July 29, 2013

Be on your way to Gorgeous Skin with BIOELEMENTS


Bioelements, it sounds very scientific but actually, Bioelements is a professional skincare line, some of which I have been using this past month and I am really quite pleased with the results. Bioelements has a unique program where, at their website, http://www.bioelements.com/find-your-skin-type-pages-58.php you are able to choose your own products based on your skin type. Bioelements covers all skin types so you will be sure to finds products especially designed for your skin. If you are not sure what your skin type is, no need to worry, Bioelements explains each skin type thoroughly.

My particular skintype is combination skin and after reviewing the products offered, I chose the following: Flash Foam Cleanser, Power Peptide Revitalizing Toner, Advanced VitaMineral C Complex, Multi-Task Eye Cream, Sleepwear and RayDefense Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen. It is not necessary to choose every product that is designed for your skin type but the products that were chosen for my skin type worked very well together. I would reccommend using this skincare line for at least one month because as with most skin care products, you usually won’t see results overnight. I did see  results within 2 days with a few Bioelements products, and I saw amazing results using Bioelements for 4 weeks. I suggest you give Bioelements at least 4 weeks to improve your skin and you will look and feel wonderful. All of Bioelements products contain NO artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance, animal testing and ONLY contains natural botanicals.


Bioelements Flash Foam Cleanser  (shown above left) is probablly the richest, softest, silkest cleanser I have ever used. This “Advanced Enzyme Cleanser that Gently exfoliates Skin” certainly doesn’t feel like the typical exfoliater that is often abrasive. The combination of vitiman B-5, green tea and fruit enzymes gently exfoliate your skin getting rid of make-up and other impurities. You won’t feel any abrasive material but I assure you the cleansing is thorough. I use 1 or 2 pumps of Flash Foam Cleanser morning and night and my skin definitely feels soft and refreshed after each cleansing.

I don’t have much experience with toners but one of my daughters swears by them so on her advice, I decided to give Power Peptide a try. Power Peptide is a “Revitalizing Tonic for Younger looking Skin”,  (Shown Right) is so easy to use and you apply it right after cleansing, twice a day if you want. With your eyes closed of course, simply spritz on your face and neck. Power Peptide is formulated to boost skin moisture, brighten and refine skin tone for youthful radiant skin. The secret behind the toner is that by saturating your skin with moisture, the anti aging peptides contained in the toner are more easily absorbed into your skin. I liked how my skin felt after using the toner and it has now become part of my skincare routine.


I was excited about using Bioelements Multi-Task Eye Creme  (shown above left) I use it around my eyes each morning, mainly because I often have puffiness and dark circles not to mention fine lines. Multi-Task Eye Creme contains antioxidant brighteners, firming liptic acid and de-puffing cucumbers to name a few of the important elements. I didn’t notice any changes in my eye area right away but soon after I was using the Multi-Task Eye Creme I was in my car, stopped at a light and happened to glance in the rear view mirror and noticed my morning puffiness was gone and the dark circles looked much better and I was thrilled. I actually learned the proper way to apply eye creme at Bioelements website www.bioelements.com/multi-task-eye-creme-products

RayDefense Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen with Hydrating moisturizer (Shown above right) is the perfect moisturizer simply because it is a sunscreen as well. RayDefense Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen with Hydrating moisturizer was also named the ‘Best Sunscreen for Face’ by StyleBakery.com. This is a great Sunscreen Hydrating moisturizer especially if you spend much time outdoors, as I often do. RayDefense will decrease your chances of skin cancer and early signs of aging caused by the sun and other harsh outdoor elements. RayDefense Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen is Dermatologist and clinically tested to be non-irritating, non-allergenic and non-sensitizing, ideal for sensitive skin

  • Bioelements_VitaMineral_Power_PenSlpwr-main

Included in my Bioelements routine are two creams that I apply at night, Advanced VitaMineral C Complex (above left) and Sleepwear (above right). Advanced VitaMineral C Complex is one of my favorites. It basicallly contains Acerola cherries which contain 32 times more vitimin C than oranges, combined with special minerals and essential oils. Advanced VitaMineral C Complex is guaranteed to repair damaged skin. Since using this C Complex, I have noticed my skin smoother, brighter and not as blotchy in the morning, which is why I like using it at night.

Finally, I top off my night with Sleepwear, which acts as my nighttime moisturizer. It is the perfect moisturizer, because my skin is not left with a heavy greasy feeling when I go to bed but rather a soft smooth feel. Sleepwear is formulated for dry to combination skin and replenishes your skin while you sleep so when you wake, your skin is rested, not dried and worn.

Using Bioelements consistantly has brought a level of brightness and energy to my skin and I definitely see a difference when I see myself in the mirror. You don’t have to use every product in the Bioelements Skin Care Line, but you should definitely select products to deal with the problem areas. As I said earlier, by using Bioelements dilligently, you will see positive results.

Learnmore about Bioelements and their Skin Care Line at http://www.bioelements.com/about-us-pages-57.php


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