setting a matte, more neutral finish. Earthy tones were used on top to show a pop of color. With warmer weather approaching, opting for lighter eyes is a great choice for a fresh finish. The look makes for a unique sexiness showing that sometimes, less is more!

Try the below glō•minerals products to achieve this look and create a statement!

· Precision Eye Pencil in Peach – Line your bottom lids with this sheer liner that glides on like silk and never runs! Use the artist’s blending point on the opposite end of the pencil to spread color.

Price: $16

Where to buy:

· Eye Shadow – Add a hint of color or attain a matte finish with these rich hues in Sand Pebble, Sea Shell or Bamboo. These shadows deliver crease-free coverage in a base loaded with antioxidants perfect to highlight and contour all eye shapes
Price: $18.50

Where to buy:

· Lash Lengthening Mascara – Complete the look with long, sultry lashes. Create fullness by applying an extra coat on outer lashes to really open up eyes

Price: $16.50

Where to buy:

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