December 14, 2010

Need Motivation for your Winter Workout?

I have a plaque that some friends gave me hanging in my bathroom.  It says “I wish I was a bear. Everyone would expect me to have hairy legs, excess body fat and wake up growling!” And I’d also be able to hibernate, I thought as I put on another layer to get ready to venture outside in our polar plunge.  It is hard to stay motivated to exercise with these temperatures. Sometimes motivation comes in the strangest forms…….

My friend Michelle sent me an email of Miley Cyrus who is on location in New Orleans filming her movie So Undercover. OMG….look at that skirt………………Armani Exchange and reasonably priced??? I just got my motivation…………nothing like knowing that I have only a few months to get my legs in condition to wear a skirt like that this spring!!

Thank you Michelle~!!!

Armani Exchange

Floral Printed Mini Skirt


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