January 11, 2018

National Hat Day is January 15!

Mary Dixon Kies

Mary Dixon Kies

On Jan. 15 celebrate National Hat Day by honoring National Inventors Hall of Fame Member Mary Dixon Kies, an inspiring innovator in the fashion industry!

Mary Dixon Kies was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame posthumously in 2006 for her process for weaving straw with silk. She was the first woman to apply and receive a U.S. patent with her own name, and only one of 20 issued to a woman before the year 1840. Kies’ process, adopted by the hat-making industry, was praised by President James Madison’s wife Dolly for helping to improve New England’s economic growth. This process was well used for more than a decade and influenced the way we construct a very popular fashion accessory — hats.

About Mary Dixon Kies’  http://www.invent.org/honor/inductees/inductee-detail/?IID=283.

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