March 21, 2012

A close sexy shave is right at your fingertips

Attention ladies!!!! Are you tired of shaving and getting nothing but dry skin and razor bumps in the finished result? Then you need to treat yourself. Get rid of those dollar store disposable razors and go for the new Schick Hydro Silk razor designed only for women.
When I was younger I remember a commercial on TV. where a husband and wife were at the beach. In the commercial the wife was concerned about getting a nice close shave with her little dinky razor so she kept stealing her husband’s razor. It amazed me because it showed me just what we women go through to feel sexy and beautiful. With the Schick Hydro Razor, we no longer need to steal our husbands/ boyfriends razor to get that close sexy shave. The razor blade is equipped with 5 “curve sensing” blades, an oval cartridge that meets the curves of our bodies and water activated moisturizing serum. That means no more irritating bumps or dry flaky skin after shaving.
I also want to point out that the razor head is disposable. I love that the only thing you need to buy is the blade itself and not the handle. With a quick flick of the wrist the blade is removed and replaced in less than 5 seconds. It makes it convenient and saves money.
So next time you want to feel sexy and get that close sexy shave, step away from your boyfriends/ husbands razor and get your own Schick Hydro Silk razor available online at or at your local supermarket. Enjoy!!

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