August 29, 2017

Transform your hair from Blah to TA DA with Clean Enhanced Organics

Seeing is believing and these untouched photos are proof that Clean Enhanced Organics Surf Spray creates a wind-swept, sexy hair style. My daughter loved the results and loved the feel of her hair. She felt that the hold was perfect for her. Her hair transformed from Blah to TA DA! Clean Enhanced Organics Surf Spray created a nice texture to her hair and the extra hold lasted throughout the day. Clean Enhanced Organics Surf Spray is formulated with organic Kelp, Lime and Patchouli extracts, organic Lime and Birch essential oils and imported Dead Sea Salts. Surf Spray has a nice clean crisp scent and is non-toxic.

Before Surf Styler

After Surf Styler

As noted at their website,  Clean Enhanced Organics is a salon-only hair care line that believes in the power of organic ingredients to cleanse, condition and restore hair as nature intended. We insist on the highest possible level of product performance. We strive to use organic ingredients whenever and wherever possible. Where organic ingredients, however, do not exist or are still being developed, we supplement our organic formulas with clean, non-toxic conventional ingredients to assure the ultimate in product performance.”

Clean Enhanced Organics carries a superb line of Hair Care and Body Care which won’t disappoint.

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