May 2, 2018

It only takes a little black for a super white smile

How many beauty products do you have on your shelf that contain activated charcoal?  I can honestly say that I now have one, C6 teeth whitener. C6 contains activated charcoal and is as black as charcoal can get.

What is activated charcoal? Activated charcoal offers a  variety of applications that help to rid the body of toxins and it is medicinal. It’s the byproduct of slowly burnt wood, peat or coconut shells and becomes “activated” through a heating process. Activated charcoal traps unwanted chemicals in its tiny pores by a process called adsorption, defined as “the chemical reaction where elements bind to a surface,” where positively charged toxins attach themselves to the negative charge of activated charcoal.


There you have it. Now let me introduce you to C6.   C6 is an all natural formula that whitens teeth using activated charcoal (carbon) powder without the pain and sensitivity associated with chemical teeth whitening treatments. I’m not a fan of ultraviolet lights due to teeth sensitivity and I have used other teeth whiteners which I like. What I like about C6 is that you brush your teeth with the charcoal as you would toothpaste. (C6 does not replace toothpaste and I brush my teeth apter using it).

C6 is formulated with coconut shell charcoal powder and other organic ingredients to “adsorb” particles in your mouth helping to rid your teeth of stains associated with berries, coffees, teas and smoke. It also helps remove bacteria and toxins associated with bad breath.

After using C6 you will notice immediately how smooth the surface of your teeth are and whiter too.  The organic orange peel and peppermint oils contained in C6 add a refreshing taste that you will love! C6 activated charcoal powder will not lighten artificial teeth, caps, crowns, veneers or porcelain, composite or other restorative materials.

The only drawback to C6 is that as you brush your teeth with the charcoal, your teeth and mouth will be temporarily black, really black . It’s not a pretty sight but after rinsing your mouth out thoroughly, the results are brightening!

C6 contains no harmful chemicals is vegan and cruelty free and made in an FDA registered facility.

For more information and to purchase your C6 visit

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