August 31, 2013

Define and Moisturize Your Curls with Amika


Curly hair can be a downright pain to deal with at times. Sometimes it curls just the way you want it to and other times you end up flat ironing your hair because it gets to the point where you can’t stand the hassle anymore.

With the Amika: Curl Defining Cream you can have the fabulous curls you always dreamed of. Before I tried the Amika: Curl Defining Cream I hated my curls. They were always frizzy and crunchy. But the minute I tried the Curl Defining Cream, my hair was transformed. My curls were smooth, frizz free, and manageable. It also separated them making the curl more defined and refreshed looking.

Now I have always been the kind of person who enjoys experimenting and trying out new things with hair care products. With Amika I put my hair to the test. Is it possible to get a second day style without washing my hair? Answer- YES!!!! The day of my TEANJ Beauty Group interview, I didn’t feel like washing my hair, so I took a little tiny dab in the palms of my hands and scrunched it into my hair. Even though my hair was dry and I didn’t diffuse the product in, my curls still were smooth, tamed, frizz free and had some shine.

Amika, being true to it’s name, means Girlfriend. Let’s face it hair is a girls best friend right? If you hair looks bad you don’t feel good about yourself at all. With Amika you can. Be sure to check out their website at and start loving your hair again.

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