July 25, 2015

As cool as a cucumber

When it comes down to snacking, I seriously cannot get enough cucumbers. With so many different ways of preparing them, their taste and texture is always changing making them “fun” to eat. Of course the best way to eat them, health wise, is just straight up raw. Of course with all these different ways of eating and preparing them, there are also many different ways of using cucumbers for your skin.



We probably remember our grandmothers or even our mothers telling us how they would put slices over their eyes to reduce puffiness & dark circles right? Throughout time, research shows that now cucumbers can be beneficial for cooling sunburn (which now makes them my best friend), reduce pore size and can fade freckles. Many skincare products are even incorporating cucumbers into their ingredients. Even though my skincare routine is very disciplined, I have always found that my skin benefits more with what I put into my body. With switching cucumbers to my snack my skin’s texture has improved, it’s thoroughly hydrated and glows. When I touch my skin it feel so smooth its almost feels brand new.

Its amazing how something that can be grown in your back yard is not only beneficial for your health but is great for rejuvenating your skin and much more. So next time you pick up this giant green log just think of all the things it can do for you. Get your cucumber on 🙂

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June 21, 2015

Sweden skincare comes to the USA

Lucille Ball once said “The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly & lie about your age”. Well Lucy I love you but I recently found that the secret to staying young comes in a bottle. Or 6. Face Stockholm has become my newest go to skincare to help prevent aging and will also dissolve acne, and oil throughout the use of the system.

FACE Stockholm

FACE Stockholm

FACE Stockholm is the first and only Swedish cosmetics/skincare line to hold true to the Swedish beauty regimen. The FACE Stockholm line is soft, yet powerful enough to fight premature aging. It is gentle on my sensitive skin. Equipped with a cleanser, toner, day cream, night cream, eye serum and corrective serum you can use it morning and night with no problem.

After two weeks I could see an improvement on the texture of my skin, my skin looked tighter and even the contours of my face seemed more “chiseled”. I have used many skincare products throughout my life and find that I can incorporate Face Stockholm into my routine. Each product stands alone in its purpose for your routine. I highly recommend this product for anti-aging, sensitive, oily or combination skin. If you want to know more about FACE Stockholm skincare and cosmetics, go to www.facestockholm.com

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May 17, 2015

Half up/down hairstyles are here to stay

Half-up styles are back in a big way, but it’s already time to take this look to the next level. If you’re sick of the tired top knot or just ready to evolve the look, try this new twist on the effortless hairstyle, straight from the experts at Butterfly Studio Salon. Ideal for natural texture or 2nd (even 3rd!) day hair, it works with any length and texture. A lifesaver for frizzy hair days and so simple to create – not even a brush is needed!

hair 1/2 up 1/2 down

hair 1/2 up 1/2 down

How-To: Half-Up Double Knot

1. First step: texturizing product/dry shampoo, which is essential for grip and hold when styling. (Kattia Solano, owner of Butterfly Studio loves Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray on the crown area) Lift hair, taking it by sections, spray at the root as if you were teasing and then massage through with your hands to work the product in.

2. Using your hands, section out a “horse shoe” shape of hair at the crown area. Thicker hair can opt for larger section while thinner hair can work with a smaller amount of hair. Rake through with your hands to brush and pull back hair to create a clean section.

3. With a small hair tie in one hand, take a section of hair and pull halfway through the tie, so that you are left with a little “pom-pom.” Wrap elastic around 2-3 times until secure without pulling all of the hair through. (Use small clear elastics so you won’t see the tie, and in case you don’t wrap any hair around the knot the ties will be discreet.)

4. Open up the pom-pom with your fingertips for fullness to create a textured knot, then wrap the hair ends around your knot once and tuck hair under the elastic band with ends sticking out. Keep the remaining length right under the pom-pom, as you will use the extra hair length to help with fullness and perfectly messy texture for your next knot.

