March 23, 2018

LUK BEAUTIFOOD It’s a Glam Thing Award Winner

LUK BEAUTIFOOD is our  favorite cosmetics pick that comes to us all the way from Australia!

LukBeautifood It's a Glam Thing Beauty's Best 2018 Winner!

Luk Beautifood It’s a Glam Thing Beauty’s Best 2018 Winner!

LUK BEAUTIFOOD LIP NOURISH is a super sheer line of lipsticks that not only looks good on any skin tone, but is also 100% natural, cruelty and toxin-free; and made from foods that you eat for beautiful skin.

It glides on easily with a soft, soothing texture and comes in 12 beautiful, subtle shades. They’re perfect for everyday wear and a great transition from lip balm to lipstick.

Now the recipe for this line includes ingredients like cold-pressed avocado oil, sesame seed oil, Cocoa bean butter and natural Vitamin E. So it actually feeds your lips with nutrients, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants from the outside
in. And, to top it all off, we love the velvet touch, magnetic stick packaging!

So this IAGT Beauty’s Best Spring 2018 award goes to LUK Beautifood Lip Nourish, available at

Beauty's Best 2018 Spring award

LUK Beautifood




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