September 26, 2010

Systeme 41

Systeme 41-The Next Stage in Skin Science

When was the last time you felt confident enough to leave the house without any makeup? Or you felt good enough about the look and feel of your skin that you didn’t feel the need to wear any makeup at all? Tough question……….even if you are blessed with good skin, getting older, harsh effects of the environment and sun, drying effects of cosmetics all take their toll….

When you are young, the layers of your skin are full of moisture and have a natural elasticity.  When the outer layers of our skin age and dry, they are replaced by new cells from the underlying skin layer.  That’s what makes your skin stay firm, fresh and glowing.  In order for your skin to retain a youthful appearance, it is critical that the correct nutrients penetrate the top layer of skin and reach the deeper, renewing layers of skin.    Healthy skin however, is hard to penetrate. It has to be.  It protects us from free radicals, everyday pollution and stress.

The lipid layer in skin also acts as a shield against irritants.  This layer also provides an effective barrier to the ingredients in most creams and lotions.   Most commercially manufactured skin care products also contain surfactants, which strip the protective layer off so that the ingredients in the product formula can penetrate the new skin layer.  However, this leaves the young, delicate skin cells underneath vulnerable to the elements that damage and age your skin.

Systeme 41 ( is a 100% natural ingredient skin care system that delivers dramatic age-defying results.  Systeme 41 contains over 20 of the most advanced skin science nutrients available today.  It works to defeat lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging down to the deepest levels of your skin.  Finally, you can look as young on the outside as you feel on the inside!

The Systeme 41 Skin Care Essentials kit provides 5 superior treatments , Gentle Purifying Cleanser; Revitalizing Eye Treatment; Systeme 41 Nourishing Day Crème; Systeme 41 Restorative Night Treatment; and Systeme 41 Rejuvenating  Masque.  Each treatment is designed to give your skin the hydration, nutrition and protection it needs to keep it healthy and young looking for years to come.

And Systeme 41 is 100% guaranteed.  If you don’t notice a difference in the way your skin looks and feels, you can return the unused products, no time limit, no questions asked for a complete refund.

I can say from my experience, my skin felt smoother, more hydrated and has a natural glow to it.  Fine lines are disappearing and I have been told by many of my friends that my skin looks more luminous!   Going out without makeup is not a problem!  Growing older may be inevitable, but thanks to Systeme 41, looking older doesn’t have to be!

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