March 26, 2013

Two for One Cleansing from BABOR is Perfection

What could be better than a sensational cleanser? How about cleanser that is a sensational toner as well. BABOR has created that cleanser, just for you. BABOR’s Gel & Tonic 2-in-1 is a cleanser and toner combined and is the only cleanser you will need to thoroughly cleanse your face and skin at the end of the day. BABOR’s Cleansing Gel 2-in-1 will thoroughly remove dirt, make-up and other impurities on your skin leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. As most of us know, toner is a very important part of the cleansing process. Toner removes the last traces of  impurities on your skin and BABOR’s Cleansing Gel 2-in-1 delivers an effective cleansing and toning all in one step.

BABOR’s Cleansing Gel 2-in-1 contains pansy extract and salicylic acid which help to deep clean your skin and also works at eliminating existing blemishes. I found that putting a few squirts of the cleansing gel onto a wash cloth and swirling the cleanser around my face, was the most effective way to use the cleansing gel.  The cleansing gel has a mild but pleasant minty scent that rinsed off easily. BABOR’s Cleansing Gel 2-in-1 is suitable for all skin types and is amazing for hydrating your skin, leaving you with fresh, smooth radiant looking skin.

BABOR has other amazing skincare products and you can find them at

BABOR can also be found at the finest luxury resorts, leading day spas and cosmetic boutiques around the world.


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