5. Create your next section right below the first by taking 1 1/2 to 2 inches of hair from the sides (horse shoe of “V” part all the way around the head). Use your hands again to gather and comb the hair back, then combine the hair ends from your first knot with your new section and repeat steps 3 and 4 – tying right under the first pom-pom, tucking through and leaving ends free. If your hair is long enough you can even wrap the extra hair around in a “figure eight” motion around both knots for detail.

6. To finish, spritz a little hairspray and then make it your own. Don’t be afraid to muss it up – the more texture the better! To complete the look, Kattia recommends adding some height/volume at the front top of the head by slightly pulling/gently tugging hair up at the root with your fingers.

*With this hairstyle, volume is always at your side to rid limp hair and that unwanted greasy summer look once and for all. Play with positioning and create more knots for a change up or more customization for how you can wear it. You can even use bobby pins to change the knot shapes.

For more information on Butterfly Studio Salon, in NYC, check out: http://butterflystudiosalon.com/

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January 15, 2015

DIY on a Dime

There are a few things that I am passionate about as a designer, lighting, saving more than a dime, and using my hands to get really creative.  I love this simple inexpensive way to repurpose and bring new light to your room by adding trim to a lampshade.  You can find basic shapes and sizes of lampshades at local craft stores such as Joanne Fabrics or at popular retail store chains such as Target and Walmart or you can simply take your current lampshade and embellish it.

When you have your desired lampshade that fits your lamp all you have to do is find a simple trim from a fabric store that has the right pop of color, texture and style that strikes your fancy.  Be sure to take your lampshade with you when you go to select your trim so that you can lay it against your shade to measure the correct yardage.  You don’t want to end up short! If you don’t have basic sewing skills the shop clerks are always willing to help out so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.  Now that you have your trim you are ready to go! I found this no sew sample lampshade on Pinterest via hercampus.com.  I wanted to share it with you because the photos are simple to follow step by step and it demonstrates just how easy this project really is!


Photo credit: hercampus.com

Remember, you don’t have to be an expert seamstress to create a beautiful, inviting lampshade that fits your unique style and personality. All you need is a lampshade, trim and a hot glue gun with some of your own creative juice!  Have fun with it and please share your creations with me so that I can post and share them on my all of my social media platforms. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

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October 28, 2014

DIY New York Fashion Week Hairstyles

We are in the home stretch of NYFW, and there is no better time to step up your street style game. Whether you are hitting backstage or running from show to show, Butterfly Studio Salon stylist Jason J. Dougherty has got you covered with the hottest hairstyles to rock this fall.



Fishtail-Wrapped Pony

Severe side part, volumized, fishtail braid wrapped around a low braided pony.


· Brush out hair with a drop of hair oil.

· Create a severe side part.

· Divide hair below occipital bone, mix hair oil with a pomade to smooth hair and pull back into a tight ponytail.

· Comb the top of your hair with same oil and pomade mixture until smooth and tease the crown to get some volume.

· Create your fishtail braid going sideways from right to left down the back of your head.

· Smooth and polish the remaining hair before pulling and twisting into a braid.

· Finally, wrap the fishtail around the braid.

Pony Wrap

Pony Wrap

Slicked Back Ponytail Wrap

Side part slicked pony with some texture and twist.


· Divide hair into a deep side part and separate into two sections (one top and one bottom).

· On the bottom half, twist the right and then twist the left into a tight pony.

· On the top half, add volume with a volumizing spray and wrap it into a twist around the pony.

· Tease/Spray the pony for texture and volume.

undone texture NYFW

undone texture NYFW

Undone Textured Hair

Give your hair a new wave feel with this simple “I woke up like this” style that gives your hair an undone look that is slightly polished.


·Blow dry hair smooth with a little hair oil.

·Divide hair into 6 sections and do 6 quick braids.

·Spray with a light hairspray.

·Take a flatiron and go over braid a few times.

·Take out braids, spray with a beach or wave spray, use hands and lightly scrunch.

·Continue to layer as you take out each braid with spray and use hands to separate.

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