April 17, 2011

New collection of cosmetic brushes and makeup bags from EcoTools® by Alicia Silverstone hit the scene during Earth Month this April

April 2011 is Earth Month. As front runner in eco-friendly cosmetic accessories, it was the perfect time for EcoTools® to ,once again, partner with actress and environmental activist, Alicia Silverstone, whose first launch of cosmetic brushes and makeup bags with EcoTools® was extremely successful.

This new collection is outstanding. The bags have a fabulous new look with different shapes that will get the attention of all women who not only care about our environment, but want to pamper themselves with these “eco-concious carriers”, as well.

Here are a couple of pieces from the new collection. The colors are just beautiful.
The “mint Green”, “soothing Lavender, and “Alicia’s favorite flowers” present a very classy look as you “go green” in style, and the price point is only $15.99 and under for these cosmetic bags.

The Eco-Tools® by Alicia Silverstone are available at Walgreens, Target, and Walmart.

The eco-friendly materials used in the collection include:
•Natural Hemp
•Recylcled PET
•Non-Toxic Ink
•Tree Free Paper

(quoted from EcoTools® information literature)

Listen in Glam Gals! Next month, in May, we are going to have a “giveaway” of one of these fab new EcoTools® by Alicia Silverstone on our feature page at : www.itsaglamthing.com.
So keep checking in….. YOU may be the lucky winner!

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