January 15, 2014

Kazumi Root Vanish is absolutely Amazing!


ROOT VANISH by Kazumi is an amazing beauty accessory that really helped me out of a jam this holiday season. I missed my badly needed hair coloring appointment and could not get another one until the following week. My grays were showing through and I had a few events coming up on the weekend, I needed to touch up my roots quickly. I didn’t want to color my whole head, after all, that wouldn’t make my hair colorist very happy, so I opted for temporary color with ROOT VANISH by Kazumi.

ROOT VANISH is not a marker, shampoo or spray but rather a gel that is brushed on the roots giving you total coverage. ROOT VANISH was designed and formulated by Beverly Hills celebrity colorist Kazumi. Kazumi partnered with the Japanese hair company KIWABI, Inc. and created this fabulous root color accessory featuring over 22 Asian ant-aging botanical extracts which will fortify, strengthen and energize your hair.

ROOT VANISH by Kazumi  is a gel based formula which is toxin free, fragrance free and 100% non transferable. This product truly is amazing. What I really liked about ROOT VANISH was that I was able to  treat my roots while my hair was dry, there was no need to shampoo. I was able to treat my roots quickly and did not have to deal with strong odors that some hair coloring products are famous for. ROOT VANISH is easy to use, simply press the button at the base of the wand until the color starts to dispense through the brush and apply the gel color to your roots. When you need more color, press the button, it’s so easy.  The brush applicator enables you to cover quite a bit of hair at a time. After you finish with your color, blow dry the color in so your hair will not stick. Brush your hair out and style as usual.

ROOT VANISH  can be used in layers and built up to achieve darker colors and the color remains until you shampoo your hair with warm water. Of course, you must always follow the directions on any hair coloring product and you will be amazed, as I was at how easy I found ROOT VANISH to touch up my graying roots.

ROOT VANISH by Kazumi is available in 4 colors, blonde, light brown, dark brown and black and can be purchased at  http://www.amazon.com

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