October 26, 2017

Camera in Focus – 6 Things to Keep in Mind When Using a Photobooth Outdoors

Photobooths are fast becoming a new trend in the age of DSLRs and hired photographers, and it’s easy to see why. A photo booth from Snappy Photobooths will set you back less than a professional photographer, won’t need to interrupt conversations for photo opportunities, and can take as many pictures as a memory bank can hold over the course of your event.

Much like a photographer, they’re available for nearly any kind of event and unlike a photographer they are not subject to late notice sick days or unexpected holidays. These monolithic machines of photography mastery will not only take your pictures, store your pictures, and look good doing it, but they’ll also provide you with props for silly shots too.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is where you put them when you’re using them outside, so to help with that one task, we’ve created a list of things to keep in mind when using a photobooth outdoors, and we believe it will help immensely.


As everybody with a phone camera knows, outdoor lighting is different to indoor lighting, and this difference is capable of ruining a shot in no time. One problem occasionally faced by photobooths is that they take on aspects of both outdoor and indoor lighIt’s a Glam Thingting when they are used in an outdoor setting.

This is because the unit is outside where light is bouncing off every blade of grass and tree in the immediately area, and the camera is housed on the inside of the unit. Make sure when placing it that you face the entryway away from where the sun will affect it, and everything should be a-ok.


Where the unit is in your event means everything, as you want it to be obvious to everyone and clearly intended for use. In an outdoor setting, this is a little harder to do because there aren’t the familiar and predictable lines of a house or walls to guide people to it, so instead you need to find a place people will flock to anyway. The food area tends to be the best place for this, as people are naturally moving toward it at all times, and it’s usually centrally located.


Props are one of the best things about photobooths, and more and more companies are providing props for photographs that are relevant to the event. A large foam pair of love-heart glasses for a wedding, several sets of devil horns for a 21st birthday party, or even a toga for a university party.

These are all great ways to liven up phthe partypeople.com, otographs and encourage people to be more silly with the photobooth, however keeping in mind what you provide to your guests is a good idea, as drunk and disorderly guests might destroy props in their merriment. This adds to your bill, which is never a nice surprise at the end of a party.


How accessible your photobooth is for all of your guests will directly influence how many people use it and therefore how much use you get out of it. Accessibility should also be kept in mind for differently-abled individuals, so solid ground should be present when choosing the outdoor location for your photobooth, and a ramp is suggested for ease of access.


No matter where you are, surprise rain is a thing that affects us all. The fact that a photobooth is also an electronic device means that weatherproofing the outside of it if it isn’t already weatherproof is a very good idea.

Look for anything that might let dust or water into the unit and try to shelter it. It’s important that you don’t seal up these ports, as they can be venting locations for the machine, and sealing them could result in more damage occurring.


Finally, nature being the way it is you are sure to get bugs invading your photobooth at some point during the day of your event. Whether these are tiny gnats, harmless and almost non-existent for how much trouble they cause, or wasps that stand a chance of genuinely hurting someone is up to you.

It is recommended that you put a mosquito net around the unit if your soiree is taking place near troublesome insect nests or in areas or seasons known to be rife with critters.

These tips are the best ways to prepare your photo booth for the troubles of the outside world, and with some simple preparation you can not only ensure that the machine lives to photograph another day, but that your guests have a wonderful time filling up that memory chip with funny, wonderful photographs.

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