October 2, 2017

4 Ways To Upgrade Your Style

There comes a day when you look in the mirror and don’t really care for the image that’s looking back. This has to do with your style and it’s nothing to worry about. The good news is that it can be fixed and changed for the better.

Your style represents who you are and tells the world what kind of person they’re dealing with. Altering your style is a modification everyone goes through at some point and may even do it multiple times. Focus on where your look has been in the past and where you picture it going. See four ways to upgrade your style.

Declutter your Wardrobe

The only way to alter your style is to see what you already have by decluttering. Tackle your closets and drawers and start a donations, give away and keep pile. Try on your clothes and only hang onto items that you love and wear. This is your chance to let go and stop holding on for the wrong reasons. The more room you make, the more new clothes you’ll be able to fit in your closet.


Your style isn’t only about your clothes. It encompasses your life, attitude and way you carry yourself. Consider a shift in your job or location where you’re living. Search apartments in Pensacola, FL and envision yourself starting over in a beautiful community where the sun’s always shining. A fresh outlook may be all you need to get the rest of you in order. Find a place that makes you happy and excited to get out of bed each day. Decorate your new place according to your updated style and enjoy the joy it brings to your life.   

Get A New Hairdo

Changing your hair style is an excellent way to reinvent yourself. Alter the color or length and feel good in your own skin. You’ll feel better in your clothes and more confident in your appearance overall. Find someone you can trust if you’re making major changes and let them offer advice if you’re unsure about what way you want to go. If you’re changing your clothes around, it only makes sense that you’d want a hairstyle to match. Keeping your hair and nails nicely groomed sets the foundation for the rest of your style.

Wear Prints & Patterns

Break out of your blacks and whites and start buying more prints and patterns. Incorporate them into your shirts, pants, shoes and handbags. It may feel strange at first, but you’ll get used to it once you start trying these types of clothes on and wearing them out in public. Start with a few staple pieces to get yourself more comfortable sporting funky designs. This is also your opportunity to incorporate more color into your wardrobe.


Don’t panic if you get dressed and aren’t happy with what you see. All it means is that it’s time to revamp and refresh, so you’re back to feeling confident and fabulous. These are four ways to upgrade your style.

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