August 27, 2018

How Long Should a Bikini Wax Last?

Striptease – Hard-on Easy-off Wax 

August, 2018 (New York, NY) – How long should a bikini wax last?  Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar (NYC), says if it’s done correctly it should last 3-4 weeks.  This month she’s introducing Boom Boom Striptease low-temperature, professionalhard wax…and with the proper application, she’s taking it all off!

“If your bikini wax isn’t lasting 3-4 weeks, it’s probably because the hair is breaking off during the service versus being pulled out,” explains Boom Boom.

Look for an esthetician that follows these guidelines for safe long-lasting results:

  • Heat wax until warm, not hot.
  • Check wax temperature on wrist, should be a warm, creamy consistency.
  • Clean skin with antiseptic wipe.
  • Dip wooden spatula into wax and spread a thin layer in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Let wax set/harden and pull in opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Remove any residue with soothing oil and clean with an antiseptic wipe.

Note: There should ABSOLUTELY be no double dipping!!  Anytime a spatula is dipped into wax it MUST be new to keep things sanitary!

If wax is not applied in the direction of hair growth and taken off in the opposite direction, there will be constant maintenance…the equivalent of shaving and a waste of time.  Not to mention, more irritation and ingrown hairs.  Beware of franchise outfits that push passes and memberships and don’t perform services correctly, it locks guests into unnecessary appointments and expenses, annoying!

“Ideally, hair should be pulled out at the follicle so it all grows back on the same cycle…this is the key to the area looking better and cleaner longer,” adds Boom Boom.

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