June 4, 2018

How To Revamp Your Beauty Cabinet With Top-Shelf Products

When it comes to beauty products, you want the best you can buy. Don’t settle for low-quality brands just because of the thrifty price. Upgrade your beauty cabinet with products that will actually help you achieve a gorgeous glow. As you revamp your product selection, make sure you know how to tell the difference between quality products and cheap knock-offs. Here are some tips on how to find the best beauty products:

What Makes A Top-Shelf Beauty Product?

The phrase “top shelf” is used to identify more refined, high-quality products in a variety of industries. The same goes for top-shelf beauty products: these are the beauty items that are the best on the market. Top-shelf products will have higher quality ingredients, compared to the lower shelf brands that go for cheaper materials and additives. Be mindful of what is actually in your beauty products because ingredients truly matter. When you read the label of your product, take a look at the first few ingredients because they will make up the bulk volume of the product. You should also do an internet search of any ingredients that are unfamiliar, as you don’t want to put something on your body that will cause a negative reaction. Make sure your products have a blend of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that will rejuvenate your skin.

Which Types of Products Need to Be High Quality?

If you aren’t able to do a complete overhaul of your beauty cabinet, there are some essential items you should upgrade. You will want a high-quality nighttime facial moisturizer, so your skin can recover from your day. Choose a facial moisturizer serum that has naturally derived ingredients that are paraben free for a glowing and dewy look. Also, splurge on a facial serum that has collagen as an ingredient, so you can combat any damage from UV rays and pollution and reduce the development of wrinkles and an aged appearance. Another way to identify which top-shelf items you need is to assess your daily beauty routine. For example, if your daily makeup routine mainly relies on primer, foundation and mascara application, you should invest in the best brands of those items.

Tips For Finding Top-Shelf Products

Now that you know what a top-shelf product is, it is now your job to find products that are right for you. But where do you start your search? Begin by looking at the social media pages of leaders in the beauty industry, such as Amway, so you can follow the latest trends in top-shelf makeup. Beyond company profiles, you should also follow the most popular beauty bloggers that consistently review products. Be careful though, as many bloggers are advertising products provided by sponsors and their review may be skewed. Look for recommendations that use hashtags like #notanad and #notsponsored, so you know you’re getting the opinion of the beauty blogger rather than their sponsor.

You can also follow top-shelf beauty trends on websites like Into the Gloss, which feature the beauty collections of celebrities and other notable women. The blog won’t only guide you toward high-end products, but will also help you refine your skincare and beauty practices and routine.

The value of top-shelf products is priceless, as they will make a world of difference for your appearance. With thorough research, you can find outstanding beauty items that will work best for what you need and take your routine to the next level.

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