July 27, 2017

Preservative Free Supplements for Glam Pets

Like humans, pets can benefit from natural, preservative-free supplements that can help them maintain their health and their appearance. For the glam cats and dogs out there who are part of breed competition shows or who just simply like to strut their stuff at the park, the following supplements might be able to help them look and feel their best.


When your dog doesn’t feel good, it’s going to show on her face and through her body language. Just like you, she will not have the energy to go out and have some fun. So, if you want your dog to always feel good and look glam, consider supplementing her diet with Canna-Pet. This is a product made from organic plants and it can be used safely alongside other supplements and medications. It provides cannabinoid nutrition that can help with everything from pain and allergies to inflammation, digestive issues, mobility issues, and even anxiety.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Another great supplement to add to your glam pet’s diet is a healthy fats product that provides a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats play an integral role in your pet’s overall health, as they help to support the skin, the heart, and the brain, as well as the joints. If your pet suffers from allergies or skin conditions, consider adding omega-3 fatty acids to her diet so that her skin can heal naturally.

Coconut Oil

Yet another natural, preservative-free supplement that you can try on your pet is coconut oil. In addition to adding it to her meals for healing from the inside out, you can also apply it to her skin, especially if her skin tends to be dry and itchy or if she deals with a lot of allergic reactions. Just be sure to add only a small amount to your pet’s food, such as ¼ teaspoon for every 10 pounds that your pet weighs, as coconut oil contains a lot of fat (avoid it altogether if your pet is already overweight). And if your dog has pancreatitis, she should not be getting any coconut oil.

Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes

Finally, you can consider adding probiotics and digestive enzymes to your pet’s food at mealtime, especially as she gets older, in order to support her digestion. With a strong and healthy digestive tract, her body will be able to absorb all of the vital nutrients in the foods that she eats, and that will help her stay fabulous both inside and out. There are products on the pet market that contain both of these supplements in one convenient package, or you can purchase them separately. Just be sure to mix them into your pet’s food well, and follow the product’s label instructions carefully and closely.  

Before adding any supplements to your pet’s diet, it is best to consult with your veterinarian first. He or she will be able to give you personalized advice about your pet so that you can make the right decisions for her long-term health and well-being.

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