April 25, 2017

Key Elements of a Celebrity Inspired Wedding

Celebrity weddings always tend to be a rather big deal thanks to their lavish venues, stunning décor, impressive guest lists, and jaw-dropping price tags. If you have recently become engaged and you are looking to hold a celebrity-inspired wedding, but don’t think your budget can handle it, you may be surprised at just how many details you can use in your wedding that are affordable options.

Here we’ll take a look at how and what to include in your celebrity-inspired wedding that will leave you and your groom-to-be feeling like Hollywood stars.

Put the Bling on Display

First things first, any celebrity wedding always has the bling front and center and by the “bling” we mean the engagement ring. In order to showcase your ring and really let it be the star of the day, you’ll want to make sure you’ve had it professionally cleaned for the big day. Depending on where you go to have it cleaned, they will actually take the diamond out of the setting and clean/polish it. Imagine solitaire engagement rings or diamond halo rings just sparkling away as the photographer takes their shots.

Another tip is to have a professional manicure as this will help to showcase the bling further. Opt for a pale polish shade in a pastel or neutral colors such as peach or pink. A French manicure is also a wonderful option and will work well with any ring style, setting, and color.

As for the rest of your jewelry, you may want to speak to local jewelers to see if they offer jewelry rental. Some places allow you to rent pieces for the day, making it possible to wear pieces that would normally be way out of your price range. Antique shops are another great spot to find unique bling that will draw attention to you on the big day.

Set the Tone with the Invitations

The first place you’ll be able to incorporate some celebrity inspiration is with your wedding invitations. While you don’t have to spend a fortune on elegant stock and over-the-top features, you can choose to make them yourselves and add a personal touch. By making your invitations unique, you’ll be following in the footsteps of the top Hollywood stars.

Pick a Unique Venue

Because celebrities can afford to hold their wedding pretty much anywhere, they tend to have some really unique venues. Just because you’re working on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t find a unique venue. Nowadays, places such as zoos, lounges, museums, libraries, art galleries, aquariums, and more are getting into the wedding business. These kinds of venues help to make your wedding pop and really stand out, giving the illusion of a very celebrity-inspired wedding.

Focus on Flowers

When you take a look at some of the most over-the-top and glamorous celebrity weddings out there, you’ll find that flowers play an absolutely pivotal role in the décor. Celebrity wedding planners tend to fill the venue with flowers so that they cascade over walls, tables, and drip from the ceiling. While this would obviously cost an absolute fortune to do for your wedding, you can use this same idea on a smaller scale.

A great tip is to ask your florist what is in season at the date of your wedding. Flowers that are in season and native to your region will be much cheaper. What this means is that you can get more bang for your buck. Large amounts of flowers do a great job at adding drama to the venue. Another tip is to use flowers that have large heads, such as Hydrangeas. What this means is that you’ll require less of them to fill vases. This results in more money savings.

Create Your Own Red Carpet

Think of all the top movie premieres and award shows – celebrities always arrive on a red carpet. This is another touch that you can easily add to your wedding. The two of you can be standing right there on the red carpet to greet your guests and your photographer can snap a photo of each arrival. Not only is this a fun celebrity-inspired item to add, it also means you’ll have pictures to remember each and every arrival.

As an added thought, you can then include the photo with that guest in their thank you card that you send out later.

Include a Wardrobe Change

Any big celebrity wedding is going to include at least one dress change by the bride. Typically celebrities opt for a traditional dress for the ceremony and then change into something a bit more showy, glamorous, and sexy for the reception. Two dresses may sound like a huge hit to the budget, but you can make that second dress less of a bridal gown and more of a cocktail dress if you like. This will be much cheaper.

If you can’t afford to have two dresses, change up the look instead. This could mean changing your headpiece, removing your veil, changing your jewelry, adding/removing gloves, add a belt with bling, pinning your hair up/down, and even changing your shoes. These little changes will totally transform the look of your dress. Some dresses can even be made with a skirt that is removable so it is long for the ceremony, and then removed to reveal a shorter, flirtier skirt underneath.

Don’t forget makeup is another way you can change your look. If you start out with soft and romantic makeup, you can glam it up for the reception. This can be done by smoking out your eyes, adding a bold lip color, highlighter to your cheekbones, and even putting on false eyelashes.

Of course, the wardrobe change isn’t reserved just for the bride; your groom and the rest of the bridal party can also take part in it.

Look for Designer Inspired Knock-Offs

As you shop for your gown(s), don’t be afraid to ask about designer knock-offs. These knockoffs are meant to look like the real thing, but typically are made from a less expensive fabric and may include fewer beads, fewer details, etc. It will be close enough to the real thing though for your guests to feel as though they are looking at a celebrity bride.

And it’s not just your dress that you can find a knock off version of. You can also look for designer-inspired jewelry, hair pieces, shoes, and purses.

The Cake – Go Big or Go Home

The cake is an excellent opportunity to go over-the-top glam. Celebrities are known for their tall and imposing cakes. You can speak to your baker about cheaper options such as only using a cake for the top layer, and the rest is just made from foam or another material. As well, you can save money by using fresh seasonal flowers. It will cut down on the decorating time from the baker’s perspective and it will add drama to the cake.

Live Entertainment – Go the Extra Mile

There’s a good chance that a full orchestra or band isn’t in your budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little live entertainment. You can price out a local singer to see how much it would be to do a few songs, look into a local dance troupe, or even a solo pianist during the cocktail hour. Live entertainment may require you to be a bit creative and step outside the box.

Swag Bag Favors

Celebrity events are also known for their swag bags, so this is a great opportunity to combine a swag bag with the wedding favor. You can give out little baskets or bags of posh pampering products such as hand cream, lip butter, scented candles, bubble bath, gourmet snacks, a bottle of water, stationery, monogrammed slippers, and other items that scream “swag”.

Don’t Forget the After-Party

Any big celebrity event goes on until the wee hours of the morning. If your venue doesn’t allow for you to keep on partying then you can create an after-party for you and your guests. You can rent out a couple of hotel rooms create some décor in them, and really party until the next day. Décor can include things such as candles, votives, champagne and wine on ice, snacks, and music: everything a great party needs.

A True Celebrity Wedding

By following these tips and ideas you’ll be able to create your very own celebrity-inspired wedding that all your guests will be talking about for months/years to come. The key to planning the ultimate celebrity wedding is to focus on each of the individual details. Nothing is overlooked in a celebrity wedding, no matter how small it may seem. By taking that same approach you’ll be able to really make things pop and stand out.

Remember that a big part of a celebrity wedding is making guests feel special, rather like celebrities themselves. You are creating a whole vibe here that is memorable, over-the-top, and extremely posh, not just for you but for everyone there.

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