January 30, 2013

Have the Best Looking Nails in LondonTOWN

My hands are looking better and better each day and I have Londontown Kur Nail Care products to thank for it. I tend to have dry hands and cuticles and the fact that my hand are always in water doesn’t help. Unfortunately, I don’t wear gloves like I should and I am paying the price for it. Hand creams help but my nails need a little more pampering and Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil has worked wonders. I simply apply the cuticle oil to my cuticles each night and massage into my nail plate. The cuticle oil dries rapidly without a greasy residue. I can apply the cuticle oil as often as needed and the oil will repair dry damaged skin on and around the nail area.  Kur Nourishing Oil is formulated with Britain’s rapeseed flower oil, which provides nutrients as well as a unique blend of vitamins (A & E) along with extracts that help heal and nourish your cuticles and nail root. Kur Nourishing Oil can be used with or without nail polish and is non-carcinogenic and non-toxic. I have definitely noticed a difference in my nails and cuticles since using it.

You will obtain added benefits by using Kur Restorative Nail Cream alongside Kur Nourishing Oil. As stated by Londontown,  Kur Restorative Nail Cream “works to penetrate and replenish deteriorated nail protein (keratin) and balance the natural oils in the nail to strengthen and nourish them back to health.” Kur Restorative Nail Cream basically contains the same unique blend of vitamins and extracts and aids in rejuvinating and restoring dry brittle nails. Each day, I massage the cream  into my nails and nail bed. Once or twice a week after applying the cream to my nails I wear the enclosed Londontown moisturizing gloves overnight.  Kur Restorative Nail Cream can be used over polish and is non carinogenic and paraben-free.  It really has worked wonders!

Both Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil and Kur Restorative Nail Cream both assist in restoring nails damaged by UV gel polish, acrylics and wraps and both are vegan, gluten-free and cruelty free.

The complete line of Londontown Kur Nail Care products can be found at http://www.londontownusa.com/.

All products in the system work in unison to repair, strengthen and hydrate the nail and cuticle. If you have damaged, brittle and dried nails and cutiles, Londontown is waiting for you.



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