February 24, 2014

Stress-free Shopping and Fabulous Pricing at CVS


As many of you know, CVS/pharmacy is not just your neighborhood pharmacy, CVS offers so much more. Recently, my husband needed a decongestant and it was off to CVS of course, where else would we go. While he was shopping the cold and flu aisle, I was filling my shopping cart with an assortment of items ranging from beauty care to greeting cards and I took just a peek at the never ending assortment of snack and goodies that my daughters can’t resist.


I was well aware that CVS/pharmacy carries their own brand of health and beauty aids, I just didn’t realized how many there were. Having four children, I know from experience that CVS/pharmacy brand medicines are much less expensive than name brands. I always found the quality to be the same and sometimes the the quantity was more. I also wondered how CVS/pharmacy brand held up to name brands that we all know and love.

I put my daughters to the test because, like many of us, they are always looking for quality along with reasonable pricing. It was the beauty and shampoo aisle that they headed for first. They chose products like shampoo and conditioner with Argan oil, dry shampoo, make-up removers, nail polish removers and moisturizers. They also found  a facial scrub that they liked and that went into the carriage along with our other products. My hushand even found a sale on diet soda and he was pleased.



My girls found some of their favorite “must-have” products in CVS/pharmacy brands like CVS Deep Moisturizing Body Wash which is Paraben free, Make-up Remover-Cleansing Cloth Towelettes and SPF 30 Sunscreen, also oil free and won’t clog pores. Other favorites were nail care like CVS Nail Polish Remover, a Nail Polish Corrector Pen and a Cuticle Pen with Almond Oil. The girls enjoy using the products we bought very much.

One of my daughters also made a good point. She said when she runs out of her favorite name brand product and can’t get another one for whatever reason, CVS/pharmacy usually always has a comparable products which works out great for her so everyone wins. Many of CVS/pharmacy brands are 20-30% less than the national brand so why pay more. Visit your local CVS/pharmacy and see for yourself.


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