August 3, 2011

Zensation-For skin as soft as a rose petal

Like a Rose by Switchblade

“Your beauty is like that of a rose,
such delicacy and fragrance that everyone knows,
the loveliness satisfies even the most obscured,
and beauty such as this can’t be described in one word,

The aroma of a rose is so fragrant,
and just like it, you have that same lovable scent,
a scent that can be smelt from miles away,
and must be followed at any time of any day,

Your skin is so soft and gentle,
it has the tenderness of a newly picked rose petal,
a feeling that soothes the very edge of your fingers,
and when not being felt ,that soft feeling still lingers

Is it any wonder that the rose is one of the ultimate symbols of beauty? “Skin so soft and gentle, it has the tenderness of a newly picked rose petal” ….is it any wonder that we have spent centuries trying to duplicate the softness of rose petals for the texture of our own skin?

Thankfully, Mother Nature didn’t keep all of nature’s best kept secrets to herself. Rose extract and rose oil have a host of beneficial effects on the skin and are great for promoting a youthful complexion with good tone, elasticity and an even colored complexion. Scientists have been able to isolate and use extracts from roses in their pursuits to make some of the best beauty products that are available.

Among some of the most sought after ingredients would include; Rosa Canina (Dog Rose) is a natural lipid high in gamma linoleic acid that enhances skin’s hydration, barrier repair, and moisture retention abilities. Rose Mosqueta, another extract rich in fatty acids, contains more Vitamin C than in oranges. Vitamin C has been shown to be vital as a tissue-regenerative and restorative skin care. Rosa Damascena another rich emollient will hydrate skin; keep it soft and properly moisturized as it fights dryness and dehydration. We have been able to use ingredients of the rose in our quest to fight aging and maintain a soft, dewy, healthy and youthful complexion.

Beauty is a rose, and if you are looking to try some products that utilize that beauty, look to the Swiss Zensation ( I have been trying the Ultra Rose Exfoliating Cream. It really does give you that smooth, silky, dewy rose petal feel! I am looking forward to checking out the rest of the line. A skincare line that will give your skin the look of a newly picked rose petal… doesn’t get any better than that!

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