December 15, 2018

Your Holiday Start-Up Company Fashion Gift Guide!

Startups are often seen as new think tanks making better, smarter, or cooler products faster than traditional companies can. And thanks to the lean businesses models made possible by the internet, those products don’t have to cost more than the status quo they’re replacing. Their uniqueness, cool origin stories and usually ethical business practices also make them particularly good gifts. Below are some up-and-coming startups It’s A Glam Thing has come across that you should check out this holiday season for those one-of-a-kind fashion gifts that not everyone has, yet!

Allbirds – This is the footwear company responsible for the merino wool sneakers and loungers often called the “most comfortable shoes in the world”. They’re great for everyday use or for traveling, and you’ll find them in high concentrations in hubs like Silicon Valley and New York City.

AUrate – Instead of making concessions on quality, pricing, and ethical practices, AUrate makes beautiful jewelry that combines all three. They use durable luxury materials, original designs, transparent pricing, and sustainable production that women can feel good about supporting. In partnership with Mastery Charter, the startup has also given thousands of books to NYC students and schools.

Bombas – These arethe best socks on the market. They benefit from upgrades like a supportive honeycomb stitch, blister tabs built into ankle-height styles, and a Y-stitched heel and “invisitoe” that minimizes annoying bumps

Filippo Loreti – The most crowdfunded watch company ever (setting a world record and then breaking it again), and they’re making $1,000+ luxury watches affordable. The Filippo Loreti watches combine premium craftsmanship with elegant designs, and can be found for as low as $219 to as high as $459.

Naadam – Naadam is a cashmere startup that manages to blend low prices, luxury-level quality, and ethical practices well. The company’s $75 Essential Cashmere Sweater is the real standout. The cashmere is thick, heavenly soft, and worth much more than its $75 price tag.

Colored Organics – Colored Organics makes ethical, organic clothes for kids and gives back to children in need with every purchase. The organic cotton it uses is softer, more eco-friendly, and free of potentially dangerous chemicals that can harm the wearer, the farmer, and the environment.

KYNSHO – Kynsho is a new brand out of NYC with the philosophy that “Less Is More”. The team behind Kynsho believes that in a world of excess we don’t need a lot of choices, just more thoughtful options. And that’s why they have designed practical accessories with smart details and enduring style such as their Crossover Cowl, which is a no fuss snap button scarf that make convenience classy. Plus, it’ll keep your neck warm in the cold season ahead!

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