December 28, 2010

New Year’s Resolution? Healthy Skin!

Well, starting the countdown to the New Year…..and with a New Year, comes the hopes of making it one of the best years ever! One resolution that we always have is to look the best that we can and that starts with good skin and healthy habits. One person who I always turn to when I need hair and make-up done for press and red carpet events, is Melinda Lombardi.  This Aussie born make-up maven and whiz with both an air and hair brush, has stunned me with her work.  Who knew I cleaned up that well?? I have become a sponge to her knowledge because I want to learn how I can make myself look almost as good as she does!  Here are some of her tips on how to plan for healthy skin in the New Year.

First and foremost; the importance of your diet. Your skin will reflect what is going on inside your body. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will keep your skin hydrated.  Eat a nutritional diet which includes plenty of fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. There is so much information out there on the web about the effects of eating good vegetables and produce.  Check it out and incorporate all the healthy things you love to eat.

Melinda believes that good make-up starts with good skin and like successful dieting; preparation is a key factor to success.  So many women over look this and often wonder why their skin is not looking the best or their make-up does not look radiant.  Remember that your skin is your canvas and should be given the attention and care it deserves. Even if you start small, and start snacking on raw celery instead of cookies, your skin will show a difference. I started off by always keeping a container of water and carrots by my computer. 

Secondly, know when to seek professional help.  Yes, there is an abundance of help and advice available on the web, but if you have skin problems, make an appointment with a dermatologist and fix the problem once and for all. It may be something that is easily treatable. Or it could be a condition which may take expertise to treat, and could be a symptom of a larger problem.  Either way you owe it to yourself, your health and your self-confidence.

Melinda is also a big advocate of establishing a beauty routine.  She has seen the effects of a good cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing routine in the morning and night. It does your skin wonders.  She believes that you should not overlook the importance of exfoliating. Exfoliating your skin regularly helps the skin cells turn over quicker creating more collagen and elastin in the skin.  Exfoliation allows products to be absorbed easier and deeper by the skin.  This means fewer wrinkles and more uniform healthy looking skin.   Exfoliation in the wintertime is even more important because your skin is much drier. Find and use a moisturizer that is good for your skin.  There are so many wonderful moisturizers, and exfoliators, for every budget and every skin type. Also add a great vitamin/anti oxidant cream to your routine.  Vitamins and anti-oxidants are a major ingredient in face creams, especially night creams, will boost collagen, elasticity and radiance.

If you are not used to have a beauty routine, is there an easy way to ease yourself into creating one? One of Melinda’s favorite tricks is to place cleansers, exfoliants, toners, masks and moisturizers in a place where they are easily accessible so you will remember to use them.  She keeps some of her favorite products in the shower so she remembers to use them every day.  She also uses items that work quickly; there are some great 1-3 minute masks out there that you can pop on in the shower, use and by the time you have finished washing your hair, it has done its magic.

The one item to never leave the house without putting on? Yep, you guessed it. Sunscreen! It helps to protect the skin.  It also helps to minimize the damaging and aging effects of the sun.  There are so many moisturizers on the market which have built in sunscreen making it easier to remember to apply.

If the occasional break-out occurs?  NEVER pop a pimple.  It will only make the matter worse and it will spread bacteria to other sections of your face. It can also leave scars. If acne is a big problem, seek professional help! Keeping brushes and applicators clean will also stop additional bacteria and germs from getting on your skin.  If possible clean after every use.  One thing that I have gotten into the habit of doing is keeping a small glass that I fill with hot soapy water before I do my make-up.  When I am done with the brush or applicator, I toss it in the glass.  When I am finished with my make-up, I rinse the brushes and applicators under running water and wrap in a towel to dry throughout the day.  They are clean and ready for the next time I am ready to use them, and with a minimal amount of fuss.

Another way to keep bacteria out of products is by using clean plastic spatulas, for instance when applying moisturizer.  In addition to keeping products clean, you will use smaller amounts, which certainly is an advantage economically, especially for some of those expensive products.  If you find this too tedious, then wash your hands in an anti-bacterial rinse before dipping in!

Never keep products that have expired! They lose the effectiveness. Toss out old make-up and products. They collect bacteria and can spread it over skin. The benefit of getting rid of old make-up? You get to go shopping and look for new products. New products can get you excited and as silly as it sounds, the more excited you are about a product, the more likely you are to use it!

A couple of good habits to also embark on in the New Year?  Always wash your face before you go to sleep.  We all get lazy and it is there are times you forget to take off your makeup before going to bed.  Make it a ritual!  Straight after brushing your teeth! Your face should always be cleaned and moisturized before going to bed. 

Another resolution? Try to fall asleep on your back.  This is really hard for the people who sleep on their stomach but wrinkles can form while we sleep.  Try using an extremely soft pillow on top of the pillow you love can help minimize the creation of lines.  I personally have a difficult time falling asleep on my back and a Vanity Pillow by Plum Design does the trick.

I will be bringing you more of Melinda’s tips over the New Year, and I welcome the chance to share her expertise!

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