March 28, 2014

Hair2wear Headbands are Stylish and Fabulous


Mornings can be hectic – showering, finding an outfit, maybe you’re squeezing a quick gym session in. The last thing you want to think about is doing your hair. Christie Brinkley’s Hair2wear headbands to the rescue! The stylish details of the headbands make for a unique and polished look, and make getting that look… effortless. Christie Brinkley herself loves these simple, easy to wear headbands too:

 “The antidote to the dreaded Bad Hair Day? Braided headbands! They’re an instant tamer and polisher. It’s always rush hour in my life, so I love how this simple hair band pulls my look together. Futzing in front of the mirror? Not on my watch!” – Christie

 “With this chic band, my hair looks instantly ‘done.’ It’s a total timesaver. I can pop it on even when my hair is wet…wear it high or low… take it in any direction my heart (and hair!) desires.” – Christie

Corinthian HeadbandThis braided headband delivers a contemporary twist on a traditional accessory, allowing you to create a unique, polished look in seconds

Fishtail HeadbandA classic headband, updated with a popular, of-the-moment fishtail braid, for a sleek finish to a ponytail or hair down style.

Double Braided HeadbandThis double braided headband adds extra style to the timeless braid, while also keeping hair elegantly pulled back and off your face.

Thick Braid HeadbandMake a major style statement with minimal effort with this dramatic thick braided headband that can be dressed up or kept casual to suit any style.

All headband’s retail for $10 and can be purchased at



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