August 27, 2013

Lea Black Beauty is Pink Perfection

Lea Black Beauty Skin Care

Lea Black Beauty Skin Care

Lea Black, television star of Real Housewives of Miami has recently introduced a new skincare line, LEA BLACK BEAUTY and it truly is pink perfection. Lea Black collaborated with beauty expert Melinda Wells-DeRocher and created a skincare line which features an array of products including creams, an anti-aging serum, a skin exfoliant and a facial wash to name a few.

Lea Black

Lea Black

Lea Black truly has a unique beauty history as she has been in the health, beauty and fitness business for over 20 years. Her Complete Facial Treatment Kit, “Sudden Youth”, is wildly popular and she even sold her fragrance “JAZZ” to YSL.

It comes to no surprise that her newest skin care collection is also a huge success. Lea Black Beauty is different than any other skincare I have used in the past. The products in the Lea Black Beauty line are all pink which makes this skin care quite unique and so much fun to use. I never used pink skincare and this immediately attracted me to it. Lea Black Beauty definitely lives up to its name.

As stated by Lea Black Beauty, “The collection of products was designed to work individually yet yield maximum benefits when used together. Cell regeneration and gentle exfoliation helps the skin reveal its luminosity and radiance, while a state of total moisture leaves skin luxuriously soft and smooth. 100 percent of test subjects noted their skin looked and felt significantly more firm and plump after just one week.”

Lea Black Beauty *Intense Moisture Renewal Creme, *Everyday Moisture, *Anti-Aging Serum and Revitalizing Skin Exfoliation all contain natural extract complex (Aloe Vera, Grapefruit, Licorice, Cucumber and White Tea). *Clinical test  information was provided by Lea Black Beauty.

Start your day with the perfect cleanser, Skin Revitalizing Daily face Wash. This face wash contains real pearl extracts and all-natural marine minerals is designed with a powerful anti-aging complex. It is a very light face wash which spreads on like a thin cream and easily washes off leaving your face feeling clean and fresh. 

I especially enjoy the Revitalizing Skin Exfoliation. This scrub can be used twice a week and it is so light, it doesn’t  even feel like an ordinary exfoliant which can be quite grainy and abrasive. I was quite impressed with the texture and how great it felt on my face.

Lea Black Beauty Intense Moisture Renewal Creme, Everyday Moisture and Anti-Aging Serum are equally impressive and work well together. Powerful ingredients contained in each one offers anti-aging benefits, reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well providing you with radiant, and firmer looking skin. I am thoroughly enjoying this skincare line.

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